Investors feedback needed

I don’t know if people in this community knew that crowdsale was today, but it was a successful one. $30 M raised within 1 hour, “The Basic Attention Token is the new token for the digital advertising industry”.

Funny enough for the past 5 months we’ve been working on our own self-serve ad platform. I don’t got a whitepaper for our project, heck my team is not even working full-time on this project, but we do got a working app. Most of these crowdsales are just ideas and whitepapers that raise millions. Moreover our project works just fine for now with bitcoins, but eventually this project will live on the SAFE Network.

Nothing is more damaging for investors than waiting months/years before code is reality, if at all.

Look here to see our ad platform (please turn your adblockers off or you won’t see it, background images are ads):kissing_heart:: (click on the logo to see our team) (I can create a silent video of how the ad platform works later (my audio is bad) investors can also get access to the app, I’m just afraid that the aws cost will get to high)

Look here to see how it would work on a publishers site (please turn your adblockers off or you won’t see it) :stuck_out_tongue::

I love simple and working code and especially to give something that might be of interest. A presentation of how many billions of $ float in the ad industry is not super interesting IMHO, but to dig deeper in what our ad platform does. It’s basically a platform that pays out ad money to every internet user with a founder account. With this token advertisers, publishers and internet users can receive ad money whenever an ad is placed on the platform.

We actually want to do a mini crowdsale of 10000 tokens, priced at 420 Maidsafecoin each, so that our team can work full-time on this project.

Why sucha high price?
Basically because we want to do a quick crowdsale and immediately start to work full-time on our project, we rather be working on code for our project instead of code for a crowdsale.

So what do investors get for this hefty price?
First access to new features, your token will have the value of 3 hours of advertising on our platform and you’ll start to receive ad revenue, while we work on features and a better design. This mini crowdsale is just our first and will be followed by a second to a larger crowd. The second crowdsales token value will just be 1 hour worth of advertising, but will enable users to receive ad money as well. At this moment we don’t got advertisers and the first tokens won’t be on an exchange (our priority is improving the app and reach our goals set below).

What will we do with the money?

  • Fork the Brave browser and create a second SAFE Network browser, this work will be outsourced to Gigster.
  • Integrate SQRL into the browser, (I have little faith in keyboard input as a login method) this work will be outsourced to Gigster.
  • Create a Rootstock based smartcontract for the app, this work will be outsourced to Openzeppelin.
  • Improve our app, the current ad models are pay-per-click and cost per thousand impressions, we got three new models on top of this. (I can’t talk about these three models until we have working code).
  • Server costs (please SAFE Network appear quick)
  • Start a SAFEpod in the Netherlands.

Future of the founder account

  • After the second crowdsale, all newly created founder accounts revenue goes to whoever is already holding the token.
  • People who can’t afford to buy the token will have the option to get it in exchange for computing resources.
  • If you don’t got computing resource you can optionally sell your data to advertisers, if even that is not possible maybe people should just donate it to you.
  • Owning more tokens doesn’t mean that you’ll receive more ad money, so don’t be fooled that the rich get richer, everybody deserves a basic income and people need to stop being greedy.

Future of Plimst
Plimst will be an app that is being owned by the users, my company will NEVER be in control of users data. When we launch on the SAFE Network you can copy the app and use it however it fits you, let’s not turn publicID’s into the new centralized points to access our data. If you don’t own the app you don’t own your data. All blockchain assets related to Plimst will be turned into mutableData asap and others also. hihi

If investors are interested please let me know, your feedback is needed. :stuck_out_tongue:
If there is enough interest I’ll get the paperwork done and within a month we’ll start the mini crowdsale using Omni tokens, thanks.

BTW Plimst is actually from the SAFE Network podcast with Ben, it’s the original 3 data types:




First I’ll explain what Plimst is. Plimst is a “strategic self-serving advertising game advanced” (sssaga). It’s a totally new idea that is presented
to the advertising world.

Advertisers can put up an ad on at the price of 1btc per day, these ads are background images.
An advertiser can also put up an ad on the website of a publisher at the cost of 1% of the day price. These ads appear as images on a publishers site, like so: (turn off adblocker to see the ad)

Users can also put up an ad, these are just Youtube video’s that appear on’s background. The user can choose whatever price they want to pay for the ad. These ads can also be seen as posts, 1 post is worth 1 hour of advertising. 24 posts totaling price per day will enable the user to create “AdSpaceTime” this is simply 1 day of advertising. The user will be able to sell this to future advertisers, users with a founder account pay no fee to create “AdSpaceTime” the fee is otherwise 1% of the price per day.

The price per day to advertise on will be voted on by users every time the community grows by a factor of 10. Right now if we reach 1000 users we’ll also have 1.23 btc for whoever can guess under which ad the price money is hidden.

My bro told me, don’t ask premium for $#@!% have a working app and hope that people like it, so I lowered the price of the first 10000 tokens to 70 Maidsafecoin per founder account, this enable users to receive ad money every time that an advertiser or other users puts up a post.

I know that we might get a lot of hate from people who hate ads, but honestly this project is not about you having the luxury to hate ads, it’s about people like the gentlemen on this ad who will receive a founder account, so they can feed themselves:

I’m doing this project for people who have nothing and are hungry everyday. There is no logic in billions of $ going into advertising just to feed big companies who got delusional ideas like being GOD. In my book even if you got no money, your still a valuable person on this planet. If it only costs a bitcoin transaction to feed someone I think it’s well worth it. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want to play with the app you can log in with these creds on

Please don’t upload to much, because we really can’t afford to many people using the app. Small team little money BIG idea :kissing_heart:


Fun stuff :stuck_out_tongue: