Introduction to the SAFE Network



Great stuff, but needs an edit on the spelling and punctuation. Happy to give it a once over if you like?

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It’s from @luandro one of the devs who will help me with my safe wallet project.

Please do help with spelling and punctuation (I helped but, couldn’t really spot anyhting with my countrygrammar), thanks jabba.

For those who are devs and interested in developing on the SAFE Network, it will help to follow their posts, because they’ll have an in depth write up on what they do and the wallet will be opensourced from the getgo. :stuck_out_tongue:
Their first challenge: Create tokens within the wallet, send/receive tokens.

BTW luandro is also posting on the dev forum


Please do. It’s my first ever blog post, hope to get better at it :wink:


Great first effort @luandro!


I just finished editing and sent a copy to eddyjohn by PM.

Really great blog post dude. A lot of very good content and not a huge amount to edit, just a few commas and typos and such… I’m just a pedant and I LOVE SAFE so I like things associated with it to be as perfect as possible (not that my edits will be perfect, but I spotted a few things). Thank you very much for this contribution Luandro! If it is your first blog post then I’m very impressed. You’re a natural. Feel free to PM me if you want me to give a quick edit to the next instalment.



Thanks very much for the feedback, you can send it to me too, I’ll make sure to edit. And I’ll make sure to send you when publishing next.



I also liked it a lot, it’s very simple and clean explanation to get people started!


Wonder, by the content, made me understand the project better, as I am still new and I am in search of knowledge your post helped me in this.
Congratulations and continue.


Thanks all for sharing the great resource on this SAFE platform:-)

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Heya all,

after some feedback I decided to split the story into two. The first Introduction to the SAFE Network being an introduction for common users to the SAFE Network and decentralized web; and the second Developing for the SAFE Browser a more technical article on how to start developing for the SAFE Browser.

I’ve already planned for two more stories focused on development: Authorizing and Authenticating a SAFE Application and Working with Data in SAFE, so please stay tuned.

Feedback and reviews are very welcome. Cheers!