Introducing... JAMS! [Demo] Alpha 2

Hey @Nigel, have you seen this over on Solid - sounds like a kindred spirit looking for a home:

Also, I just found this open source music app for Android:


No I hadn’t seen that! :smiley: I’ll pop on over. I found that android repo about a year ago. Don’t believe it’s active anymore and there shouldn’t be any conflicts with naming. One of those cases of parallel thinking.

Edit: it wasn’t a year ago it was actually a couple months after original post here. Guess it just felt like a year!


Not sure but you may find some inspiration here and here for a feature or two… or not. But I thought you may find it interesting.


It’s been a LOOONG time since an update BUT some really great things are happening and have been for awhile now.

I’m working with @Nick_Virag whom is just as enthusiastic about music players and UI as I am, and is a stand up guy, so we work really well together. On top of that Nick is an extremely talented programmer and knows the in and outs of the front end. JAMS is extremely lucky to have Nick and in the not toooo distant future will likely be leading a small team. That’s still a ways out but it’s on the agenda. Please give a warm welcome to @Nick_Virag!!!

Early on it was decided we should scrap the previous demo code and start from scratch. What Nick has done is build the foundation in a way that will allow us to easily scale our application as we grow, with new features and also make updating to new SAFE API’s less of a pain.

Right now we’ve got the basics down with PUT and GET from an API standpoint but we’ve got big ambitions for the future. Big thanks to @hunterlester for the support on getting us up and rolling! Right now we are focusing on UI and have chosen a material design approach which we will also continue once we go mobile! Which is also a ways off and will be where we will likely expand the team. But it is being looked at.

I’ve been doing some reworking of the branding. We are and always will be JAMS! And though Jammy (the current logo) is a star in my eyes he’ll be used elsewhere and his son Jammy Jr. will be the main branding as we needed less complexity, less colors, etc for a more message efficient and scalable logo. If you liked Jammy then I think you’ll love Jammy Jr.

I’ve also been looking at the long term vision of JAMS and how we plan on incentivizing users and good behavior on the platform that benefits users, listeners, and ultimately artists. I think we have a pretty organic solution that benefits everyone but that will remain to be seen. I won’t divulge much here (yet) as some of its success may heavily hinge on the implementation of PtP (pay the provider) and I have some very strong arguments in its case. It’s not at the top of @maidsafe’s priorities but I implore them to see to it’s implementation for Mutable Data and Immutable Data in the future. It will be part of JAMS secret sauce along with another counterpart that could bring success for mass adoption. Not just for this app but uploading content, sharing (digital distribution), and general use of the SAFE Network.

I wanted to share this update with everyone here so folks know Nick and I are working hard to make this a successful platform that everyone would want to use. We can compete with the big names in the space, over time, if all goes well, imo.

This is just the beginnings of the UI, we haven’t added the branding or material palette yet and more is to be added to the sidebar etc but a first glimpse and proof we’re “on it” :wink:.


Really cool @Nigel and @Nick_Virag!

I like the Jammy logo but i feel its a bit of centre


Great update, clearly lots of effort being put to great use and you’re a credit to the community! Out of interest, are you guys 100% focussed on desktop atm or have you given any thought to mobile?


You are going to be up there with Spotify/iTunes, if not you will replace them.

Great work.


Hey Nick (a lot of Nicks around here :wink:) right now we’re focused on getting the UI/UX, components, and API’s up to snuff (including the experimental API’s), for desktop, and then we’ll for sure focus on mobile.

At that point we’ll probably add a team member to work on building a cross platform, native, mobile app in Dart using Flutter to keep with our UI/UX or we’ll get the new hire familiar with the web app codebase, SAFE API’s, and have them bug fix and tag team building out while Nick focuses on mobile. The approach is flexible though and we’ll go where skills and resources are best applied.

I am dedicated to us having a mobile app. I selfishly want nothing more than to store all of my music on JAMS, stream other artists, maybe even make some revenue from my own music, all for free with no ads, on mobile!


Hi Nigel, do you expect support in languages other than English? Because I would like to have JAMS in Bulgarian :slight_smile: and I will help with the translation…


I’ll be up for translating it into English :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m not sure when we’ll get to this but definitely yes. This is a global network and I think all apps should reflect that inclusivity into their apps if at all possible. I noticed @bochaco has a language option for his SAFE Wallet and have had it on the TODO list since seeing that.

Cheeky @happybeing :joy:

Pretty sure there is some interesting stuff regarding translations and RDF too. Something I’ll have to look back into.


You could ask @Southside to do the Scottish version


No joke we need a Gaelic translation.


Yes I’m often told even one is too much :).

Thanks for the update and often really strong and successful products come out of solving a problem for the founder so I appreciate ‘I selfishly want nothing more than to store all of my music on JAMS’.


When I open safe://jams.demo/player.html, I get the message: “No connection to SAFE Network! Please connect to the SAFE Network, authenticate, and try again!”
Other sites seem to work without any problem. Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

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You’re not doing anything wrong @Root. The demo that is on Alpha 2 right now is an outdated version that we no longer are maintaining and doesn’t work because of breaking changes with the newest SAFE Browsers API’s. If you really want to give it a shot you could download a way older version of the SAFE Browser. Try this one if you like. but rather I would suggest just popping your head in here or following this thread down at the bottom of this page and I’ll update when we upload our new release.

Hope that helps :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the reply, that explains a lot :slight_smile:


it doesnt work for me in the safe-browser-v0.13.0-linux-x64

-opened safe browser
-logged in the authenticator
-accepted auth
-enabled experiments
-go to jams.demo
-click +

No connection to SAFE Network!

Please connect to the SAFE Network, authenticate, and try again!

might be related:

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Pretty sure it doesn’t work in the latest browser. @Nigel?


That’s correct @JPL and expected behavior right now @c0dr. This demo looks sad compared to what we’re working on right now anyhow but we’re just as anxious to get it out and into everyone else’s hands!

@Nick_Virag just drilled down into all of the tasks so we could rebalance our timescale to delivering an Alpha and conservatively it’s looking like ~2.5 months!

Perhaps I’ll post a teaser soon to wet some appetites if anyone’s interested. I try to keep that to a minimum so that it makes a bigger impact on release but I realize there is likely some curiosity on how things are coming along.