Introduction to me

Hello, my name is John Deighan. I have many years’ experience programming, mainly in Perl, but more recently, Python. I’m very interested in both SAFE and Solid. So far, though, my introduction to these technologies has been hit or miss. First, this page shows nothing but some squiggly lines for me: Then I got a link to the SAFE browser, but it was just a bunch of hype about the SAFE network - useful, but nothing about the browser. Finally, I found a link to the SAFE browser on github and downloaded the ZIP file, but alas, no Windows installer. I had to manually find the executable and fortunately, when I got it running, I was able to pin it to the task bar, so now I can start it easily. But, using the URL safe://dweb, I got the message “Check your current IP address matches your registered address at”. But that site absolutely refuses to load. I don’t know if their site is down or what. This is really a horrible way to get new users started!


Hi @jdeighan - you are looking at outdated pages / repos. is not live anymore, the Browser does not work with the current testnet and the primer is at

The current testnet is local-only and CLI-only, but we are hopeful of a new distributed one very soon, after which the browser will be updated.

Suggest you follow progress here every Thursday. Updates - Safe Network Forum