Introducing PasPost project, sharing economy and disruptive in logistics

We have a project called PasPost to be build on Maidsafe… ( ) registered in Norway.
This project aims to disrupt multi-billion economies in logistics, postal services and transport.
In the era of IoT when goods are ordered by machines or humans, PasPost will be fast and cheaper than postal and other expensive logistic services. People can share this economy among themselves and give services to each other. PasPost is scalable and profitable and can be used by anyone worldwide. It will make a change for people not only in developed countries but also in developing countries from far villages in India and Africa to Alaska. We need a developer/co-founder who can lead this project, make a demo app and prepare this project for fundraising with tokens and crowdsale.
We explained this project to Mr David Irvine and he said its a great opportunity and ask us to discuss it with the forum. If you are a developer or project manager and interested to be co-founder please contact us.


If I understand it correctly, this is something I would very much like to see. Welcome and good luck. :slight_smile:


Hi. Great idea. Just wondering if there is any reason why you feel Maidsafe in particular would be a good place for building your idea.

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Thanks, we prefer Maidsafe very much and we have invested in Maidsafe equity so its best to use Maidsafe platform since you can build everything on top of it.