Introduce yourself

G’day I’m Rob aka BangDroid. I’m part artist, musician, underachieving content creator. I have a passion more recently for helping elderly and less tech savvy humans navigate this increasingly technological world. Not enough is being done to protect the digital lives of people in general, let alone less tech savvy people. With Governments forcing citizens onto digital platforms for government services, this has created an enormous threat landscape. Governments place the onus on the individual and take no responsibility when things go wrong. Things need to get better. And with the rapid shift of warfare into the cyber domain, humanity needs to work together now more than ever if we want to maintain our global communications.


I’m Owen, a relatively experienced self-taught programmer. I’m really interested in decentralization, especially ways to keep personal data safe. Outside of the internet, I’m a technician-class amateur radio operator, licensed in the United States. I work in my local school system with their drama program as a lighting designer/operator.


Hi! Mostly a layperson (although studied just about everything in college including computer science) testing out all the new crypto stuff. I just download things and press buttons and sometimes feel like i break things but I have learned quite a lot that way and have found which projects and ideas I want to support most. I consider myself a useful idiot. I have so much knowledge stuffed away in my brain that its mostly hard to talk so I just listen and like to be around people. But if somebody comes between me and my plants or loved ones I can get a tittle bit angry, other than that I’m so nice I give people diabetus. Maybe a bit paradoxical at times :rofl: glad to be here and really excited about new better internet and giving the power back to the people where everyone has the same chance. freeeeeeeedom :cowboy_hat_face:


Hi. I’m new to the internet. My name is Chris and I don’t exist. At least in a legal sense. Recently (within the last year) I have started to make a tiny tiny internet presence by getting a gmail account and using social medias (got rid of these because they just seem so stupid to me). Anyway what you don’t know it that I am thirty three (plus or minus five years for anonymity). Anyway, before this, there was nothing. Not a blip. Not even a myspace. I also haven’t updated any ID since I was eleven. I know that probably sounds crazy but I never had the need to. My parents never did and when I moved on I didn’t either. I’ve done a census because I’ve never been sent one. I just wander around the east coast. Mainly California. I have no photo or fingerprints recorded anywhere in the world (at least attached to me) and I look much more different now and well, it’s cool to think about in my opinion. I don’t exist and yet, I do. I guess I would appreciate any help you guys can give me on this whole internet thing. I’m good backend, as in I’m fine with TOXing and IRC and Freenet. I’ve made websites, a virus or two, even my own operating system (for me only). I know all the languages, C#, Swift, Java, Python. I even know whitespace. When I say I’m new to the internet, I mean the front end. The communicating with actual people who don’t just transfer files from Git to Git. I don’t know how to act or talk to others. I don’t know colloquia’s like WYSIWYG (I understand this one now thanks to urban dictionary), but I want to… you know… be normal. Online.

Anyway that half an introduction and half a request. Reply’s are welcome. I would really appreciate the help. Thanks.


Howdy all,
My name is Brian and I’m a member of AA, I have no mental defense against the first drink, but I have internalized step 2 and consumated it with step 3. Lack of power is my dilemma but I have now found a power greater than myself!
I make a decent living as an RSA (retail sales associate) and currently reside in the USA. I have a wonderful wife and three amazing kids (11,13 & 17). We live in a 4 bedroom home and
have lots of pets.
I enjoy golf, investing, NFL football and Netflix/Prime. I would love to get a computer and join the SAFE network as user and farmer.
After several months of recovery I reactivated into “living” again and wanted to get back into fantasy football but soon found out the state I live in banned it. This lead me on search for workarounds like a VPN, while searching I found an online gambling site and low and behold my state is just fine with that! The site gave incentives to users that deposited funds with crypto currency, so I looked into that and discovered the FUTURE. Blockchain, decentralized apps, SAFEnet etc.
I can’t wait to learn more and become involved with the upcoming truly real internet that will be put in the hands of the masses.
Thanks for reading my intro…:money_mouth_face:


Hi my name is Phin. I’ve been invested in maidsafe for sometime and looking forward to its release. Im excited for the project but also looking forward to making a profit so i can start a business venture here in NZ developing property with an incentive on shared assets and community living. I work as a Civil Engineer and know very little about computer programming except for matlab, but the safe project aligns with my world views and I’m looking forward to its release and world impact.


Greetings. So my background is in Pest Control. I’ve always had a background interest in IT related stuff. I’m interested and concerned how the internet has gone with users becoming passive consumers of content and information being controlled by a few all powerful organisations.


Hi, I’m Dom.

I’m (currently) a nobody living out in the woods of the PNW, though I’m biding my time by being an apprentice steel draughtsman.
Found this Network while looking for anti-censorship alternatives to soc media. I hope to learn more and contribute someday, as I’m currently self-teaching AI and machine learning. I’m the only anti-collectivist that I’ve met who’s into AI and tech, but I hope to find more people like me and prove I’m not alone.


Hi, I am a 65 year old guy who has been fascinated by the internet since the very beginning but the last years I have become increasingly worried about goverments and finacial institutions overtaking and stealing the internet and using it for increased control and suppressing of freedom. With this project I see light at the end of the tunnel and I look forward to see the project evolve.


Hi I have been following the project for a number of years and I am here now to learn more and immerse myself in this most inspiring expression of human spirit and desire for real privacy, freedom and protection.


Hi, I’m Perry from Australia. I’m interested in using the SAFE network, mainly for privacy and decentralized data; and hopefully contributing in some way.

I’ve been interested in things IT for a long time, starting with various Amiga computers :astonished: which I used to run my Landscape / Graphic design business (including implementing a CAD programme using macros on top of a graphics application), and my kids played games. Currently I’m actually paid for my IT skills by consulting in specific software used in Government installations (it’s good fun, but honestly… our world is in such a mess).


I am Lubomir Zhelev and I wonder what is happening on this network!


Hello everyone
I am an advertising designer with 20 years of experience.
He is an individual investor who loves the world of crypto.
I hope that a network that is not censored by power will develop in the future.

In Japan, youtuber politicians fight the media and vested interests.
It’s working for now, probably because youtube is an American company.
However, a powerful person who has an influence on youtube can ban his account.

Japan is a peaceful and stable country, but I still feel that many people want to use it if services like SAFE Network spread.

I think that it has social significance.

The other part is simply excited about the latest technological advances.


I’m an old guy. I used to program back in the days when Pascal existed (yeah, that old). I’ve been watching this mailsafe project for 10 years now (downloaded and tried an early version) but I’m really wondering if this is going to get to a useable tool in my lifetime. I’ve had great hope that we could have total privacy and store our files in the safe cloud as described to me 10 years ago. All files split into many chunks which are encrypted and spread out over the distributed storage of many computers to be retrieved at will by the keyholder. Is this even still a part of this project? I’m really hoping that I’ve come to the right place. Thanks…


Hi, my name is Harmen van Keimpema. I’m a independent software developer from the Netherlands. I found out about the SAFE network through SOLID and I’m very interested in the idea of taking back ownership of one’s data!


Hi Everybody,
I am from Turkey. I simply want to use safe browser. I really want to know what it is different form tor browser. If I sign to SAFE browser How can I get my privacy?
many thanks



I’m Tom, a retired former developer living just outside of New York. I like listening to old Jazz, playing golf, and thinking about the software of the future. I am new to the SAFE forum, but have been a frequent visitor and poster to the Solid forum. I’ve read some intro things to SAFE, but am looking forward to learning more about it.



My name is Lazar, I do programming for a liviing and hobby, and have been areally interested in the decentrlized web. I am looking forward to working on the project.


Hello Safe World!,

Im James, a programmer interested in p2p and distributed systems. this project appeals due to its potential to improve the internet, and the opportunity to learn.


Hello Safe Network Forum,

Today is the first day that I heard about SAFE Network. Not sure how I missed it since I have been tinkering with bitcoin and ether for some time now. I had an ether mining setup that I named Emma and she ran for several months and paid her own way but then one of the graphics cards stopped working and she kind of fell apart. Now she is my media center running Vudu and NextPVR. I also use her for DesignSpark Mechanical when I want to design something to print up.

When Equifax got hacked it was one of the last of many straws of feeling like the internet had grown into something way different than it was meant to be. Reading about safenet today I feel the same kind of excitement that I had when I completed my first successful search on AltaVista. Alta Vista also happened to be the name of my first school (other than Sunday school) and I really liked that search engine.

I don’t join many forums. This is probably the third one I have joined and the other two I use when I need help with C# (and previously VB6). Normally the questions I have are already posted and answered so I tend to post even less than I join forums. Maybe that will change with this forum.

Nonetheless I find forums very helpful and I expect to learn a lot from this one.