Invitation Tokens

Looks like impossible how to know to become level 1 trust… Here is looking like Microsoft Forum - turn around around and stay in loop

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See this post


just see this: here you can track your stats

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Is it bad that if I go to I get a json dump of 749 invite tokens for the Alpha-2 test site. Some that are taken I can see peoples IP’s for and others that aren’t taken are usable.


aaaah i need try safe browser :smiley: same as coffein :smiley:

Unless your Current IP matches the Registered IP, you may not be able to access the network
Please clarify:
Does alpha2 (Or upcoming…) requires static IP ?

Right now using dynamic

Alpha2 requires that you use a whitelisted IP. This is to stop people spamming the network which at this stage of development has no defence against that. So, if your IP changes you will need to whitelist the new IP by going to the invite site and resetting it again. Once the network is live (Beta) you will not need to do this anymore.

If your dynamic IP address changes every once in a while this shouldn’t be a big problem. If it changes every few minutes that might prove tricky though.

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Can someone explain why the Trust Level 1 is so high? read 180 posts??? There are better ways to remove spam users…

the translation to other languages is planned?

Thanks for the step-by-step guide!

I think I meet the criteria for Trust Level 1, but I get the text ‘forbidden’ when I go to

any idea what the problem is?

You’ve probably have a read time between 45 and 60 minutes. This is rounded in the statistics to 1 hour, but only after reading 60 minutes or more you get Trust Level 1.
EDIT: I see you now have Trust Level 1, the invite should work.

Thanks, its strange because I was able to get to the request page yesterday … just saw your edit… trying again …and …nope…still ‘forbidden’ -

You should try (without the /invite) instead.


Thats done it!, ha ha! thanks @draw

had the same question.

Yes, this isn’t supposed to happen. Thanks for letting us know.

This JSON data should only be visible to user accounts with higher access privilege (MaidSafe staff and forum moderators), not to normal forum accounts.

Sorry for seeing your post a bit late (about 1 month later). I was browsing the forum today and I saw your post for the first time while reading this topic. I immediately contacted @Krishna_Kumar and he just fixed the issue. So now you should see “Forbidden” when trying to access this page.


How much time you spend on this ?

Disappeared for a while, came back and all of a sudden!! INVITATION :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Super excited to try out the hosting manager & new Email Tutorial that i havent yet seen since ive been gone!

From what i can see at the moment its a lovely match with Persue and Web Hosting Manager, instally picked up when opening :slight_smile: Now to see how to host a site on the this thing… I really do look forward to whats next :smiley:


If u want to translate feel free.

If ur searching for free coin were not fully developed as yet so not pushing on promoting particularly hard.

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