Introduce yourself

I am Emeria, a developer in my 20s.
Became a developer due to financial reasons, back when I was 10, and because I liked it.
Now I want to get away from the sweatshop coding game and code only in my free time or in projects I feel attracted to.

I am currently in Bulgaria, moving to Berlin pretty soon enough.

I am eager to get to know this project as much as possible and start contributing as soon as possible.


hi i’m a user without an interesting name. too many years in between computers and networks. paranoid of security and privacy, able to change my ip several times in a unique session or/and server. always willing to help maintain the anonymity of third parties when asked. harmless.

clifford stoll has been my virtual mentor in my own and long way, the cuckoo’s egg my bible for many years. the youngest won’t know what i’m talking about but google-god will help them.

safe project looks good. eager to see its evolution or death.


My name is Kalin Staykov. I’m a software engineer living in Sofia (Bulgaria). I found SafeNetwork from an ad posted near my new home which I found curious enough to get me here. I like the concept of this network and the absence of a blockchain ledger.


Good evening everyone. I ended here through a freedom oriented website. I have a background in maths and programing and im currently developing brain stimulation products (my new venture). Well, I decided to join the community to go deeper in my understanding of how it works and see what I can do to push the project forward. I am into developing new stuff freedom engineering oriented so i see this project as something really amazing.
Im really happy to be here and will make the most of this. Thank you guys for all what has been done, that’s really cool.


Hi, I’ve been watching SAFE since 2015.

I invent new ideas, develop software using Rust, and occasionally launch startups.

My background is primarily in internet infrastructure, automation, platform engineering, and immersive user experience.

My interests are internet freedom, privacy, security, and productive empowerment.

My current project is a next generation trading bot. My long-term research project is a next generation general purpose computing environment that will leverage SAFE as one of its backends. The method being income from the former to sustain me while I complete the latter.


Hi There! I am happy to be here now :slight_smile:

I appreciate what you are doing for the people.


Hello everyone, finally becoming part of this lovely community.


Hey all, I am very new to decentralised hosting. I stumbled upon things like IPFS, MaidSafe, SHIFT, Freenet, Storj, etc. All these are really exiting to me! My goal is to get a website running on a decentralised network that is the most accessible to regular cleanet users. Is MaidSafe at a stage where I can get my website up and running as a beginner? If not what do you think the best rout would be for me to go in.

Really love the idea of your project and learning more every day!

Thank you.


Hi, I’m a retired, PC based, programmer/analyst. I’ve been interested in TOR and cyber currencies for a few years. I just ran across SAFE Network/MaidSafe, it sounds right up my alley! My two main hobbies are Diablo 3 and fitness.


Hey there, I’m a self-taught developer who is interested in learning more about the SafeNetwork!


Hi! I’ve been wondering about a new web emerging as of late, and just found out about safenet. Looking forward to exploring it!


My name is Randy. I actually already signed up before but I never really did anything with my account because I couldn’t figure out how to get started, and ultimately I lost my account information. Maybe I recycled it. But I’m here to try again to share a bit of my drive space so that others can speak, and to experiment and learn this new system.


Hey all,

I’m Magnus and I came across this network one day during my chat with a Redditor. I joined the network today and wanted to check out what are happening here. Glad to part of the community!


Hello all,
I am Joost from Holland. I joined the forum in 2018, and have been following this project since the beginning of 2017. I will join the Vaults from Home test when it is up and running again, so I can say I am a tiny part of history in the making!


Hi everyone. I have been following the project for a few years. Found it while looking for secure internet options. Something about seeing user data traversing networks in the clear motivated me to look for something better.
Looking forward to running test nets and eventually moving to a decentralized internet. I still have the old launchpad app on my MAC. Thank you MaidSafe Team.


Hi guys, my name is Fred and I have been in crypto for some time. I am mostly interested into privacy, new technologies, and freedom of speech. Long time ago, this project caught my attention but I haven’t invested, lost attention, and eventually assumed the project is dead.

Today, while reading this article and I thought - I know those guys, they still do live. :smiley:

It appears to me you are reaching exactly what’s needed. Now I need to look around here, do some digging, ask some questions, and found out where I can help.

Happy to see you alive. :+1:


Hi Folks,
Been following the project for a couple of years now and regularly read the forum posts - but i’ve never actually posted. Looks like the project is really heating with all the building blocks starting to come together. Great to see!


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Hi, My name is Lucas, I am from Rio de Janeiro. I got to know about MaidSafe 3 years ago when I invested a little bit on this nice project. Now I see it has been developing wonderfully, I look foward to see its launch!

Thanks for your work, team Maid!


Hey all, I’m Alan, I currently live in New York, and I started following MaidSafe maybe 4 years ago or so. I’ve got a little more free time on my hands lately, so I thought this would be a perfect time to dive into open source and some of the technical aspects of SAFE, and I’m hoping to contribute to some of the core libraries where I can :slight_smile: My background is mostly in embedded systems and real-time computing, and I’m kind of a tinkerer. I’ve also gotten into a bit of machine learning as of late. What free time I have left I use for martial arts (Krav Maga and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu), and I’m not a bad cook most of the time.

That said, I’ve got a (hopefully not too stupid) question for developers on the core side about what issues are up for grabs and what the etiquette is for proposing solutions. Can I assume that if the issue is not assigned, that it’s open for me to propose an implementation or a fix for it in the comments? I’m a little unsure, as some issues seem to get merged without ever being assigned. The last large code base I worked in was for an established product, code ownership was stricter, and issues were mostly assigned to devs after triage by another team. In comparison this feels like the wild west lol, so I’m just trying not to step on anybody’s feet or accidentally start work on something that’s already got an implementation in the works :sweat_smile:

Anyway, that’s my deal, nice to meet you all!