Invitation Tokens

Can someone please explain to me how the Invitation token works. I am new to this network. I just installed the Safe Browser and and Web Hosting Manager, but it keeps asking me to create self authentication but it requires invitation token which i don’t have. Thank you for you time.


This is because you have to be a basic member, which is achieved by becoming ‘trust level 1’

I am currently on the same mission to achieve this

You have to enter at elast 30 topics, read 180 posts, and spend an hour surfing the forum. It is done this way to avoid spam accounts being created and garnering easy access to the network.


You need to get to Trust Level 1 in the forum.


@daire84 Oh. I see. Thanks a lot.


Where do I see my level?

Read this topic as it will answer that and more

I’ts working for me - suggest you just go here and try again

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How did you receive your invitation token? I achieved basic (level one) and I followed the steps to create an account in the downloaded browser. I then received a message to log on to the safenet
forum to receive my invitation token. I see no place where I have been given an invitation token. I have been going in circles.

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Step 1: log onto the forum (must be Level 1 = Basic) using your usual web browser
Step 2: go here and click on the icon
Step 3: select Alpha 2
Step 4: select update IP (if the two IP addresses shown are identical you can skip this step)
Step 5: click on the clipboard icon to copy the invite code
Step 6: start SAFE Broswer and follow the steps to create an account. When asked, paste in the invite code

Doesn’t have to be in that order necessarily, but that should work.


Thank you! I’m sure this will be very helpful once I gain Level 1. I have reached all the requirements listed above but it’s still sitting at (Trust Level = new user). I’ll just be patient, explore the forum some more and see what happens :slight_smile:

No you are at trust level 1 (basic member)


Ain’t no body got time for that. But seriously. Interesting idea but likely a fail.

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How do I get an invitation please? I’m mining Storj and Sia already…

Look hare.

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first post 4 that reason! good fortune be 2 u all!

Do I need to post things to gain level 1?

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No, just reading things.


You should then be able to Farm SAFE coin :-o ?

Not yet. SAFE coin doesn’t exist yet

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What @drehb said and to add is that nearly anyone with a computer can farm when farming starts. No need for anything special, just spare resources and the will to do it. Basically it will be click to install and run.