Introducing myself


I’m John Seale and I live with my wife Ann in Melbourne Australia. In earlier years I’ve been a competitive swimmer, oarsman, dinghy and ocean racing yachtsman, golfer, diver and keen underwater explorer. For the present I row competitively at state, national and world events. I’m also an avid reader of Austrian economics, geo-politics, antics of bankers, alternative currencies, technological discoveries, current affairs and the methods presently used to manipulate statistics, interest rates and the true market values of currencies, commodities and financial instruments. I’ve been a businessman with a broad range of knowledge and experience in accounting, fire, accident and marine insurance, shipping, exporting and importing, banking law, finance, economics, hospitality industry, viticulture and oenology. Computers and the Internet were not present in the first 40 years of my business life but for the past 20 years I’ve developed a keen interest in what can be accomplished with computers and particularly MaidSafe.

For the first fourteen of the past twenty years I’ve been working to establish Australia as a wealthy productive independent nation. Together with a small team we built and ran a correspondence school, wrote and published twelve books and course notes for an economics and a politics course. The object was to develop a cadre of educated leaders to join in a new political party to contest all seats in the Australian state and federal parliaments. That chapter and our wider influence in the Pacific attracted heavy intervention from government agents; we were attacked by government-run espionage, gangs and counter gangs and all manner of political crimes. Our computer systems were hacked and controlled by military intelligence; within our elected leadership we identified under-cover government agents and always lurking on the periphery were some very spooky people. Clearly to persevere was a waste of time and effort so we shut the whole process down. A valuable lesson was learned and Richard Buckminster Fuller succinctly described our error: “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” And that’s what I set out to do in 2006.

I commenced researching and developing ways to build a denationalised facility for everyone irrespective of their nationality, religion, race or political outlook to have the opportunity to communicate, trade real commodities, goods and services (i.e. not derivatives thereof) and exchange a new denationalised stable common currency in a secure private environment; i. e. a social system for the division of labour under private ownership of the means of production where the role of government is to ensure an uncorrupted free market economy, and to nurture and defend the good health and educative qualities of the people – qualities never yet seen in any government. I’ve had minor success in this project and each step along the way has been marked by milestones underpinned by a rich philosophical, business and political base. Nick Lambert has the details.

To say that I’m excited by what David Irvine and his team have accomplished is a gross understatement. MaidSafe is the perfect denationalised secure private environment network for my concept of TelelinkGlobal. And furthermore the TelelinkGlobal concept is the perfect way in which MaidSafe can achieve essential rapid critical mass, a feature that will continue to elude Bit Coin.

I aim to become a regular contributor to and a student of the MaidSafe Forum; obviously I’m not proficient in any aspect of computer technology but I’m sure I have much to contribute in the areas of business strategy and geo-politics. I’m amazed that the discussion on MaidSafe Forum is open for everyone to read, including people who will be plotting to destroy what you are building. Is there a plan for the Forum to go into stealth mode?


Hello, and welcome John Seale;

It is very important to generate a good attitude, a good heart, as much as possible. From this, happiness in both the short term and the long term for both yourself and others will come.
Dalai Lama

After reading about your life, and your endeavors; It is great, to share such wisdom with us all. This way learning from another’s mistakes, misfortunes, or interference enlightens those who will listen.


Hoi John, welcome!
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