Introducing SAFE Wallet app


Hi @whiteoutmashups, no unfortunately not, but I will be adapting it to use mutable data soon to launch it in next test network.


Here I am again after so long. I’ve been working in the last few months to adapt the SAFE Wallet app to the new DOM API for deploying it on Alpha-2. Today I was able to finish that and I’m very happy to be able to share it here with all of you!!!

Before sharing some more technical details, I first would like to share some other good news. I would like to introduce to you two new members of this project.

The first one is a very special one, I met her a couple of months ago and her name is Anita (@anita). When I met her I explained to her about the SAFE Network and the SAFE Wallet projects, she was immediately enthusiastic about being part of all this, this is why I wanted you to help me welcoming her today. She is a very young ant :smiley: and sometimes shy, but I hope she actively participates in this topic on the forum from now on. You can see her in the app in the Info/About popup window in the SAFE Wallet app top menu.

Also, a few months ago, I contacted an old friend of mine (@vivavisual), asking for help for the SAFE Wallet UI and its visual design, and I’m very happy we agreed on a partnership as she found the SAFE Network and the SAFE Wallet projects an excellent place to experiment with ideas and for learning about the future of the internet. This is very good news for the project. I hope you like the great UI contributions she has already made as much as I do. Please help me to thank her and welcome her to the forum too.

The functionality of the app in this new version (v0.0.10) has not changed, I just focused on adapting it to the new DOM API as I mentioned before, so please remember that it’s not fully functional but good enough to experiment and play with it.

The embedded ThanksCoin wallet and the SAFE Faucet were also adapted for Alpha-2, so you can start playing with the ThanksCoin wallet as before, claiming some free coins and sending them to different wallets. Also, with the MutableData permissions feature I was now able to allow the coins to be tranferred between different accounts which was not possible before as many of you may remember.

For those who didn’t use the SAFE Wallet, the SAFE Faucet and the ThanksCoin wallet before, the steps below is the recommended way to interact with them to be able to claim and transfer ThanksCoins, the rest of the functionality in the SAFE Wallet app is expected to be intuitive enough for you to figure it out:

  1. Connect to the SAFE Wallet (safe://, create a new ‘ThanksCoin Wallet’ item, set its label, private and public keys, and a pin number. I recommend to switch the toggle to allow the app to store the transactions history as it’s a nice feature to see in action when transferring coins.
  2. Open the SAFE Faucet (safe://, provide your feedback, enter the public key of your ThanksCoin wallet, click the ‘Get free ThanksCoins!’ button, and wait for a few seconds until a confirmation message is displayed
  3. Go back to the SAFE Wallet to verify that the coins were successfully transferred to your ThanksCoin wallet.
  4. Create other ThanksCoins wallets so you can transfer coins among them.

Please note that these ThanksCoins have absolutely no value in any market, and they are not listed in any exchange even that there could be some other coins out there with the same name. These ThanksCoins are only useful to play with the SAFE Wallet app.

As always, I’ll appreciate all type of feedback from you, and I hope you enjoy playing with it on Alpha-2 network!!!

Alpha 2 Community Websites, Apps & SAFE Messaging IDs

Great news Gabriel, I look forward to playing. Welcome @anita and @vivavisual, hope you enjoy the forum and this great community, and good luck with your project.


Welcome @anita and @vivavisual! nice to have you here. :smile:


Cool, I received 6 coins:

Thanx @bochaco, will play around with this app :slight_smile:


How do you generate the private and public keys?


You just make them up - it’s a demo so no real currencies are involved


Very cool. Because there is no blockchain am I right in thinking once you have the coins (any coins of SAFE) they are yours to spend, no waiting for 6 or more confirmations like bitcoin?


transfering coins is stuck on 66% for a few minutes now?

Was trying to send 1 coin to MoMoney?

Is there any logs I can send or post to try and help sort the issue out?


In the Transfer to field I used the user id MoMoney. Should I have used their public key (which I dont have)?


whats your public key? Ill send you a coin :slight_smile:


Here’s mine: hereismypublickey1


I’ll send you a coin, please send it back :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Not looking good so far… been like that for a few minutes…


Nope nothing yet. I’m also having problems creating a second wallet to test: Add | SafeCoin Wallet the popup doesn’t accept any input.


Work perfectly for me. I created two wallet and send some transfer.

If someone want to try, public key : digipl


New balance. The transfer work but the transactions history are not updated. (if the sender wants the thankscoin back, please send my the public key).


@bochaco you are a legend! awesome.


I tried to send you a coin but got stuck on 0% again…

I’ve also got two wallets and tried moving coins between the two but that doesn’t work either.


Could it be that you have too many apps authorised? If you go the authenticator and revoke permissions for all applications apart from Safe Wallet does it work then?