Introducing SAFE Wallet app


Great work! I think these sort of apps make SAFENetwork feel real. You can almost taste the potential! :grinning:


Glad to see Anita back! Faucet’s working for me though yet.


@JPL, so do you have a wallet which public key is “grwesdadada” ? that error seems to indicate it cannot find it.


Yes, I created public/private key in Another error occurs with a webID

EDIT, oh hang on I didn’t create a thankscoin wallet - doh.

Yes working now!


Cool, just to be clear, the other type of item you can create in the wallet app for Pub/Priv keys is not related at all with the ThanksCoins wallet type, you don’t need the Pub/Priv key item, those are for storing random key pairs, let’s say you have some bitcoins so you keep the key pair there.


Send me some Thankscoin bro’s and broina’s! Pub address: nigel.nick




@bochaco I have to admit I’m a horrible person and I rated your app multiple times for Thankscoin. I also left my pub key/WebID in the comments. I’m despicable and slightly ashamed.


This is already possible, just add more items of type “Password” to your wallet using the + button located in the top menu (well, or add any of the type of items you want). There will be other type of items in the future for sure, like WebIDs :wink: .

The SAFE Wallet app source code is now available here: