Introducing... JAMS! [Demo] Alpha 2


Hey @Nigel, just went to the Demo, but none of my tracks are there.
Did something get reset?


Yes one of the routes we took broke backwards compatibility which is unfortunate since people used PUTs from their invitation accounts to upload music. I forgot to mention that and I apologize for the inconvenience. We were trying to avoid that and will continue to attempt avoiding but can’t make guarantees as that is pretty typical with alpha releases, as we know with previous testnets. Again, apologies!!!

There are the older versions such as the safe://jams.devcon and safe://jams.demo2 that should still be backward comparable though!


Alright, I understand that.
I just tried demo2 but still no tunes are there…I will try to get an additional invite token, since I am mostly maxed.

EDIT, I also tried some of the codes posted above to import other tunes, but after I hit the Import button, nothing else happens, it just sits on that same window.


That’s odd but perhaps not too surprising. For how many features have been added to the app it hasn’t been extensively tested as it should, which we’re doing now. If there is ever a bug you can reproduce please please let us know. This upcoming refactor will be the first and is very welcome. We’ve squashed some bugs along the way but the code needs to be simplified and some parts rewritten. It is definitely in its early demo stages but this work should ameliorate that.


OKay, I just tried uploading an MP3 and got this:


This is what I meant above in my update post. If you’re waiting for your first song to upload and it takes even a minute you’re stuck wondering if it’s doing anything at all, which is why we need animated loading bar and loading wheel for clarification of background processes.


I see, I just saw the Error uploading song! and thought it meant it didn’t work.

I guess I’ll wait a while to play again.


Oh I missed that in the image. Does it show up in your library or no?


Nope, nothing in there and I tried several other songs from the same album.


When I was testing this morning it wasn’t acting as expected and was missing album art that was clearly there. These are serious issues that we’ll get ironed out. Don’t waste too many PUTs but if you don’t mind try another album


Same result on a completely different song and album.


:man_facepalming:t3: Well I’ll admit that’s rather embarrassing but we’re on it. Thank you


For potentially breaking changes I usually create a separate safe:// instance of the app until it’s stable


That should be safe://jams.demo2 actually, so it’s odd that it’s not behaving as expected. The breaking changes were introduced in safe://jams.demo3 which is an entirely different service.

Also I would like to note, we would never introduce breaking changes after an official launch, along with providing a way to download your collection and it’s mdata in its entirety, this is merely a demo to raise awareness and show what will be :slightly_smiling_face:


Is there a local version of this?
My account is full.


Would it be possible to add support for .FLAC files?


You can message @moderators and request a new invite if needed. Or use the mock network if you want to extensive testing


That’s what I’m asking.
I could throw away Nextcloud and VLC and use Maidsafe/JAMS instead to store and play music.
Or can I just download the source code from the site?


Will look into this sometime soon, there’s a lot to do but we’d obviously like to support as many formats as possible.

Just to update you, our player doesn’t actually support any particular format, that is up to the browser, which both safe and Peruse use ffmpeg. That means if it’s an open format, which I believe .flac is, then it’s all good.


We haven’t packaged the app yet or made a standalone version but that should actually be on the table relatively soon.