Introducing SAFE Wallet app


Nothing yet. Just sent two separate transactions to polpolrene. Let me know if they arrive.


Which OS / Launcher version are you using?


Windows 10, launcher v0.9.2


Perhaps try Launcher v0.10? I’m on Linux at the moment so can’t say it will work for sure on Win 10.


Nope, seems to be a bug somewhere.


wow! it’s very nice to see you’ve been playing with it!
I’ll work on the responses in the next few hours, but basically yes, it has many bugs and things I still have to work on. The idea was to have the main skeleton to start experimenting with.


Thanks a lot folks for all your comments and for reporting all these problems, it feels good to see your interest an support by trying it out and which will help to enhance it!

I haven’t tested these scenarios with decimals, and it’s good you did since that’s the whole point of me sharing it with all of you. I’m sure decimals have made the app to somehow screw your wallet internally.
Divisibility is not supported/implemented at all, so even if I give you the exact explanation of why the app is incorrectly behaving like that, I would say it really doesn’t matter, strictly speaking it’s a bug and I just need to restrict it to allow tx with entire coins until divisibility is really supported.
I’m sure you are aware of the discussions and ideas about how to implement divisibility, and that’s why I didn’t try to implement any of that as yet. Although, one of the reasons I wanted to have this working is to then be able to use it as a tool to test different type of divisibility implementations, I can imagine having different altcoins wallets and each of them implemented with different types of algorithms for coin transactions/divisibility. This should be a way to validate what’s the best approach for divisibility and coin management in gral., or that’s what I imagine.

In gral. input validations are not being implemented, and in the case of the amount to be transferred I coded a very basic validation which parses and understands “0.99” as a number, but it rejects “0,99”, which is correct for English locale but not for Spanish that is exactly the other way around. So validations need to be implemented all over the app, which is not always trivial since localization might be also involved like in this case.

I’m not so sure if it’s for free, do you spend PUTs when you make modifications to data??? like in this case modifications are being made to SDs, I believe you do spend PUTs…!?!

I’m gonna test this now to confirm it, but I think I was completely wrong when I told you @polpolrene that we can now make transactions among wallets in different SAFE accounts.
Now that I think of it, the reason must be that I’m using SDs for the notifications and for the coins, and they are created using PLAIN cypher opts. Now, they can be read by anyone but I understand they cannot be modified by anyone, so when you are trying to transfer a coin to another account’s wallet, the recipient’s inbox SD cannot be updated to notify about the transfer, and even if it was able to, the recipient’s wallet wouldn’t be able to modify the coin when trying to transfer it to someone else.

So now I’m wondering…is it really possible to implement a coin with the current state of StructuredData/Cypher Opts ?
I don’t see how any of the three type of cypher opts can be used to allow it, i.e. allow two (or any) different accounts to make modifications on the same SD. I know that for the tx notifications I can just use AppendableData like the email is done, but not sure how to allow this for the coins, perhaps using ASYMMETRIC…

@Savage, please try it with v0.10 as suggested by @JPL and let us know, I’m not sure if there could be some incompatibility issue.


I did, same issue. I’ll try on Linux when I get home.


Holy Shit!

GG WP. I requested 5 thankcoins, and I got it within seconds.


I’m on Win 10 now and it’s working fine. Launcher v0.10, Browser 0.4.2. Btw in the interest of version control it would be nice to have links to all the latest non-Alpha versions of the Launcher, Browser etc pinned in in one place at the top of the forum somewhere, so they’re easy to find, e.g.
Demo App


I have it working on Linux, still no luck on Win 10. I have been having issues with Win reinstalling now not sure that it is the problem but needs to be done anyway.


Sorry those coins have gone into limbo, I basically copied my address wrong from with space on each side of the address, I just corrected it. :confounded:


Very nice App. Work quite well inside the same account but I don’t think can transfer between different account using symmetric encryption. The logical path is use asymmetric encryption and, to make a transfer, change the SD publicKey with the new owner’s publickey.

The problem is… how the new owner know that this change was made??


Correct, the app it’s not using symmetric encryption, it’s using no-encryption, but that’s not enough as I described above. I will research on the asymmetric encryption option to see if it works out.

This is achieved with the notifications channel, which is like a SAFE email, and the recipient’s wallet can verify it by looking at the coin’s SD data. The app is currently doing all that already, it checks current owner before accepting the coin and add it to the list in its wallet.


just used it; great web app!!

Makes me wonder how hard it would be to add the ability to mint new coins and give them names? Like, a button so I could create “WhiteOutCoins” and send them to anyone’s address (and I guess some sort of super-simple explorer to search addresses & see balances).

Would be very cool and empowering for people to have! If anyone could create coins for their project with ease


@whiteoutmashups Thxcoin address: “WhiteOutMashups”

(without quotes)


I don’t think it’s difficult at all, it just needs to select a different tag_type value and the wallet can also be created choosing which tag_type to read. Give me some days and we’ll give it a try :wink:

That would work only if the user decided to have its wallet’s SD not encrypted. If it’s encrypted like current implementation, then it’s just the same as creating a watch-only wallet (i.e. not storing the private key) in the SAFE Wallet app.


Very exciting! Will be very fun to have people minting new coins easily on SAFE and sending them around to eachother! Could be the #1 easiest way to mint new coins for projects (or for anything really), even easier than Omniwallet.

Makes sense. Maybe have this as a radio button option then, so people can choose to make their balances searchable (public).


did you have a github link? is any of this wallet open source? just wondering

can totally understand if you want to keep things closed for now until launch, especially with your slick UI etc

but it would be good for the community if there was at least a short tutorial or something. the best thing us early app-ers can do is show / pave the way for everyone else.

If you want help I will definitely volunteer. Can just send me a breakdown of some of the safe-js commands you used and where and I can make a tutorial for new devs on how to create nameable SD objects. It can be a great part of the tutorial website I’m making


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