Introduce yourself


Hello everyone

My name is Mathew, 35, live in Sydney, come from a family of 6, have a 10month old girl and a beautiful wife :smile: I currently work at a college delivering a program on entrepreneurship and helping people realise their dreams. Primarily started my working life at 15 as a bricklayer and then went on at 23, finishing my highschool, then uni studying communications and working on activist and journalism related pursuits. Started various businesses in the creative industries falling over a few times and just getting back up and continuing on.

2 yrs ago I started working on a project related to personal data and micropayments which subsequently dissolved for a few reasons but my interest continued and my ideas evolved. I came across maidsafe in October and the more I explored the more I got excited, so many possibilities! Currently planning an app on it with a developer and looking forward to getting feedback on it from the community here soon.

Also looking to find any Sydney based devs willing to setup a SafePod :slight_smile:


Hi everyone,

Allan from Scotland here. I heard about Maidsafe recently in the trollbox at the Poloniex exchange and so I decided to investigate further, and having read through the “What it is” documentation I must say that the MaidSafe concept is very impressive indeed. So, here’s a festive toast to the new and secure Internet courtesy of the Maidsafe crew!

Cheers guys!

P.S. I’m looking forward to getting started in farming

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I’m Jeff,

I moved over to MaidSafe from Blackcoin. I was watching Keiser one morning when I saw the Boyz from MadeSafe talking about this beautiful decentralized machine that’s coming and like it or not it’s coming. I have an older Mac tower that I will be farming 100% with once this monster gets rolling.

Good luck to all…


Yo! My name is Trent, I’m a Australian gamer who is always interested in new ways to secure the Internet and maybe make some money while doing it.

I started with dogecoin, then Bitcoin then Reddcoin, but now im mostly into Bitcoin and I am looking greatly forward to both this new Crypto Currency as well as the great project for keeping cloud hosted files safe and secure.

My Twitter is @SirTEPL if you wanna give me a little tweet :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey everyone!

My name is Jimmy, I’ve just recently jumped into the world of programming and Cryptocurrency. Still fairly new to everything but I have a basic-somewhat intermediate understanding of it all. Could always use a lesson from someone who knows what they’re talking about haha. Anyway, I’m very excited about this innovation. This takes Cryptocurrency to a whole new level!


Hi, I’m Peter Robertson, living in Melbourne, Australia.

I’m interested in Maidsafe as a web application developer and will be focussing on how to get productive deploying applications on the Maidsafe network as we get closer to beta and ultimately production.

Here in Melbourne we’re really fortunate to have the Melbourne Bitcoin Technology Center donated by Bitcoin Group. This space hosts Bitcoin-oriented events on a regular basis and this year we’re looking forward to branching out to embrace other crypto projects, especially those moving us into distributed applications, smart contracts, etc. If anyone reading this is based in Melbourne, or can pass this on to someone they know in the area, it would be great to get people interested in Maidsafe along to our meeting next week, (and hopefully, meetings regularly thereafter). We look forward to seeing you there.

Thanks for your attention.



Just realised I never introduced myself….I am the doyen of the forum…lol.
Words to describe me could include things like; self-effacing, humble, affable, reticent, courteous, polite, agreeable etc……all words being perfectly antonymic to my personality of course….lol.
I’m actually not very techie, can’t code, but very interested in knowing “where we are up to” in every scientific field of endeavour….in order to aid my understanding of the nature of reality; this quest led me to come across Maidsafe. I’d describe myself as a Secular Humanist and I work as a self - employed painter and decorator. Cheers


Hello world!

I’m new here, I invested in the presale and I have to say that I love maidsafe and their concepts.

You are doing an incredible job, keep in this way devs!

I’m here to stay. Just like Maidsafe.



Ole, I’m Mirny,
just want to say hello.
Nothing special about me.


Hi, I’m programmer from Montreal and I’m quite intrigue by all this. My background is mostly web and game development so I’m not really in my comfort zone but I’m slowly getting a grasp of things. I’m looking forward to meeting the other devs from montreal and see what kind of role I could play in this project.

See you soon


We’ve had some pretty interesting discussions about what MaidSafe can offer gaming. My most recent post on this topic: Most wanted APP for the SAFE Network


Hi there! I’m RJ. I have come here because I am interested in the MaidSafe protocol and hope to learn more about it. I have a project that I think can benefit from the knowledge of this community and help me to see how it could work. Hope to have many discussions with all of you and to learn a lot.


Introduce yourself: Hmmmmm Oooh keeee

I read about Maidsafe on When I saw this video:

My jaw dropped, because I have finally found the missing thing that I was looking for all these years. I didn’t/coulden’t sleep that night, because I was so astonished. I just love innovation/progress and Ælien technology.

I can’t code, made mayor Maidsafe blunders and I have some silly ideas


Hi my name is Dan and I am the director of The Ingenesist Project ( We developed an application called Curiosumé - it is an analog to digital converter for knowledge assets. Basically, it is an accounting system for intangible assets. We require specific functionality that Block Chain does not provide.

I started my career as a Mechanical Engineer and have been researching and writing about intangible economics for 25 years since being part of the NAFTA negotiations for the free trade in professional services. I was in the kitchen of modern Global Capitalism and I saw what they put in the soup. I believe that there a small flaw causing great nuisance that may be relatively easily corrected - that is the essence of my work. I also moderate a panel at The Future of Money and Technology Summit in San Francisco that dives into the economics of Intangible Assets. Paige spoke at our last panel and she was brilliant.

I will be asking people for ideas regarding the implementation of a DApp called Curiosumé. I believe that once we have an accounting system for intangible assets, all of the other DApps will quickly fall in place. Thank you all for your contributions.



I’m Julian Si from Malaysia, and work in Singapore as Data Communication Engineer. I’d been followed Maidsafe since 2014, and it’s blowing my mind and i do love the concept very much. I can’t wait for the launch date, it will be so exciting :smile:

Maidsafe will be the great internet evolution, innovation, and pioneer to the world. When we’re looking back the history, from internet 1.0 to 2.0, and now decentralized internet, i can’t sure can it be categorized it as 3.0 or IoT, but we’re definitely on the way toward internet evolution.



Jason Vivier here from New Hampshire, USA. Like others I started working with computers at a young age and was one of the first people I knew with a home P.C. I’m a Systems Engineer and have worked in I.T. for about ten years. I’ve never been much of a programmer, but I have always slacked back to Python whenever I got bored with real life.

I’m a Linux guy since the early 2000’s but I currently work in the Windows world mostly with virtualization, SharePoint, Azure and SQL. Not that great really.

In the past I did I.T. security assessments for health care organizations and since I’ve moved on Anthem has been hacked… It’s all my fault… lol just kidding.

I’ll hopefully find a way to contribute as this is the type of project I’ve been thinking about forever, but I’ve never had the skills to implement.

Thanks and take care,


Hi Im Shiftyeyes really interested in this project and looking to get involved becoming a farmer. Do we know when the farming software will be available?


Welcome @Travis_Jerome ! You’ll be able to farm when the network is in BETA:
follow the progress over here :


Hi everyone, I am Abhijith R. I am from Kerala/India. I have contribute to open-source through translating some articles to my regional language (Malayalam). And in translation of software like Mozilla Firefox, Ubuntu, etc… I am learning C++. I have some crazy ideologies (That’s the reason I am here). Hoping to get more involved in SAFE. Once again Hi.


Hehehe, we are all pretty much like that. If you don’t believe me search for conversations where both Al_kafir and Warren have commented.