Introducing... JAMS! [Demo] Alpha 2

No joke we need a Gaelic translation.


Yes I’m often told even one is too much :).

Thanks for the update and often really strong and successful products come out of solving a problem for the founder so I appreciate ‘I selfishly want nothing more than to store all of my music on JAMS’.


When I open safe://jams.demo/player.html, I get the message: “No connection to SAFE Network! Please connect to the SAFE Network, authenticate, and try again!”
Other sites seem to work without any problem. Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

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You’re not doing anything wrong @Root. The demo that is on Alpha 2 right now is an outdated version that we no longer are maintaining and doesn’t work because of breaking changes with the newest SAFE Browsers API’s. If you really want to give it a shot you could download a way older version of the SAFE Browser. Try this one if you like. but rather I would suggest just popping your head in here or following this thread down at the bottom of this page and I’ll update when we upload our new release.

Hope that helps :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the reply, that explains a lot :slight_smile:


it doesnt work for me in the safe-browser-v0.13.0-linux-x64

-opened safe browser
-logged in the authenticator
-accepted auth
-enabled experiments
-go to jams.demo
-click +

No connection to SAFE Network!

Please connect to the SAFE Network, authenticate, and try again!

might be related:

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Pretty sure it doesn’t work in the latest browser. @Nigel?


That’s correct @JPL and expected behavior right now @c0dr. This demo looks sad compared to what we’re working on right now anyhow but we’re just as anxious to get it out and into everyone else’s hands!

@Nick_Virag just drilled down into all of the tasks so we could rebalance our timescale to delivering an Alpha and conservatively it’s looking like ~2.5 months!

Perhaps I’ll post a teaser soon to wet some appetites if anyone’s interested. I try to keep that to a minimum so that it makes a bigger impact on release but I realize there is likely some curiosity on how things are coming along.


ok now I get it! wish this happens soon! I want to try it in the newest browser so I dont mess with old one’s


Just posting a little teaser to show the amazing work @Nick_Virag has been up to :slightly_smiling_face:

As you can see we are planning to make use of SAFE Mail to send subscription/etc notifications, as well as WebID so you can easily switch between accounts if you have more than one yourself or share a single SAFE account with family.

There’s an emoji blocking the new logo (for now) until we get an Alpha version out which we will then also share the repo for hopefully the benefit of us and others.

Just for fun let us know what you like or what you’d like to see!


Looks great! Really cool to see the progress


Cracking stuff! Great to see the webid stuff being used. :smiley:


Still need to code it up on the back end and may or may not be available for the Alpha version but the “experimental” features are top priority, along with new data types, and mobile. Dedicated to the vision!


Cool looks like it at least works on mobile, if you want any help making it fit better on smaller screens I’d be happy to.

Would be great to make music libraries on mobile


Would be cool but I think there are limitations currently authenticating web apps in the mobile browser, at least that’s what I think I’d read.

Also I have my eyes set on a mobile app lib using Flutter but that also means we won’t be able to use the Xamarin csharp wrapper for safe_app because Flutter doesn’t play nice with (or at all) with Xamarin making cross platform mobile builds. So we’ve got some things to look into there. The web app is coming along nicely but still quite a ways to go really and once we get in a comfortable place we’ll see if it will also work out on mobile.

Most importantly though we’re thinking it will be best for us personally to focus on getting done with front end fully, then focus on back end using the upcoming API’s using new data types so we can have something solid to demo for Fleming :slightly_smiling_face:

Then hopefully we can be available on the SAFE Network App aka ‘SNAPP’ (or SAFE Launchpad, whichever it ends up being called). I personally prefer SNAPP @maidsafe :wink: it’s a good acronym, implies it’s quick and easy, or a snap to gain access and manage apps. Very cool and trendy name imo.


Can’t wait to SNAPP into that :slight_smile:

But what is it? I might have missed an update. Is it for web apps on mobile? Or just web apps in general.

Guess you’re right about the web apps not authenticating on mobile. I’ve seen that when browsing a few of them.

Is it an issue with the mobile browser? Or the mobile Authenticator?

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Basically a desktop access point to the network. Unobtrusively in the upper right of the desktop :desktop_computer: where you can download and manage apps, SAFEID’s, and access to your wallet. It’s been mentioned a few times by @JimCollinsonin in the UX threads that he had posted a few weeks back but here’s a link and even a reference to the TODO card to make it available for mobile. I’ve been lurking and have even found some beautiful UI but I don’t want to spoil their surprises so I’ll leave it at that.

I’m not really sure but the mobile team is so fast I’m sure they’ll get it licked in no time at all. We all need to catch up anyways :yum:


Hey folks! Expect to see some updates in the not too distant future :smiley:

At the very least I will be writing up a post sharing some screenshots and progress of the native mobile application and some of the web app, as well as the long term goals that JAMS hopes to achieve.

It’s been an absolute pleasure seeing the intense progress of Phantom and I think it’s time we add to the excitement @Shane has been bringing.

If folks would be so kind to add translations in this public wiki to help us reach a global audience for a global network, it would be much appreciated! Thank you


It’s been a long time! I have screen shots of a current demo I could share but I recently had someone I highly respect review the demo and so it is going through some changes.

I also have some outlines for JAMStand that I’ll share in due course and I hope we can all discuss @Antifragile’s great idea of “plug-ins” more at some point, where elders could run some clear net operations and computations to feed into Safe Network and receive some sort of rewards or payment. That would be a HUGE resource.

When the time is right then I’ll probably create a new and updated topic but why I’m here now is to ask some folks opinions.

I’m wondering if anyone here is opposed to the gamification of apps. If I was to pursue it, it would be opt-in as I think that stuff is annoying, to me personally but I know many people like it and it would be a rewarding way to increase engagement.

I’m also trying to shy away from colors or triggers that can purposefully influence people’s behavior as a design choice. In the case of gamification if it is opt-in, I feel like that is a choice and exception.

You could potentially get “rewards” for

  • Broadening your musical horizons/genres
  • Sharing music
  • Minting an NFT
  • Earning revenue
  • Growing your personal Library
  • Referring friends to JAMS

I’m thinking when you first enter the app you could choose whether you want to make your experience more “fun” and earn bonuses/rewards or if you like a straightforward experience.

What do you all think?


go for it - full gamifcation.