Introduce yourself

I am just now starting my Maidsafe learning again.
Daniel Hazelton Waters in Washington



Im SanMig , former Test Analyst for the likes of Anaplan & Frogtrade, former DJ/Producer and Co-Founder of Leeds, West Yorkshire based Digital Society - when I lived a hedonistic lifestyle, once upon a time. Recently I’ve been involved in the property industry where I offered services in the short let space managing serviced accommodation properties nationwide and provided mentoring to other business owners attempting to grow and scale their SA businesses. Covid happened and now Im on a new journey where I have no idea where it will take me. Attained Prince2 Practitioner just before Covid with a view to getting involved in project work although finding it somewhat difficult to land anything right now.

My interests are crypto projects, music, sports (notably carp fishing, snowboarding amongst many other sports), new tech and family life.

Im here to learn more about Maidsafe and how to get involved, contribute and add value where I can.

Feel free to point me in any directions where I can learn any useful info/tips.

In the words of Terry Tibbs, “…much love”.


I’m Dan, and I am part of the Devcoin Project A-Team :slight_smile:

Here is my Keybase, feel free to join our team there it is an OPEN TEAM after all!

I bought and securely stored my MAID after 3.5 years of investment research and learning how to use software and a lot of education on code and reading as much of well… everything as I could. I’m also a huge believer in OTC stock investments for things that are alive by a thread seemingly but without explicit reason. I’m only 32 but I’m deep into some dot com shells, Sears haha, and the obvious when you really start thinking independently. Then again, I believe not everyone with money on earth is trying to screw people. And overall I value the time people have put into Open Source, FLOSS and community forums such as this - they wouldn’t be so informative if it wasn’t worthwhile, but they are also very good people to provide so much information to people. Just to wake up to it all. Give someone $10,000,000 and he or she is a jerk, they’ll probably still treat people like crap. Give your time and make that person realize how much time they put into learning and reading what devs/creators have put out there and they start to learn “hey I’ve spent much time learning all this stuff and it didn’t cost me any money, but it may change my life” - then you have the opposite side of the ledger and thing how much time people have spent putting this information out there for you to learn and if you do care about people (I do) - you realize they’re pretty amazing and incredibly generous. This has been a humbling trip.

Maybe I never get rewarded for my stake investing in all this - but the lesson on humanity and rejection of mainstream thinking (American politics, TV, ugh…) amongst my everyday people has me forward thinking. If they day comes where I can help people it will be a torch I’m ready to carry. This project as far as I know is as old as 2006. I’m sure it is what it is today because of the amalgamation of similar people crossing paths, so I’m happy to make a few posts here and there to express my gratitude for your work.

Happy holidays!

PS - very happy I was able to get two sends of what I withdrew from altilly before they were rear ended by the Galactic RePo people :slight_smile: What goes out must come back right? I guess its all about the Path. For me I figured using a wallet with some trivial satoshi’s I got for free from Australia over a year ago for the world’s simplest lightning wallet to an exchange would be a good route haha. :zap: WoS>altillycom>withdraw to wallet made for the original protocol in mostly JS and with an AGPL3 license would be a great place to store some funds in asset #3 where no one could mess with it. On the bitcoin side instead of joining the Core cult I decided to put my address generated on the Bitcoin side of things as suggested by where I created it in a pre-existing now Blockchain dot com wallet. And that’s how I got here. I invite you to find your way back to Devcoin!


Hello Every One


Hello everyone, my name is Weston Holyfield. I have a 12-year coding experience, mainly in Java, PHP, and Kotlin. I have just started flirting with Rust.

I hope this wonderful project finally sees its usable shape sometime soon. I have about a dozen apps in my mind I would love to work on. See you around.


Hello everyone, been following this beautiful project for a while. My deepest gratitude to all those who have worked so hard for so long. Buckle your belt seats. :slight_smile: :gem: :gem: :raised_hands: :raised_hands:


Hello, I am CEO of PyraPOD Global Inc and I am working together with Richard Nelson, a prolific inventor seeking to learn from nature and work with the nature. We have developed a full line of new greenhouses using the sun to power the heating and cooling of double-layer structures we call PyraPODs. We use liquid soap bubbles to capture solar thermal energy and store it for night use. Liquid soap bubbles are also good media to insulate greenhouse canopy during winter time and acts as good shade in hot summer time.

While we are developing SaniPOD and BirthPOD for Gregory Walker, we heard from him about SafeNetwork. Like the whole idea of SAFE and would like to be the first one to use it along with others who are also interested in it.


Hi, I am Loïc Alejandro. French living in Spain.
I am an Scenari softwares expert. Scenari is a family of FLOSS editorial chains to create and manage documents.
I work 50% feelance making graphical customizations for documents made with Scenari, and 50% director of the french Scenari user association.
I just discovered Safenet and I like the idea.
I’m not a programmer, but I am available for farming tests if needed.


Greetings everyone!

I am a long time quiet follower of this amazing projects, buying my first maid sometime around 2014/2015 when it was hovering around 3700 sats. Bitcoin was around $200/300 at this time. How things have changed. I currently hold quite a substantial amount of Maid as we speak, never selling any of my main bag. Just a bit of day trading on the side here and there a few years ago which helped boost my bag holding even further. Since then, I continue to hodl with complete confidence.

I was originally introduced to this amazing project by a subscription to David Macgregor’s sovereign life newsletter. Thanks David if you’re reading this for the heads up about this project, great find.

To be frank I have quite an extensive background. From your low end job at McDonald’s to living on the streets twice, to learning about business/sales/marketing/investing from scratch the grass roots way, to investing and retiring at the age of 28 in terms of being financially able to support myself without having to work further at that point if I so chose.

I have quietly shared this project to quite a few others as well who I deem to be intelligent enough to understand what a pre beta project means, and also hold experience to endure any wait time necessary for the project to see through to its fruition.

To David Irvine and team:

I have been in your shoes and I among many others understand your position. Your resilience, commitment, dedication, hard work, and resolve to see this mega project through no matter what is nothing shy of brilliant. It is fantastic to see things really coming to a head now after all this hard work. As I’m sure you are well aware, there are many of us in the woodworks who are very enthusiastic about this project. I am one of them and I cannot wait until the time is right for me to put my marketing skills and collaborations with my personal long time business associates along with our networks of hundreds of thousands of like minded friends to help boost this project to adoption when the time is right.

Lastly, my place of residence is Canada, and I have bit of an unconventional viewpoint on many things, being that my mindset coming from a place of freedom based thinking and logic, and am always seeking the most free and independent lifestyle I can achieve. That is what was attractive to me about this project the most. I am always on the look out for tools and resources that can assist free thinking people such as myself, to avoid the current traps of the heavily gestapo run, fascist/corperatized and dictatorial/ruler-ship based world we currently live in.

I have my own projects I have been silently working on for many years. They are freedom based projects and will be a gift to the world given freely when they are ready, and will indeed help many people who are looking to get out of the clutches of mob ruler-ship life. I just needed the right platform to put them on so they would not be taken and shut down by the internet mob. And I’ve known from the day I seen it, that the safe network was exactly what I was looking for. Cheers to you all and long live freedom.


Hi folks, I’m Gavin and based in Scotland.
I bought Maid in the ICO and then I lost track and though the project had failed.
Really great to see it’s progress having recently caught up and be lovely to see this to completion as I always thought the idea was so valid.
Is there a thread on how the ICO worked as I have various notes and tokens here but can’t seem to track down the actual coins?


Hello. I’m Jim. Based in the US. I’ve been involved with BTC since 2013 and bought MAID eons ago. I’m a computer engineer. I’m excited about this project but I do worry that it is too ambitious. I’ve been lurking on the forum but can’t post anywhere. Hopefully posting this intro will allow me to participate in some discussion.


Hello everyone, from Tokyo.

In 2014 I knew about Bitcoin from the meme called Monacoin, which originated on the Japanese bulletin board called 2ch (5ch).
After then 2017 I committed to cryptocurrencies such as NEM, Stratisplatform and Wavesplatfrom as a node operator and pool operator. (sometimes an ambassador, and a translator for official websites and wallets.)

However, I was overwhelmed by the Proof of Stake consensus algorithm swirling with wealth and desire, also unstable as a consensus algorithm compared to Proof of Work, so my interest changed to distributed storage.
The reason why is because I thought the idea of managing data in a decentralized method would be in harmony with the blockchain domain.

At the time, MaidSafe was considered an opportunistic project, so I was farming with Storj and Sia.
Storj aims for fully decentralized data management, at least to date, while maintaining centralized gateway management.
Sia has a poor incentive design and is unfriendly to both farmers and users. (excluding miners because of Proof of Work)

And for Filecoin, which launched the mainnet last year, incentive design, including space race, and subtle governance have caused a lot of tragedy.
For example, miners concentrated in a particular area and they caused a riot.
I’m also skeptical about Filecoin Plus governance from another perspective.
Filecoin, which is meaninglessly expanding and centralizing, sadly disappointed me as a small miner who dreamed of the future of IPSF.

In addition, the meaningless expansion caused by Proof of Spacetime and Proof of Space will be repeated again in the Chia network. It doesn’t matter with or without collateral.

Meanwhile, When I saw Dfinity’s promotion, I suddenly remembered MaidSafe. lol

I quickly arrived at this forum.
I’m a little excited to see Safenetwork, which is more mature than it used to be.

First of all, I will try fleming testnet.
Thank you…


I am Daniel Hazelton Waters in USA. I was born in Portland Oregon as Daniel Ray Ortiz. All together Daniel Ray Waters Hazelton Ortiz

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Hi, I am Mike Kelvin, a programmer and marketing analyst. I heard so much about Bitcoin that I had to explore more about this. And I involved with Bitcoin last year only and tried to buy MAID, but due to lack of knowledge I stumbled upon this forum, to learn more I just explored this forum and came here so I just shared few things here which came to my mind.


Hi…i am just a regular person looking for a better way to contribute to commerce. I like being a part of new and innovatice ideas and I see myself as more of a promoter. Partly because I dont know much about coding. But I love to learn. Even tho my grammar and punctuation are horrible.


Hi all I’m Richard, genuinely can’t belive Rich was avaliable as a username but well into it.
Iv been interested in crypto and freedom of Internet for about the last 6 years, I was one of the buy aload of bitcoin for £11 and spend it all crowd so as the saying goes once bitten twice shy.
So iv made a little investment in your network and hope to be a day 1 farmer and im off over to the farming section shortly.
Anyway nice to meet you all and look forward to the future.


Hi all I’m a Machine Learning Engineer and Data Scientist. So I would like to contribute to the development of the network the best I can. I hope I can find something to work on on the forums or GitHub. Anyways, feel free to HMU in case you think I can help with anything. :slight_smile:


I’m interested in @Warren remarks about Robert Rosen’s work which is how I found this forum. I’m also playing around with a VPS and this seems like an interesting project to use spare capacity there. The hosting packages have become very cheap for the CPU and HDD available. I have setup NextCloud but the idea of contributing spare resources to a network is very interesting.


Hi all I have a PhD in microwave devices and I live in Seoul, Korea. I have been interested in blockchain technology since the end of 2013. And I am very interested in MadeSafe network because I see this as a solution to the problems of blockchain.

Existing blockchain maintains the global state, but SN has high speed and high throughput of nodes with low computing power as a method of transferring tokens through DBCs. I also like the system where nodes and clients share each other’s work without consensus in SN.

Ledger Journal recently published my article about a lending system that deposits collateral in both long and short directions. And I am interested in implementing this in SN. Thanks.