Invitation Tokens



Ain’t no body got time for that. But seriously. Interesting idea but likely a fail.


How do I get an invitation please? I’m mining Storj and Sia already…


Look hare.


first post 4 that reason! good fortune be 2 u all!


Do I need to post things to gain level 1?


No, just reading things.


You should then be able to Farm SAFE coin :-o ?


Not yet. SAFE coin doesn’t exist yet


What @drehb said and to add is that nearly anyone with a computer can farm when farming starts. No need for anything special, just spare resources and the will to do it. Basically it will be click to install and run.


Looks like impossible how to know to become level 1 trust… Here is looking like Microsoft Forum - turn around around and stay in loop


See this post


just see this: here you can track your stats


Is it bad that if I go to I get a json dump of 749 invite tokens for the Alpha-2 test site. Some that are taken I can see peoples IP’s for and others that aren’t taken are usable.


aaaah i need try safe browser :smiley: same as coffein :smiley:


Unless your Current IP matches the Registered IP, you may not be able to access the network
Please clarify:
Does alpha2 (Or upcoming…) requires static IP ?

Right now using dynamic


Alpha2 requires that you use a whitelisted IP. This is to stop people spamming the network which at this stage of development has no defence against that. So, if your IP changes you will need to whitelist the new IP by going to the invite site and resetting it again. Once the network is live (Beta) you will not need to do this anymore.

If your dynamic IP address changes every once in a while this shouldn’t be a big problem. If it changes every few minutes that might prove tricky though.


Can someone explain why the Trust Level 1 is so high? read 180 posts??? There are better ways to remove spam users…


the translation to other languages is planned?


Thanks for the step-by-step guide!


I think I meet the criteria for Trust Level 1, but I get the text ‘forbidden’ when I go to

any idea what the problem is?