Introducing SAFE Wallet app


Good shout. It worked between by two wallets. :slight_smile:

So why would the amount of apps make a difference?

I’ll try and send to your public key

you should have a coin now :slight_smile:


Got it - thanks! In Alpha / testing mode only a certain number of apps can be authorised at one time. It was four (including hidden services), but I don’t know if that’s still the case. Anyway, if you have too many open you’ll often get weird failures. IMO @maidsafe should create a notice on the Authenticator page or Authorised Apps popup explaining this.


… and that’s cos I was trying to create a Safecoin wallet not a ThanksCoin wallet … D’oh.


I agree! If new people are getting errors because they have too many apps authorized it might seem that Alpha 2 is more buggy than it really is.


I still have one wallet which I cant send from…? Correct pin and tried a few different wallets as the receiver but it always gets stuck at 0%. hmm


Blimey, I have happywallet with 6 ThanksCoin!

Very slick app - wish I could make stuff that looks so good and works so well. Nice work team Gabriel (@bochaco, @anita, @vivavisual).


Its a deliberate limit of this test (alpha 2)


So people should be made aware of it via a pop up or something when they open more than a given number of apps.


Guys and Girls, i believe the fact that we are as far as testing the wallet is amazing news!! Thank you for all the great work!


Get an error at the moment:

This I get after a reconnect to the Safenetwork.

<> after a restart of Safebrowser it works again.


Welcome @anita and @vivavisual

Great work Gabriel! The ants are coming.

safe:// isn’t loading for me, well there is a color template but nothing else at the moment. Is there a update coming or something?? Or does it take some time to load?? safe:// is working and asking for permission.


My public key is: Yer


Work well for me. In total, some send me 4 Thankscoins.

@Yerontour, send you a transfer. Can you check all is OK?


Thanx, I received 1 Thankscoin :slight_smile:


The truth this is awesome. In less that a couple of second you can perform a transfer without middleman, with privacy, security and, practically, without limits on the number of transactions. This little App show the potentiality of the concept behind the Safe Network and put to shame to practically all blockchain solutions.


"The number of clients per account that can connect at a time has been increased to 8 clients instead of 4."


Note that these eight clients include: one for the browser if you visit any websites, plus one for each website or desktop app you authorise, plus one if you ‘Allow’ the Browser itself to access your storage.


So, let me get this straight… we are essentially proving the safe coin transaction use case here? The response is pretty muted for something so cool! :sunglasses:


I might have come across as if I was highlighting issues but you’re right it’s VERY cool what the devs have done here!!:clap::clap:


Yeah very cool, we have the first EarlySafecoin transaction on Safenetwork :slight_smile: