Introducing... JAMS! [Demo] Alpha 2


That’s a slippery slope, but on balance I’d be in favour


haha … trying to remember my first punk album, i know i got my ar$e whacked for it, because i was a bit wee for the genre … the title was something like …

Something like that. :star_struck:


This is great. I immediately got into it, uploaded some music files and even recorded a short video of me demonstrating it for my own followers :slight_smile:


This is great! Both the app and the video. Not all of us can easily jump on Safenet to try these things out. Videos like this help to drive enthusiasm. :grinning:


Great video @David_MacGregor! Thanks for making that. I’m sure everyone noticed, there is our album art issue :sweat_smile: but thank you for pointing out it is merely a demo.

I’ve noticed with further testing some issues skipping around but this will be fixed with streaming. We had to be creative to get music to not download all at once in an out of order fashion, so it works better than what it would have but still has its limitations till we get streaming implemented!


This is so awesome!

Can’t wait to put some mashups on it :smiley: :smiley:

Awesome job man. Jams!


This is very nice. Looking forward to trying it out.


Siiiick guessing it can just as easily hold, play and share podcasts?


And you won’t have to worry if Apple or Google suddenly decide to delete your music for some stupid reason, and instead of just having a license you will own that music.


Dirty! We loves you.


Thanks @Nigel for creating another app for the SAFE Network, nothing beats code or attract more people than working apps. Bravo.

I’ve just send you some lightcoins (WTF over $150, yes because you created an app :kissing_heart:) + royality fee for the safecrossroads. :crazy_face:

Keep it up buddy and don’t get to lightheaded on those lightcoins


Testing. Can I share an uploaded song by posting this string here?



Lol, that’s the kind of UI I like :smile:

I’m hoping to provide a simple way for all apps to support file sharing once I’ve implemented SAFE web services (starting with a Linked Data Platform storage service).

As soon as I saw JAMS I thought people will want to share these collections, so maybe this will be of interest to @Nigel and his team - feel to get in touch if so (and any other interested devs).

I can’t wait to play with JAMS but I’m not allowing playtime until I have a simple LPD storage service working :frowning_face:

High five to @Nigel, Bryan and Mallory. This is great work, very impressive :slight_smile:


I think the new SAFENet / website needs to prominently advertise “Apps Now Available On The SafeNet*” with some slick screenshots and descriptions.

  • Test Network participants untill network launch.


Thanks for the Song @Sascha! Did your outbox reflect sharing properly?


Just a bunch of jumbled numbers and letters?

Copy string => Go to “retrieve Jam” => paste => enjoy!



I’m not even sure what the Outbox is supposed to reflect, but I see two instances of “… free N 10” there. Does that mean it has been downloaded twice?

On a separate note: What about copywrite? Is doing this while the network is not distributed dangerous? That’s one reason I didn’t write down what I was sharing here.

Third note: The font used for the names of the songs looks terrible on Linux Mint Mate. On my local machine the song is called “… free N 10 …”, but the “N” turns into gibberish in the Safe browser. It probably has to do with the character for “number” in Unicode being hidden somewhere.


Thanks! :slight_smile:
I now have this in “Downloaded”. It says “downloads” in the frame. I see nothing i “Recent”, called “recent” in the frame, though.


Font needs to be changed for sure and is noted to be something a bit more plain for the player page.

“Outbox” will show songs you have created a shared string for. Just a record of what you’ve shared.
“Inbox” shows what shared songs you’ve retrieved and
“Downloaded” shows which songs you downloaded from the network.
“Recent” is what songs you’ve recently played :slight_smile:

If something isn’t working in this way feel free to report it at it’d be much appreciated.

The copywrite issue is an issue. So we should probably refrain from saying what is what in public posts. I edited my comments.


This is amazing. Looking forward to checking it out tonight.