Invitation Token


How can I get my Invitation Token? When I click on CLAIM AN INVITATION it just opens new tab.


It should open in your default browser. You can try going to manually if the CLAIM AN INVITATION button is not working for you :slightly_smiling_face:


Make sure you allow scripts for the invite site. Also you need to be at level 1 to be able to get an invite.


I got my trust level 1 and still cannot get a token.
When I hit I get



Have you clicked on the round icon or the text below it?


ah yeah just done.


Hi, are you involved in may I ask what brings you to SAFEnet? Im quite surprised to see blockchain folk getting interested in this project,


yes i am.
I am curious to see how some common issues are solved, eventually share my experience and, who knows, find some synergies.
I don’t see SAFE to be any different from some blockchain projects


I would love to see much more of this, well done you, I hope there are synergies indeed.

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