Invitation to write for DWeb Blog

An invitation to write for DWeb Blog

See: / safe://dweb

I need two blog posts, so if you might like to have a go, or help by providing the structure, screen shots etc, take a look:

1) How to check out Solid on SAFE.
This will give a short explanation of what Solid on SAFE means (tweet length!) and then say, “you can try this out right now on SAFE Network alpha2 as follows…”

It should then be tutorial style with step by step instructions and screen shots so somebody who has never heard of SAFE can understand and try out safe://solid-filemanager.

2) How to get a Solid app to work on SAFE Network.

This is for developers, and will summarise how this currently works, but focus mainly on the rather simple steps involved.

I think it might be best to start with the how, cos that really is simple, and then list a) the prerequisites, and b) the limitations. Then explain how it works.

This is more technical, so maybe for me to write, but I put it here in case anyone wants to learn about this and then write it up for others. It is pretty straightforward if you know a bit about writing a web app and using NodeJS packages.

For more on Solid-filemanager etc see here, and of course just ask. :slight_smile:
DWeb Blog uses markdown, so you can either supply me with that or I can show you have to create the post in your own fork of GitHub - happybeing/dweb-blog: Website about building on the Decentralised Web that lives on the Web and the DWeb (SAFE Network)

Any takers?!


Hey, I probably don’t have scope to write anything at the moment, but more than happy to help out by proofreading / editing / etc. Give me shout if you need anything!


Thanks very much. I don’t want to pass work onto you hardworking Maidsafe folk though!


Always more than happy to help out!


Hey @happybeing - have an evening free tonight so going to attempt the first thing here, not sure if I’ve completely understood what you’re looking for even so ‘attempt’ is the key word. :slight_smile: best case scenario I’ll have something helpful to share, worst case scenario my ignorance will come into sharper focus and I can learn where I should investigate further. My plan is to go through the steps you wrote 3 days ago on the Solid on Safe updates post and try and figure it out as I go along. Will screenshot lots, have a look at what markdown is, and let you know how it goes.


That’s wonderful @JayBird thank you. If you need help just ask, and myself or others here will be on hand.

You may already know a bit of markdown as it is what is used to format these forum posts! Good luck.


Sent you a private message there with screenshots and a couple of questions @happybeing, was a fun evening (first time actually downloading the browser and looking at the various things too, thanks for the prod in that direction finally aha)