Introduce yourself



My name is Evert. I’m learning to become a front-end developer. I’m eager to learn more about the SAFE network project.

Best regards



I’m Jordan. I work as a pipeline developer at a large VFX studio on highly popular films.

Recent events have shown me that the internet is more fragile than ever before. I am also a bit of a control freak. I hate it when governments tell us what I’m allowed or not allowed to access, especially when it’s a question of politics and not morality.
So, crypto to the rescue. I hope.



My name is 0mkar. I am a Fullstack Developer. I am working on a messaging application similar to SAFE Messages (mobile). Hope to find enthusiast people here.




Hi there.
I am Kootas.
I wish You luck.




thomas from berlin, germany – glad to be here.
i’m a qubes os user, very interested in digital privacy and security.
the master plan, of course, is to be a regular SAFEnet user as well.

see you!



Hello everyone, this is Mini from Ibiza, Spain.
I’ve been working hard around virtual life last 10 years, hope safenet helps my proyects to grow.




Hello everyone,

Came here by way of Solid Gitter chat. I have been following Solid since its release last year and am building a chat app for myself/family/friends as an alternative to get off centralized social media.

For my own data, I am hosting my solid pod on a rpi3. I find there is much inertia to get my circle off existing apps, even asking them to just get a community pod. I am now interested in SAFE as I see it already solved a number of key wants. So I am starting with both of them now. Thanks.



Hi! My name is Kevin King!
I am a developer of neural networks.Пока живу и работаю в России.
What is happening on our planet right now is great. The irony is that the true synthesis of human psychedelia and computer cybernetics is unknown to man himself. You should not study this process, but should immerse yourself in it.




Hi everyone, I’m Luke.

I am a Visual effects artist based in New Zealand.
I’v been following the Maidsafe project for 5 years or so, but finally decided its time to get involved and learn to develop something useful. Better late than never I guess :slight_smile:




Hello, I am Sabyasachi Patra. I am from West Bengal, India.
I’m a full stack developer. Recently I have started working on MainSafe.



I am Jim Look. I am fairly new to the cryptocurrency world but have taken a great interest in Safecoin and the network. With data leaks happening more than ever and increasing access to private data, this is a crucial service that will be essential to privacy. I am employed by a Casino and have a great understanding of how important privacy can be. I look forward to helping this take off and I’m happy to see theres such a big and helpful community already.



Hi Y’all,

I go by FMA I’m an Indian UG student at an Indian University. I’m looking for internships and jobs in a long range of fields. I’m good with History and Philosophy also Tech stuff. I’m in this site for the forums and for clearing out some things and viewing articles that get taken down due to being controversial by Google et al on various other sites. I just recently learned that Decentralized blogs and block-chain based apps exist other than just the Bitcoin and Finance related ones and this Technology has so many applications. Glad to be here.




Hi my name is Kris.
I’m IT engineer. I’ve started 20y ago from PC Demo Scene as intro/demo coder in ASM/Pas to current Business Intelligence/BigData/Machine Learning/AI and business specialist.
I’m interested in using SAFE to:

  1. safe, secure storage for personal and charity project with
    A) mail/photos//movies/media/music/voice/data storage, processing, organizing post production and training ML
    B) deploying safe, cheap, scalable personal, commercial, startup POC services with storage/services , websites, API …
    C) protect personal/company data/property with strong encryption/data redundancy

regards Kris (Krzych)



G’day all, I’m Harry a full-time postman and part time writer in Tasmania, Australia. I am passionate about the potential of blockchain technology and the future of Tech that will transform our world. I got into Safecoin as an investor and I am a big believer in privacy and the potential of the the Safecoin network.



Hi, Im Josh. I started studying in Computer Engineering here in Montreal. I am actually a developer and a linux lover. Privacy is one of the most important aspect of our lives. After watching the latest season of Silicon Valley I wondered if there really was someone who created a totally decentralized internet. Because the internet as we know it sucks. I believe that Safe network will be the solution and I want to be part of it.



Hi All,
My name is Robot, I am a Backend Software Developer. And I’m also interested in security and reverse engineer. My friend introduce the MainSafe to me and now I am looking forward to join the SAFE



As the trend continues towards censorship and control, I look forward to bypassing the ever-increasing restrictions with the SAFE network.

Long live a free humanity!!!



Hi, I’m Nic a vintage Dutch/Norwegian/Indonesian who started like some others before the internet with basic, CPM, Apple Liza. After the mess with Wikileaks and Snowden, I concluded we needed a serverless encrypted solution. I even designed an app for complementary money including messaging and voting. Having no resources that died. I was also an early bird with BTC but unfortunately because of a turbulent time in my life “lost” my well filed wallet. (Shit happens as you know). I got to know MaidSafe through the NVO ICO and the shit that followed when the idiot Imed, who hijacked the project had his insane dispute with you guys on btctalk. Safenet is more valuable for humanity than the often overhyped blockchain. Not that it has not it’s place, but in many instances it is overkill.
Well, here it is, the ultimate solution for the future and I’m happy to be part of it and will sure deploy it in a positive way.



Hey, I’m iivii.
I found safe while winding my way through the Rotonde using the Beaker Browser.
I’m very interested in alternative protocols such as dat:// and now that I’ve found it, safe://.

I have most of my background in game development, and am fluent in 3 languages: GML, Lua, and Python. I’m constantly seeking to learn more languages, and have amassed gigabytes of storage with documentation on literally all I come across. I will never learn it all, but it feels good to preserve things like that for some reason.

I’m currently learning the basics of web development, something most people already know. My websites are and , both of which are both embarrassing and under construction. There’s just too much to do!



Hello,Myself Avirup Chakraborty.I am a Javascript developer.I have been working on this industry for last 2 years.I am currently introduced Block chain, and My interest has grown day by day.I think Safe Network is the good place for me to learn more about Block Chain.So I am here for Learning about Block chain. Thank you.