Investing in Maidsafe coins

Is it possible not to be proffitable to now buy maidsafe coins, because an empty disc with some tbs will give you k amounts of coins when the network will start, so better not to invest your own money but be early contributor to the network giving the storage- it will earn alot of safecoins, more than average person can afort to buy at current price. True?

We simply will not know the answer to your question till testing of the coin in later beta releases is done.

Personally I have bought some because I feel that hedging my “bets” is the better course.


When Safe network will be live, than price of Safe coin will rise due limited availability of new coins.
But I do not know when $1 again.
Safe network is very promising project so think wise about buy, when is on worse position in coinmarketcap in whole history.


There will be up to x10 times more safe coins than now when the network is live, so im worried investing now will not be a good idea as an small disc contribution can earn you load of safecoins possibly

There will only be x10 times more safecoins, if they are really needed. It depends on how many people contribute to the network (capacity and bandwith) . So I think its hard to predict depends on many factors. For example: How many people know about the safenetwork? How many people will really use it? and so on…


This is impossible because the max supply of Safecoin is ~4B, and it will take years post launch to reach total circulation, assuming such a state is realizable. I’d have to hypothesize that, at max supply, the SAFEnetwork has become the ubiquitously used tool for data storage & transfer across all current web-enabled industries (e.g., IOT, messaging, record keeping, monetary currencies, etc.)

I also think hyper-inflation at launch is very unlikely. Technically skilled and knowledgeable community members have stated that that there could very will be fewer Safecoin in existence when the network goes live than there are current MAID tokens in circulation today. This is because Safecoin will be burned to populate the network with data. Safecoin circulation a month, say, after launch will depend on the network size, growth rate and coin replenishment rate.


The thing is that if farming does prove to be very profitable, then you could always sell any coins you had bought as Maidsafecoins. If Safecoins end up being farmed into supply slowly however, pushing up the price of the coins in the initial supply, then you can’t go back in time to buy them at the current prices. I guess there is a chance that the increase in supply in the event that a large number of coins were farmed would cause the price to drop below current levels. However, I could only see the value of an actual, useful, Safecoin being lower than the current value of a maidsafecoin if the latter was the result of massive speculation. Relative to other crypto projects, that is certainly not the case.


At day 1 when Safe coin starts, there will be same number of coins as MAID coins now. Not 10 times more.
In case that many people will use safe network as storage data only, than we will see only new coins which replace burned ones from uploading.
The total supply of coins can also decrease.

If people will use Safe network mostly for download, than you will see increase of total supply Safe coins.


In any case we should expect the price to be a lot higher than it is now. Now is like pre-purchasing storage on the SAFE network and as such if you buy more now than needed then you could give or sell the excess to others who need them when the network goes live. Either way its a win-win to buy now unless it all goes bad and they are worthless.


From my perspective there are always ~4B safecoin. Its just that 10% are owned by humans at launch. Analogy: If we learned tomorrow that there was a planet made of solid gold about 40ly away… that wouldn’t cause the spot price in NY to crash because no human would have access to the newly discovered resource. The resource always existed, it wasn’t created when our exploration ships/drones sent us a picture of it.