Investment topic?

May I suggest we add an investment topic for ICOs and the like? This would be for promotional material, critism (of maidsafe and/or the project seeking cash), hype, FUD, etc.

I suggest any posts to said investment topic are visible on the main forum page for a week or two, then filtered. If anyone wants to track a specific ICO, they can bookmark it or frequent the investments topic directly.

IMO, these posts detract from the project. They are often created to generate hype and frequently not by community members. Unless we want to become a billboard for other projects, it seems reasonable to move them from the main page after their initial launch material has been published.


not sure about this, SAFE-FS wouldn’t have done as well if it was pushed off like that

Then you might want to let them be back on for the final week though, as that’s most important.

but then you have a super messy system where it’s like only in the back-woods investment topic for the 3rd week only, 1/3 weeks, which is super messy and lots of work for a really strange result

I think the mod’s current system of only allowing SAFE-related projects on the SAFE-related forum (here) makes sense, and there’s a reason they have it like that, it’s not like nobody has given thought to this area before. We have a system already, and I think it makes sense for us all

Personally, I don’t come to the forum to see what ICOs are on offer. I come to hear about safe net news and progress. If I wanted to invest in related stuff, I would be happy to lurk in an investment topic.

If it gets air time on the main forum, I see the news that it exists. I don’t need to see constant promotion of it, nor the bickering about it. I have no interest in this and it detracts from the genuine debate about safe net.

Maybe others see this differently, but this Is my opinion.