Introduce yourself


My name is Kevin and I am an infrastructure engineer. I am excited to hear about the Safe network vision and would like to be apart of it.


Hola mi nombre es iker. Llevo años curioseando las criptomonedas y un día os encontre. Me gusta la idea, por que además de intentar cambiar las cosas, hay una propuesta de valor.
Quisiera saber si hay más gente de España por aki y poco a poco iré curioseando más.


Welcome to the forum. Keep this site in English please. I used google translate to read the text.

Hello my name is iker . I’ve spent years looking around the criptomonedas and one day I found it. I like the idea , because besides trying to change things , there’s a value proposition.
I wonder if there are more people of Spain by aki and gradually go snooping more .



My name is Haddar Macdasi, a cto and co-founder @ the Bitcoin exchange of Israel.
First MaidSafe video I saw 2 ~ 3 years ago , I’ll be very happy to see this technology released and be used like bitcoin and more .

Good-luck !


Hello, I’m Nayden from Bulgaria. I like your project and rust programming language.


Hi there, I’m Paul. I live in sunny Scotland too! This is such an important and exciting project that I feel compelled to get involved in some fashion!


This is the future of internet o yes mami!


Hi, I’m John

I’m a musician from Warwickshire, England. My passion is recording music - specifically musicians playing together spontaneously. I’m also a trumpet player, hence the Twitter handle @johntrumpet.

I’ve been following Maidsafe for a couple of years; I started learning about Bitcoin by listening to podcasts (ltb network mainly), and migrated here from there.

There’s not much awareness of anything decentralised or Bitcoin related in our neck of the woods - so I recently merged my Bitcoin meet up with the equally sparse Birmingham branch down the road.

We’re holding our first joint meetup on July the 9th, with a presentation on Maidsafe to be included. The Birmingham folk hadn’t heard of Maidsafe at all, so I instantly turned from enthusiastic amateur to ‘expert’. Anyone here in vaguely the right location and available to help me out with the presentation? Or at least be my fact-checker/provider of moral support?


Hello everyone! I just created an account and am posting here to briefly introduce myself.

I am a Ph.D. student in the STEM area and am very interested in technologies that enable us to decentralise all online interactions. Apart from Bitcoin, the SAFE Network is the project that has impressed me the most and IMO the one having the greatest theoretical potential. I learned about the project back when the crowdfunding round was going on in 2014. I participated with some small change and have been accumulating more MaidSafeCoins ever since!

“Why did you not create an account and engage sooner?”, you might ask. Well, I’m usually pretty secluded, being an introvert and all, so I just lurked in the shadows for two years. However, with things heating up and the network nearing a stable alpha stage I could at least help out by giving feedback on the remaining test nets.

I don’t know how active I will be on this forum, but now at least I have a user account set up :slight_smile:



[Lurk mode off]. :slight_smile:

I’ve been hanging here on and off for a year, but more ON than OFF as the network begins taxi down the runway.

I’m a Kiwi roaming the world at large. My background is has been varied: mech engineer, sailor, nomad, hobby developer, UX, lots of startup experience, and I just love bleeding edge tech.

I’m really appreciating the considerate and constructive tone of this community.


I am Alan, I have only just found out about the SAFE network, it sounds very interesting and am looking forward to seeing it take off.


Hi guy’s, I’m Jacob Wagschal from Monsey, NY. I am jumping here to speak someone regarding safenetwork. I Would truly enjoy to connect with some individuals on here that are knowledgeable with this website, up until now I truly have just been taking a look at the discussion forums. looking forward to hear you guy’s. Thanks!


Hi SAFEkeepers,

I am from India and want to express my appreciation for the formidable work you guys are doing.

So wonderful to see everybody including old timers so diligently involved in this.

Keep up the effort !


I’ve been watching this amazing project for about 6 months and decided to join the forum recently. I wish I could contribute some effort to bring it to fruition but I’m not skilled in programming unfortunately. Therefore I will give some support by buying MAID and helping fund proposals and future apps. I’m very excited about the possibilities! Thanks to the Maidsafe team for their vision and hard work!


Hello, I am Matevž, friends call me Casko,

I come from Slovenia, EU. For 3 years I am active in a field of cryptocurrencies, specially on business models, funding, composing understandable texts and infographics for beginners about networks, wallets, mining, multi-pooling, etc. I studied physics, now I work for geodetic institute (web, spacial databases, project management).

SAFE attracted me several months ago as a investment opportunity, now I am more interested at the potential and opportunities, that SAFE provide. I would really like to cooperate on writing some simple explanation for noobs on SAFE network and abstracts for potential investors.


Hi, I’m Seif, I’m just a fan of Safe network and the idea of decentralization. I’m a user of bitcoin since late 2010 and am looking forward to using the safe network.

Thank you to all the people who have been working hard to make this project become a reality.

I forgot to add that I was a bitcoin and litecoin miner back in the day when you could still mine on GPUs I stopped mining when ASIC miners were first released. :slight_smile:


Hi everyone!
My name is Thomas Rydland. I am 26 years old and both live and are born in Norway.
Around the year 1995-96 I was introduced to computers and discette games and parallell with Nintendo and PS gaming my interest for IT in general grew.
I learned a lot when I got my first own computer with Windows XP (had been using some Windows 3.1 and 2000!! before). Things had to get working so i tried and read and failed, a lot! LAN parties with friends combined with the understanding that this is no magic, just logic, I grew faster and deeper within this world than my friends. I must mention that a couple of my friends are now going for master education in within IT, I am just working for a small company that deliveres IT solutions for other SMBs. The schooling in Norway are a bit different than in the USA (dont know about UK) so i have completed as an ICT-Service co-worker (direct translate).
I was employed in private IT for a couple of years (managing AD, setup computers for the programmers, general ICT service work). For another couple of years I worked for a municipality in Skien, Norway with general ICT and now for the small company doing not quite the IT i want to. But I am not giving it up!
Worth mentioning is that I thought I had created Public ID that would go sky high in pricing within release hehe.
The people here seems to be of a good kind and I am hoping to follow this for a while and learn:)
See ya!


Hello Everyone,

(Resuming) My name is Eduardo Bonsi and I got my first Macintosh computer in 1987. It was the legendary Macintosh II. I had a lot of fun with that machine. In the past, I worked as an illustrator, designer for advertising agencies. During that time most everything was done manually. I always loved typography and I am remembering, we used to “specify type” at the production phase by sending it out to a photographer’s lab, where they would photography and paste letter by letter on the board forming a specific word. Then, they would photography the entire word, clean up the negative and chemically burn that on a special photography paper and this was how we would receive the type to be inserted in the final art board. It was a riot and a lot manual work. During that time, I was going to college and theoretically studying computers.

That time they had only IBMs and it was only for type and some statistical plot, no images. Later, Apple was formed and I was following their progress. I heard that they launched computers that was able to do typography and design. Wow! To be able to do your own typography on a computer was really something for us designers. That was when I got interested in the Mac. Time went by and I had many Macs, from desktop to laptops. Being interested in the Macintosh computers, I learned quite a bit about the Mac and its operational system. I worked in a computer lab teaching students all the many applications need to do their homework. Microsoft was a good word processor that time and it was given freely to students to do their homework.

Then, the internet was open to the public and I started to envision the possibilities. We were not longer tied and controlled by the formal advertising and journalism world. Well that was just for a few years when the commerce/industry advertising and commercial world somewhat took over again of our lives. I have done from typography to design to configuring servers using BIND and Apache on the Mac. Between many things, I have been configuring, designing, coding and managing an eCommerce store based on the Prestashop interface.

Today, one cannot go anywhere with their internet browser without been tracked in their every move. Just by accessing a few links and one is packed with many cookies and tracking systems geared to watch what you do and where you have been. That is quite annoying to know some big software eye is always following you around. Emails applications are so vulnerable and excluding Thunderbird, we did not have much progress to stop spammers and malicious individuals that send you viruses almost every day. So, privacy becomes the main concern in the internet Today. I am happy that the developers of MaidSafe are part of this new internet revolution going forward and bringing privacy back and at the reach of our hands. I hope to talk to you sometime and exchange some friendly information. I do many other things that is connected to the environment and the community. You will know more about my other projects as you get to know me better. Talk to you soon, ebonsi.


Hello everyone!

Been hearing great things about MaidSafe for some time, so decided to join the forum to stay tuned. I’m also involved in eMunie.



Hello, Alasdair McAndrew here from Melbourne Australia, middle-aged curmudgeonly tertiary mathematics educator with a passion for openness in computing. I’m very interested to see where Maidsafe will go, and so only this morning downloaded the launcher and demo app. I also have an interest in cryptography and security, and used to teach them both, but my working knowledge would now be a bit out of date. But I did write one book on the subject.


Hi, Gilad Ozer here from Israel, Tel Aviv. Paying my bills as a software developer.
Have been interested and active in the Israeli Bitcoin community since Jan 2013.
Heard about the Mastercoin protocol (AKA OMNI) and then about the MaidSafeCoin ICO on that network.
Loved the idea, the people behind it, the seriousness of it all and have been following ever since.
Quite a quiet follower but do install testnets as they come :slight_smile:
Keep up the good work , Love Irvine’s Zen attitude and have high hopes from this project.