Introducing... JAMS! [Demo] Alpha 2


@StijnC It’s a little buggy but it is just a taste of things to come which will run much more smoothly. Be sure to share your thoughts or improvements you would like to see after testing!


I thought the same… amazing work through and when the network is more distributed, it will be unstoppable.

This could gain some interest from those outside the community though… some good, some not so good. I hope those data chains are coming along nicely! :sweat_smile:


I see your point but people get music from youtube by doing video to mp3 or other formats even, pop up mp3 sites, then you have Pirate Bay, etc. all running on the legacy internet. It’s unstoppable and so far this app is just a little demo of no real threat… yet :wink: though I’m flattered that you think this app could garner so much attention!

I was hoping we could fit strings in the Maidsafe email app but the strings are too long and in some cases ridiculously long (which needs looking into). I’m not quite so worried personally.


Wow, so inspirational and also to get a vision to see what the future of Safe network will become. It gives fuel and motivation to further follow the progress of the Safe network and will surely lead to even more community contribution. After this I need to think more about an idea I have and maybe if I can pull it off and contribute, if my limited coding skills is up for the challenge. Great work, will try it soon with joy.


The Man doesn’t need this to be clearly illegal now. He just needs to realize it could become a threat and we’re screwed. Best be careful.


Wooow, this amazing @nigel !


I think this app alone is better than all of the marketing videos :smile:

As things that would be nice addons.

  • ability to play a song directly from library(playing the whole library would be nice, playing one specific song from library would be better)
  • It seems you need to refresh the page when you need to play a song you just added to a playlist (even if you click play icon next to it again it doesnt seem to do the trick)

also download doesn’t seem to work

also :+1: great work


Thank you.

Ability to play from library/fixed lists is on our trello!

I’ve noticed I have to refresh on occasion in certain situations as well thanks for reporting this.


What a rad project! I love it. Can’t wait to play with it more.


Great job, great community…:weight_lifting_woman::weight_lifting_man:


I hope Bryan has put development for the SAFENet on his linked in profile. I’d also recommend any developer, especially students entering the working world to learn how to develop for the SAFENet (with examples) and place that on their Linked In. There will be a high demand in the future. For students still studying try and propose any final course project on working with the SAFENet decentralised network.


Yaaaaay more propaganda to send to my friends :sunny:


Quoting myself here… I did mean the Linux OS Ubuntu, looked up the meaning…

Applicable to the SAFENet eh?


I actually thought you referring to not only Linux but the meaning of the word as if a double use like jams. Ubuntu has a neat meaning though.


Subconsciously I think I was. I’ve seen that definition before just forgot about it. Decided to look it up. The OS definitely strives towards being “Ubuntu” and it’s been successful - I feel it, and I feel that “Ubuntu” feeling here in this project.

UbuntuNet? SAFENet is a global OS, that’s where it’s heading. The Troon team are bootstrapping planet earths first OS… each vault a distributed magnetic domain on one massive planet sized hard disk… I’ll stop there, getting too excited.


First post here so forgive me if this is a stupid question but how do you access JAMS?

I have the Safe Browser installed and finally got the invitation code. I tried pasting the safe://jams.demo/ URL into the browser and just get an Error 103 though.

I’m interested in learning how to develop websites or applications for Safe so I’m very curious how JAMS was built.


@trustless I would recommend the latest Peruse browser 0.4.1 here First remove SAFE browser, then download and install Peruse.
When opening the downloaded folder, move the Peruse icon to your desktop and sign in. Then put in the safe://jams.demo/ url.


@Nigel thanks for the pointer. That worked.


Just because I made the same mistake I wanted to say that
You might have accidentally downloaded the mock browser.
I know problem is fixed but just giving a heads up
To the most probable reason before.


Very glad to see this app appear. I’ve just kind of been lurking and watching the different posts that get sent to my email. I don’t have a bunch of replies or interacting with the community because I’m not very technically astute, as I explained in my beginner’s introduction. Nevertheless, I obviously need to proceed to get to a level that will permit me to access the network and begin to use the browser and the apps. So, even though I don’t have much to add, I am posting this reply in hopes of advancing to the Trust 1 level. I was trying to log in with the browser but got stymied when it asked for an account secret. I guess that will be provided once I a higher level of trust, in the mean time, bear with me.