Invitation Tokens



I’ll sent a new invite in a PM to you.


I use a VPN on a daily basis, so my IP address is always changing… Will this impact my usage of the TestNet?


you need to whitelist your ip anyway … and if your ip address changed because of your vpn or because of your isp providers 24h-reconnect … doesn’t make a difference :wink: … you just need to visite if you recognize you have a connection problem (because your ip changed)


So your saying, yes there will be a problem. My IP changes on a daily basis… So yes it will be a problem, is that correct?



at least in germany your ip changes on a daily basis anyway … (your isp disconnects you every 24h hours) … so you just visite the invite-site and update the ip and you’re good again

ps: just for clarity - the update doesn’t mean you need to fill out a form and insert your ip … you just click on ‘update’ =)


Awesome thats great to know!! Thanks!


Is not really a problem, you just have to register it when it changes.


Thank you daire84, I will work to Trust Level 1.


hello …my name is alex


am …from argentine


and let’s get it to Level 1:grin::hamburger:


Thx im currently also facing this challange :smiley:
takes a little time to get in…


I can’t wait to have a good look and play with this. Trust Level 1 can’t come soon enough!


TRUST LEVEL 1. Wow, feel like I worked hard for this haha. Now just need to finish work so I can get on the SafeNetwork and start my playing adventure!

Do people use the discords / chat alot? Are there any projects I can help someone out on… probs a better topic for that question, I’m just a bit excited!


The various chats, Discord/IRC/Telegram/Slack/Matrix are all bridged together. so take your pick and chat away.

@riddim and I are mods on there, and he really knows his Safe Network stuff, very helpful place.


After some time away from the decentralized world, I decided to jump in the wagon again. The browser was asking for an invite code w/c I had a hard time figuring out where I might have placed. I check out Evernote - was not there. I check out my “special notebook” - was not there! So, how irresponsible of me *I was thinking. Turns out, I have not completed this mission yet! Hah! Thanks! :rofl:


The network was reset recently so your old invite wouldn’t have worked anyway. So get a new one by filtering the process again, as if you never had an invite.


will it tell me once i read 30 topics i get my invite token after that


Hi @paulghosts - once you have read for an hour you will reach Trust Level 1 and your name at the top of your posts will be a darker grey colour. After that you can go to and claim a token which you then paste into the appropriate slot in the SAFE Browser window when you’re creating an account. I suggest you start reading here 10 key facts about SAFE Network


I do believe now you get an PM telling you that have reached level 1