Introducing SAFE Wallet app

Okay thanks @JPL Makes sense :slight_smile:


Send some coins/ get some coins

@jpl hereismypublickey1
@Yerontour Yer
@Jordglob thanksrepublic
@polpolrene PubKey


@bochaco thanks for your hard work & good to see the SAFE Wallet app online again.

@anita & @vivavisual welcome to the forum super ants, great to see an SAFE Network team for the first time.

Can somebody please send me some thankscoin? @ thankyouscoin

Have fun and happy testing :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi @lubinew, I think sending non integer amounts could cause issues and it probably leaves the wallet in an invalid state. This type of validations were not implemented yet. You can try creating a new wallet and avoid sending non integers amounts.


This is what has been happening with me. But I have always sent whole coins…

Can you please share any errors you see in the dev tools console (from the browser’s top menu, View → Toggle Dev Tools)?

Hi @bochaco, every second I get this message:

Uncaught (in promise) Error: The coin already existed in my wallet, so discard TX
at AltCoin.js:116

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Thanks @Yerontour, that helps, it is then related to a failed TX which leaves the wallet in a wrong state, I still need to work on reporting errors and detailing in which state it is left, but also on recovering from such states. I will try to fix that soon as it seems it’s affecting a few of you.
Creating a new wallet should be fine though for the time being

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Yes, here the issue with a coin from ‘Pubkey’ to ‘Yer’:
Coin data: Object {owner: “Yer”, prev_owner: “Pubkey”}
AltCoin.js:135 TX notification received. TX id: 58252e73f5e2350095cd552ddae122a2
AltCoin.js:106 Checking coind ID: 20393ef7d2930017e4afb9d211213294665f689c4c67d08c23b0fac5fa150159
storage.js:439 Reading coin data… Yer 20393ef7d2930017e4afb9d211213294665f689c4c67d08c23b0fac5fa150159
AltCoin.js:135 TX notification received. TX id: dd0727a05c38b7db1f7557e1ccf3715e
AltCoin.js:106 Checking coind ID: 3062caa622794f11140a5db98aa455d3e73e74a4a710f20774133d82540c1ad0
storage.js:439 Reading coin data… Yer 3062caa622794f11140a5db98aa455d3e73e74a4a710f20774133d82540c1ad0
storage.js:431 Coin data: Object {owner: “Yer”, prev_owner: “Pubkey”}

When sending coins from a new wallet to these addresses it also creates an error:
/Applications/SAFE…:228 Uncaught (in promise) Error: Core error: Routing client error → Requested data not found
at module.exports (/Applications/SAFE
at /Applications/SAFE
at /Applications/SAFE

Love to send my first coins on Safenetwork and will investigate to put coin functionality in my own app… :slight_smile:



I am planning to publish the faucet code in the next few weeks with an explanation of how the coins and wallet work, so if you like it we can work together to make them compatible.


Cool, let me know. I’m working on a car sharing app and want to use multiple currencies.


Hello I cannot find the ‘get free thankscoins’ button?

Hi @TheSAMYK1981 , you should load and authorise the faucet site at safe://

I have done this and created 2 thankscoin wallets but in the process could not see anywhere to request the free coins to test the transfers

My pub key is KDAWG123 anyone feels like sending me some coins!

I think you are confusing the two apps, one app is the SAFE Wallet where you created your wallet/s: safe://, and a separate one is the faucet which is at a different URL: safe://

I just sent you some coins.


Ah ha yes sorry my mistake! Thanks I got the 6 coins :smile:


Tried sending 3 coins to my second wallet and the tx got stuck at 80%. see attached console log

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I was taking a look at the code and was wondering what pk means it seems to come up a lot.
Is it previous owner?

I realised I was using the wrong pub key. I tried again using correct one and it worked. However if i try sending coins back to other wallet it gets stuck at 0%