Introducing: Edge Login by Airbitz


Pretty cool.

Also very similar to Clef on the face of it, but attached to an AirBitz wallet (which I am a fan of).

Clef also got the pishing checking, but I think that this is more like bitid

I got to go :sleeping:

It may look like Clef but under the covers it’s very different. With Edge Login, the Airbitz wallet is actually created an encrypted repo that it’s sharing with the client-app. Then the client app is able to put encrypted data into the repo such as private keys or transaction meta data. It’s more than just authentication since you can’t actually authenticate with an app that has no servers (ie. Augur). Clef, Google Login, Twitter Login, FB Login will never work with a decentralized app like Augur.


Hey wow Paul,

Are you guys also going to create a wallet for the SAFE Network?

Kids I say “Hey wow Paul”, because obviously he is a celebrity in this space.:stuck_out_tongue:

We’d love to be able to secure Safe coins in the wallet but we have some reorg of the wallet architecture to do first. If our current equity crowdfunding goes well, then that reorg could more easily happen

Check it out at

It’s the first US equity crowdfund (legal and compliant) for bitcoin!


Yeah I read that yesterday

I’ll invest in you guys, but obviously I don’t got enough btc in my wallet so I’ll have to wait on the bitcoin network a while.

Goodluck and keep up the good work :stuck_out_tongue:


He def. need to clean hes screen more often. (or at least ones)

And come on that name “Safe” guess they thought really long about that name.

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just tried to go thru the process in the video but did not succeed to scan the bar-code :frowning:

Would this method of login also work on the SAFE Network?

I’ve just spotted this fundraiser on bnktothefuture too. I’m currently trying to work out if there’s any difference between the two fundraisers.

Are you aware that it is bnktothefuture which MaidSafe used recently? There may be a few people on this forum who are set up and ready to go on BttF…

I encourage everyone who’s interested in this fundraising to have a look at the bttf forum, there’s more and more good questions asked and answered. Like!

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Nick and I met @paul in 2014 and I can say we found him to be a really decent person, honorable and excited by SAFE. Of course we have delayed him as we have everyone with the structure and roll out. Of course it’s all changed now and we are moving fast, however I think Airbitz will be a key player moving forward. Anyway Paul and the company are real and very much aligned with the type of thinking in SAFE And the forum. I certainly recommend folk to read more about Airbitz.


That’s great news! I was about to suggest Maidsafe had a talk with them. I got the same feeling, unfortunately only from videos :smiley:

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I just found this two year old post :slight_smile:

Maidsafe and Airbitz on the future of a decentralized bitcoin wallet

We’d love to see an eventual integraiton with Maidsafe such that Airbitz can be the single-sign-on solution for key management into Maidsafe. We’ve incorporated fast PIN based relogin, Touch ID on iOS, soon to be fingerprint login on Android, and the holy grail of zero-knowledge password recovery.


Yes it’s amazing, i’m really excited right now :slight_smile:
/edit scratch that, just read it!

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This mentions our password recovery mechanism


Thanks for the kind words Dave. Still excited about Maidsafe and hope you can make it a reality.


Awesome stuff. Airbitz has been innovating in the bitcoin space since forever. I met @paul at the Bitcoin St. Petersburg Bowl in Florida 2014 and just a super guy.

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