Introduce yourself


Hello Everyone,

My name is Mwaa Joseph, software developer based in Kenya. Programming has been my passion ever since is was in high school and now since i finished my graduate course in Computer Science i have turned into a full-stack web developer.
Developed interest in bitcoin due to the fascinating code and inception behind it and for the past 3 years been trying to come up with financial alternatives that would be applicable in Kenya as well as other countries. However, bitcoin does not provide a lot flexibility and didn’t want to creating an alt coin hence beginning of this year decided to study the blockchain technology and come up with something epic (failed due to wishfull thinking). So instead moved on to decentralized open source systems and for a while just depended on factom. But alas today just stumbled to MaidSafe and it has all the Intrigue of coding and powerful algorithms all the right things i want as a developer. And the beauty of it its open source with an growing community.

Looking forward to Contribute to this Awesome project. :grinning:


Hello People!.
My name is Santiago, I’m from Argentina and I’m 24. I Study at University of Buenos Aires (UBA) Bachelord in Computer Sciences and I work as System-Administration and/or Help Desk. I’m a Bitcoin user and i Have several safecoins too.
I’m not a developer but I want to write some articles about maidsafe in my language, so… It would be great if I can Contribute in some way and I want to share the drafts with the comunity in order to improve the results. By the way, If some of you want to talk more about this just send me a PM.

I believe in this project since the first time that I heard about it. Even the worst scenario it is good because during the process of the project you are releasing a lot of code and we cannot unwrite that. The humanity is better than yesterday.


I’m Matthew Reed, a digital director with a creative ad agency in Santa Monica, CA (Venice/Los Angeles). Been following BTC since early 2011. Read about maidsafe long ago but never dove in until I listened to the new LTB podcast on the subject. I have some app ideas that I would love to find people to work with. My expertise is mostly in the UX/UI realm. Excited to get a full grasp of where things are headed and get involved. Feel free to reach out to me directly.


My name is Noah Figg. I’m a software developer in Texas, doing mostly C# and javascript/css/html. I’ve been programming since I was young and have worked in the field since graduating college in 2005. I’ve used many languages and I’m getting the hang of rust currently.

I have interests in philosophy (mostly identify with libertarian/anarcho-capitalist or voluntaryist ideas), music, and nature. I became very interested in the natural design science of permaculture and I have been studying/practicing it at home for about 4 years. I eventually received a permaculture certification through a Permaculture Design Course a couple years ago. Some of the principles of permaculture that apply to MaidSafe are redundancy, cooperative groups, multiple roles (personas), diversity of actors, etc. These natural properties strengthen the network and make single points of failure rare or impossible.

I want to help develop ways to replace the need for centralization politically, mentally, economically and technologically. I want to launch an internet that can never be taken down, censored, spied upon, or stolen through. Perhaps someday an OS which runs from the SAFE network and is validated by it would be a way to eliminate the spying done through the computer itself, but this network can solve much of the outside threats to data management and transfer right away.

I have the source building and am exciting to have tested the simple key/value store example program as a local network of console apps.


Hi David:

My name is Dennis. I’ve been watching the project from the outside for a while and I’m excited about what is coming in the next two sprints.

Mostly, I program in Java and Java EE so I’ll be interested if some of the key libraries are ported/implemented in java at some point.

In the near term I’ll be looking at the forums for ideas on how folks are immediately using the capabilities of maidsafe for legacy apps. For instance, would it be as simple as mounting a Vault on a Linux server and configuring your Db to store it’s data at the maidsafe mount point? (That might be a gross over simplification.)

In any event this seems to be a very important project for the net. Can’t wait for the chance to contribute some resources and already have a few TB of drive space set aside for when the project opens up for us mortal/user folks.



What’s up gang? Jonny here. I’m a new Java programmer looking to branch out. I do dabbling in Groovy and python. I’m thinking about picking up Rust or Elixir. I’ll see you in the forum.


hi everybody !!
my name is jérémie i’m 25 years old, i’m working as productor for hiphop artists. I’m from Paris but i actually live in spain (Màlaga). I made some study of developper and i have a few knowlege in java, php and c#.
I heard about maisafe last december and since this time i still follow all news and updates of the team as a junkie. :smile:
I invested almost all my savings in maidsafecoin because i realy trust this project and i think that it’ll be a technologic revolution. Of course i expect to do profits with this investisment but i’m also very exited to be part of this revolution.
You can count on me for promote maidsafe projet in france throught my many contacts.
i hope god will bless all dev team and i keep me connected. :wink:


My name is Steven Gouw from Indonesia, you can call me Steve or Steven. I am currently living in Melbourne as an international student doing Masters of Business Information Technology (MBIT) course at RMIT University. I am involved in a project for MaidSafe in Melbourne.

Safe network is totally a new thing for me, and I am interested to know more about it. The slogan really catches my interest (Privacy, Security, Freedom). I believe this is a new concept that is going to change how the internet works in a good way.

I am looking forward to learn as much as I can with everyone here. Cheers :smile:


Hi Steven

Welcome to the conversation. At DisFintech (in association with Melbourne Bitcoin and Technology Centre) we look forward to working with you on this exciting new project.




Hi I’m Grizmoblust.

I just started programming on rust. My previous experience is python but I only used it for couple months.

I am lead dev of Bitlaw. I am looking for a good platform to build polycentric law. Individuals are the jury, judge, and the law. It also allows user to use jury nullification. This way, no community or group has the power over you. My goal is to demolish the democracy system, and the ruling class.


Jesse Livermore here. Coming from Dash where I setup my own VPS masternode a couple times over (although I’m no programmer and am actually a tech-dunce). Been in bitcoin since 2011. Day-to-day though I perform due diligence at a major hedge fund.
I have always believed that Wall Street and the SEC have effectively locked out the middle class from getting in early on in potentially huge companies due to bad regulations and bad definitions (‘accredited investors’). So cryptocurrencies make me giddy due to what they offer the average Joe in terms of future return potential and in terms of future utility.

I heard about MaidSafe from the beginning of it’s IPO announcement but made a rule early on that I never invest in IPO’s so I’ve been periodically checking in. It looks like we’re about to go live ‘soon’ and as of yesterday I will be part of this wave of excitement for awhile.

Overall I think Safecoin and the Safe Network is likely going to be labeled as the first official killer app of the blockchain/cryptocurrency world. Look at the older bitcointalk forum messages from 4 years ago…they knew then that they were all part of something big, that was pretty damn relatively small at the time, so only a few of them actually held on to their bitcoins through all the ups and downs. But now a lot of them are fiat retired young millionaires and they’ve helped put together the next evolution of civilization.
Those fiat returns and that technological bump up for civilization from bitcoin is likely going to be only a fraction of what is seen from Safecoin and the Safe Network.

So think big you guys. Think very big.


Hello all,

I am very excited by everything that I see, read, and hear about the SAFE Network. I look forward to participating in the evolution of this project as much as I can. This can really be a game changer, and I for one am certainly willing to wait just as long as it takes to get it right.

I did want to preface my involvement with this with many thank-you’s to the developers for their tireless effort, commitment to technological excellence, and openness in creating this masterful piece of software. I happen to agree with them on many of their philosophic ideologies, and am excited to explore their technological ones.

I’ll see you guys on the other side!

EDIT: I absolutely love the forum layout. Props! You all just keep impressing me.


Howdy, folks!

My name is Brian. I am a cryptocurrency investor and a “digital consensus” enthusiast living in California, mostly active since the beginning of 2014 (I also mined Bitcoin for a while in 2011 as a hobby). I have 2 semesters of Java programming under my belt and I may be interested in learning Rust. However, I primarily want to be as well-versed on SAFE as possible so that I can be a sort of spokesperson and/or “street team” member because I want people to hear about the project (specifically, to hear about it above the din of Ethereum exuberance and Bitcoin controversy).
Look forward to crossing paths with you all!


Hello everyone,

I’m Josh. Sadly, that’s what everyone calls me too, no matter how hard I try.

I’m a Microsoft focused developer with a serious case of self loathing. We do what we can to pay the bills.

I dream of demarchy, and may actually be able to see the future finally - and it’s SAFE.

I’m good with the wording, and make nice with the peoples.

I don’t write good bios, though.


Hi frabrunelle

Thanks for the hospitable welcome.

I have been following maidsafe for sometime now (daily basis for months/years) however I have never posted anything on-line never mind joined a forum. I use a computer for the simplest of things ie email, Google searches and weather forecasts. However I do care about my personal data, piracy, security and freedom. That is why maidsafe gets me rather excited. I think all you guys on all levels are doing a wonderful job in shaping the future. I read all the forum posts, most of which go over my head and those twitter thing-eh-ma-bobs (threads). I would like to say to well done to everyone involved and keep up the good work in creating a better world for all.

Thanks Michael


Hi, I’m a Java developer between 30 and 40. I have some 10+ years of experience. I’ve probably forgotten my C by now and all the more so my C++. Have an interest in low level things as a hobby - how the OS is built and now in how a distributed free internet might work. It’s not a big secret but I find it more fun for now to remain behind a pseudonym :slight_smile:


I live in Panama. Just call me by my user. I’m a beginner with coding, but understand the theory and basics. I’m quite passionate about Linux. If there are other noobs on here, let’s chat on Skype or something.


Hello, everyone. I am a total newbie. A friend said to get involved. He said that I would be asking the ‘dumb’ questions and offering the point of view of the general public whom you will want to appeal to eventually. I am a ‘test group’.



Electronic tech, very new to maidsafe look like something I could get in to. I am a old hardware tech and am always blow up computers( just kidding). I have a small network in my house of 10 computers mix of Windows and Linux system along with VMware. Going to look at puting my hand to farming and see what happens. Once I figure it out I toss a linux system on the network just for farming. Wish me luck :stuck_out_tongue:



My name is Michael LeCompte.
I have been following the Maidsafe project for almost 2 years on and off. I first heard about it on SovrynTech podcast and subsequent interviews with David Irvine. I enjoy the Safecrossroads podcast too.
I heard about Bitcoin in January 2011 and got interested. I am a tech noob but would like to see a more decentralized world.
I am glad to see a new decentralized alternative to this centralized mass surveillance system currently called the Internet is being developed.
I have worked in liquor retail and do housekeeping but recently have had more interest in technology that will free the
human race.