Introducing SAFE Wallet app


AFAIK, no, not securely at least. But you’ll be able to get it to work very quickly once we get SD ownership transfer support.


I don’t have it published for now, as you said, I’m having the same dilemma as you may be having with your project I presume, but I will eventually figure it out what’s the best way to proceed.

Although I was thinking about it a lot, perhaps I can work on some basic example app which shows how to handle coins and publish it. Nevertheless, if you think about it, this app just makes use of all the things that I learned from the tutorials released by Maidsafe, I was able to build all this by studying them, mainly the email app and markdown editor, so there is no really safe-js calls I make in any different way.


BTW, I’m working on trying to remove the limitation of transferring coins only within the same SAFE account, I hope I have something in the next few days.


Did you figure it out? I’ll only be able to try in a few hours…


No I’m sorry, I think that won’t work.


a little too late, obviously i didnt receive them, but thanks anyways :slight_smile:

sent you some cause i didnt read what bochaco wrote before - too excited :smiley:

Anyways, its the effort that counts, right :wink:


I just uploaded a new version (v0.0.4) which is an step forward to eliminate the limitation among different accounts, but it’s still limited due to the fact there is no way (in current test net 11) to transfer ownership of an StructuredData.

So now if you transfer from a wallet in account A to a wallet created in account B, the wallet in account B will receive the coins with no issues, the balance is updated and the coins accepted. But those coins won’t be transferable anymore, since the recipient (account B) doesn’t have the ownership of the coin’s SD to make the modifications needed for a new transfer, it can just read it now (Asymmetric encryption). So what happens is that if wallet in account B tries to transfer them to another wallet (even within the same account), the app will freeze, in that case just refresh the page and create another wallet to keep playing :slight_smile:

I don’t think I’ll will be able to make some more workarounds to overcome this current limitation, we’ll need to wait until the MDs are available I guess.

I recommend you to create new wallets and get more coins from the faucet, it’s very likely the current wallets you have already created won’t work since the notification channel now makes use of AppendableData.

MaidSafe Dev Update - March 2, 2017 - Test 12c

Really hope you decide to open up the source on github or something soon, I’d love to see exactly how everything works under the hood!



I really like the app. But how do I know I can trust it not to be secretly forwarding the information somewhere?



I’m glad you like it @Andrew_Masters!

That’s exactly one of the reasons I am thinking of opening the code up at some point, otherwise it will be difficult, although that is not necessarily enough since some people are not capable of understanding code and they just trust it if people use it with no complains. I think in gral. this is a key for this type of apps.




Just a minor update, but perhaps important for those spaking Spanish and Chinese, I upgraded the mockup to v0.0.5 which supports Spanish, I’m now working on the 中文 version:


Tip sent btw, good job :+1:


Hey @Jabba, I very much appreciate your tip!
You know it’s my first experience with donations/tips, and I can tell already it’s extremely encouraging to see people actually tipping donating something for your work. Thanks a lot again!


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Oh lord,

I saw the title and thought the test SafeCoin CEP was already getting proposals!!!

Don’t scare / excite me like that!!!


In the future it will be super important that we can “clone” apps, with SAFE Network - Test 16 out and no:
safe:// to play with :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope it gets clear, that these apps are still a little centered around devs, unless we can clone and own/upload these apps ourselves. Also the idea to have to go to a specific website to access our data/money seems a little naive. Auto updates can also be a attack vector…

Our apps are now our privatekeys, if you don’t own it…:kissing_heart:


I know…I wasn’t able to do it, it was available on the previous ones though :slight_smile:
For sure I will upload it on the next one.


Sorry bro I was just to lazy to start a new topic, it wasn’t actually about you uploading the app, but more about us thinking about a future where we own our apps so that we can always have access to our data. Apps should be made to serve the people who use them.

Megaupload is a good example how people can just loose their data, when governments want to step in. If everybody who was using Megaupload, had their own personal copy it would be a whole different ballgame.

Myetherwallet got this nice feature that the users can add new tokens to the wallet, so no need for an dev update, we should make our wallets with the same mindset and decentralize everything.

@bochaco I can never complain about you, your the first dev who made us feel how it is to send value over the SAFE Network that feeling just gives superpowers so keep up the good work super bochaco. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey is there a Github link for this? Wanted to let people use this app with Mock-Routing