Introducing SAFE Wallet app

Super nice wallet @bochaco

Maybe you want to take a look @, from within their wallet you can transfer from card to card. It might also be worth it to take a look at holytransaction, they got multiple cryptocurrencies in theri wallet.

We’ve manage to host part of our wallet on the SAFE Network and do api calls to the server on clearnet. The SAFE browser needs to be toggled to clearnet and SAFE launcher needs to be running in our case. Unfortunately we could not put all the wallet data (1544 items, totalling 28 MB) on the demo app, because we quickly reach the puts limit before everything is uploaded.

Keep up the good work (and it’s not may the best wallet win) we all win when we move our apps to the SAFE Network.:stuck_out_tongue:


Does this suggest that a SafeCoin wallet will be a CEP? Maybe I misread tho

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I think it would make a lot of sense. Right now you could take any SD data type, elect a tag type and it’s test safecoin. So to test wallet functionality is possible now, therefore creating POC wallets are currently possible. The missing part may be messaging where you need to message a transfer to somebody as you will not know your coins unless you have the addresses of any coins given to you. The easy way to achieve that is message the other ID with the coins you have xferred to them.

So a wallet CEP would uncover, test and prove the functionalities and API are in place.


Sounds good, I always thought the CEP was a great program that made great use of the unearthed talent in our community :slight_smile: @joshuef is a shining example and it’s been amazing seeing the browser come out and using safe-js for my web apps.

No need to put all the development pressure on yourselves when there’s great people like that lurking about :smiley: CEPs FTW

(also the #1 best /efficient way I can imagine for you guys to use that extra MAID)


Thanks @19eddyjohn75, I’ll take a look at those wallets, I’m sure I can get some good ideas out of it.

When you say wallet data, do you mean the wallet app code or you are talking about some of the blockchains’ data?
For safecoin, I think we won’t need to download anything just mange SDs thru some specific low level API…?..

Yeah I mean the wallet app code, luckily my superduperdev got the javascript part to work and the api calls to clearnet works when the SAFE browser shields down and Launcher runs. I would advice you to try and upload your code to the demo app, that might give you some better insight.

I forgot this one in my earlier post, but maybe you want to later do a integration also, this way coins in your wallet can be exchanged from within your wallet.

I’m still trying to solve the “no internet connection” problem.

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Apologies for the slow response and let me come back to you, @bochaco, re the suggestion of incorporating this into a CEP. We need to write this up as a set of requirements and post it, enabling others to also contribute to both the requirements and also to submit their own development proposals. Just in case you missed it, the CEP process is defined here. I personally use Dashlane at the moment so definitely see a value in these types of services.

Edited to update CEP link


Thanks @nicklambert, I will try to start writing some requirements to get us started on this which will be fun for sure :slight_smile:


I feel as though something is not clear or maybe I misunderstand.
For this to qualify for CEP, Maidsafe lists a set of requirements and anyone can submit proposals to be voted on?
The only bit that is kinda uncool is… if I understand correctly after the community vote, @bochaco may perhaps not be the person awarded the project?
Please can we be clear on that? @nicklambert

I just want to jump in to mention that it’s clear to me and I don’t find it uncool.


Yeah, at least there’s no electoral college in the CEP vote lolol

But seriously, it usually works out pretty well :slight_smile: community input is also listened to along the way, where needed.


I think you understand correctly, with the addition that the community will also help chip in on the requirements. Personally I would take into account that @bochaco had made the original suggestion when assessing each proposal, if we receive more than one that is. This would give him a head start of the ‘competition’ in my eyes and while I can’t speak for everyone here I’m sure others may feel the same. I think the competitive nature of this process is one of its key aspects, it increases the likelihood that the community and network will have the best available talent working on each new app/feature.


If this doesn’t qualify for CEP in the end for whatever reason I would encourage @bochaco to post a donation address so the community can help out however possible :slight_smile: of course I see @nicklambert point on this but hope all good accept this as a good candidate regardless of the head start


hey, I impressed and maybe you could add a private contact list to it also, phone number and maid safe friend contacts.


Thanks @justin, yes that’s a good idea, so it can eventually be integrated with the safecoin wallet.

As previously anticipated, I was working on creating the first version of the SAFE Wallet app integrated to the SAFE network, and I’m in the position to very proudly share it with you today! :fireworks:

Please note this is just a functional version with some limitations, e.g. the only type of item which can be added or edited is the “Priv/Pub Key” one. I also noticed that sometimes it (the Beaker browser) is slow in rendering some animations, I presume is due to the current limited bandwidth of the network, but I’m not sure.

It internally uses a single StructuredData to store all the information, which ID is kept in a config file (“safe-wallet-config.json”) stored in the app’s folder. I will eventually migrate this to make use of the new MutableData structure when available.

The first time you access it, it will create a sample data so you can see how it works. Bear in mind this is performed only the first time.

I would explain more about it here, but I prefer you to find it out by yourself! :slight_smile:

You can access it on TEST 11 net at: safe://

Please let me know if you have any issues. I’ll be happy and willing to receive any/all type of feedback.

Enjoy it! :wink:


Great work dude, look forward to having a play with it tonight.



Nice work - it looks great. I didn’t notice any speed issues with rendering animations here, it’s all very smooth. What’s the next step?


Thanks @Jabba, please do!

@JPL, I guess it was just my laptop then, it’s good to hear that yours renders it perfectly.

I’m trying to finish the add/edit mode for all type of items, plus possibly adding a “Notes” and “Contacts” item types. Then I’m planing to jump into creating a coin wallet prototype integrated in the app (it’ll be just other type of item in the app) which can eventually support any SAFE altcoin/coin :wink:


Looks great. I am viewing it via the safe-browser now, which raises a question for me. Is this wallet actually a website only, or is it somehow accessing an embedded app? Might be a silly question, but I have it nonetheless :slight_smile: