Introducing SAFE Wallet app

@bochaco you tha man!!


Very nice, I’m on vacation so not able to look at these right away but will do when I get back home :+1:


Nice work!! :+1::+1::+1:

I made the steps and got the coins.

Some questions though,

The private and public key, are these like with Bitcoin? Should the public key be derived from the privatekey?? I went to and just created a private and public key and used them.

So we can now send coins to each other over the network?? What’s your address??

Point of attention here, you need TEST 11 to run the wallet-app and faucet. Using the SAFE Browser and 2 open tabs works great.

Here’s my public key:



Yes @polpolrene, you can use those type of addresses, although the signature is not being verified yet by the app, and the coins are not being signed yet, I’m researching on which library I can use for that and will code it soon. And yes, we can start transferring coins among different wallets, I’ll transfer you some coins.


Hey. Works for me too. I set up a Thankscoin account and used the wallet address as the public key when I left some feedback. Five Thankscoins magically appeared in my SAFEwallet :grinning: but there’s nothing in my Thankscoin wallet as yet. Is that expected?


The public key you used to create your ThanksCoin wallet is the one you also need to enter in the faucet. Then you should see in the wallet the balance with the 5 coins, are you seeing a non zero balance in the SAFE Wallet app?

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Yep. See below. I hadn’t heard of Thankscoins before today so not quite sure how they work.


Cool! I would suggest you go to edit mode of your ThanksCoin wallet and toggle “Store full transactions history in this wallet”:

After that, for any new transactions, you will see the details of each of them on the right hand side of your wallet like this:

Now, regarding the ThanksCoin coin, this is an altcoin I just created the last few days for the sole purpose of demonstrating how this SAFE wallet app works, so it’s not related to the coin at you are looking at, in fact I didn’t know that ThanksCoin existed either!!! …I should have checked before to avoid this confusion. To summarise, this ThanksCoin I created you can only use it with the SAFE Wallet app and it’s not related to any other coins you can find on the web.


I just created the last few days for the sole purpose of demonstrating how this SAFE wallet app works, so it’s not related to the coin at you are looking at,

Aha! That’s one mystery solved then. I was wondering how that was going to work! Great work by the way :slight_smile:


This is fantastic work - great to see a proof of concept crypto token / currency implementation built on the Safe network.

It seems the flexibility possible with developments of Safe based tokens is far greater than blockchain based assets - no hard forks needed for upgrades, no expensive blockchains to maintain for security, and no tiny transaction limits.

Keep up the amazing work!


@bochaco Wow great to see you deliver this new years gift :kissing_heart: Sweeeet

tried to send 0.5 Thankscoin, worked but no 0.5 deducted, with 1.5 only 1 deducted from the total amount.


@bochaco Woah this is sooo cool! I was like “Did that work? Naaah probably not” when 5 thankscoin popped up in my wallet! :cake:

My public key is: huhuhu

I can only send whole thankscoins to myself, if I send 5.9 coins, 5 will just vanish :slight_smile:


Thanks @rand_om and @19eddyjohn75.
Divisibility is not supported, and you just hit a bug since it shouldn’t behave like that either. I will fix it for next release. Thanks for letting me know.

Something strange happened, 9 Thankscoin disappeared out of my wallet, after that I send 0.99 two times to the same wallet address.

On Monday I send 0.99 two times (they don’t show up as numbers) on the top left

Only one of the 0.99 transaction came through and then the 9 Thankscoin in the wallet was gone. I did a hard reload, but that also doesn’t seem to update the right balance, which should be 10 Thankscoin (I’ve send 1 Thankscoin after the two 0.99 transactions).

I wonder about this, because when I try to send an amount and I do it as:
0,99 the wallet says “Invalid value”
0.99 is being transferred as valid value, but doesn’t show up as an amount in the receivers wallet.

I’m just saying something totally clueless here, but maybe your wallet could interpreted divisible values. But there is obviously a problem, what if your wallet has 9.99 Thankscoin and I send you 0.05 Thankscoin? Will you have 10.04 Thankscoin? I think you could if the wallet interpreted it as receiving 10 Thankscoin + 0.04 Thankscoin (In reality your sending 9.99 Thankscoin + 0.05 Thankscoin to a oracle/code, which sends you back 10 Thankscoin + 0.04 Thankscoin (but this tx doesn’ t show up in your wallet)).

You just see that you have received 0.05 Thankscoins and that your total balance is now 10.04 Thankscoin


great job! thanks~~~


@bochaco you can even send thankscoin without inserting a “transfer to” address. Hmmmm you can even send thankscoin to addresses that don’t exist E.g. davidgotrichofflucy.

I just created davidgotrichofflucy as transfer to address, the first thankscoin doesn’t appear (which is logic I suppose because the address didn’t exist) when it was send. The second thankscoin does appear in the wallet. WOW these coins move instantly and for free brilli :ant: :stuck_out_tongue:

Nevertheless this wallet is marvelous bro, keep up the good work.

I still wonder what made the 9 Thankscoin dissapear, it seems like we need to do a lot of testing…

I think I maybe found a pattern: 6 Thankscoins turn to 0 Thankscoin after two notorious 0.99 tx’s.
If you have a wallet with a balance and you send it 0.99 two times, your balance disappears.

Maybe the 0.whatevervalue destroys the existing value, I’m puzzled but we’ll have to find the answer


Addresses to move coins around:

@polpolrene : 1EiRPrarzPmRyz4pfAaDJERztfPHf2tnhx

@19eddyjohn75 : 12XGfqMtAqonL2wjFWBJfZsyTgXyDYxcRX

@rand_om : huhuhu

@JPL : 7e67fc0728ad5bab2c9f9fe73cecc891bf3f28de

@whiteoutmashups : WhiteOutMashups

@Southside : 12XGfqMtAqonL2wjFWBJfZsyTgXyDYxcRX

Leave your address when you reply, I’ll add it to this list :+1:


@JPL 7e67fc0728ad5bab2c9f9fe73cecc891bf3f28de


Instant transactions here as well. I just did a test with @Melvin and we didn’t get each others coins. I also sent some coins to the addresses above so let me know if you got them. I created another wallet with public key: polpolrene and got 5 coins. When I send coins from 1 wallet to the other all works fine. Same for @Melvin. But sending each other coins isn’t working as it seems.


Where am I going wrong? cant get it to authorize, even though I have allowed it.