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I’m from a somewhat non-technical background (public health informatics) with an interest in re-imagining the web and the social space on which it is built. Solid/SAFE are on to a promising start and I hope to see more of this in the future :blush:

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Hi all, My name is Vladimir Panek (Vlad for short). I have been always interested in cyber security and crypto currency.
I like the idea behind MaidSafe and want to participate in the project.


Hi everyone, My name is not john ordinary, I am interested in a range of topics with a bearing on this project. Distributed computing without centralised server farms and freedom of information without data mining and a whole load of other stuff. I’m not very techy, but reasonably competent in a few areas. If I can, I will learn Rust. I am slowly progressing in my understanding of programming languages, but have not committed to learning one yet. Have just set up Rust on Windows. Tried Python, got side-tracked. Dementia is setting in so I guess I’m going to have to work fast. Time for a change.
I’m going to SAFE Network: Brighton (Dec/2018) - Nikita Baksalyar talks about Crust, which will be totally over my head, but it will be interesting to meet with others interested in the SAFE network. More details:

In the meantime, I’ve got some reading to do:

At this point, I should probably transfer this discussion to a different part of the forum. Anyway, I have listened to this podcast and found it very interesting and the website is a useful resource, so here goes:

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Hello, My name is Shahid, new to blockchain stuff, and still trying to learn and figure out all the aspects, I am cloud based web hosting services provider from over a decade and looking forward to see the possibilities to become a provider of the same through blockchain system.


Hi team… i did have another account but who knows what that was… need to work on getting my trust level up so i can play with this alpha2 :smiley:

Anyway im 34 year old male from New Zealand… been into the crypto world since mid 2016… quit my job in DEC 2016 :smiley:

All i do these days is crypto anything and everything on the old desktop :stuck_out_tongue:
Trading cryptos is my JOB/HOBBY/LIFE :D:D


hello. so, im brand new here, like 45 mins new. this project really excites me! especially with everything going on in the news as of late and, ongoing. I.e. the way FB and the other big time data platforms handle ( mishandles, rather) our private information. I think we all saw it coming down the pipe, it was just a matter of time as to when the news was leaked, right. With that being said, im also pretty new to crypto and blockchain as well. but, ive been nose deep in any book(s) i can find on the subject(s) since i first heard about bitcoin and blockchain 4 mos ago. (Don’t ask where i’ve been between 2008 and 4 mos ago?!) But, those also excite me greatly. more specifically, the permissionless and decentralized types. I’m sure we’re all aware of the Lehman bros’s debacle, and the recent deutsche bank in Frankfort, Germany fraud case, as well as the countless others, further engraining the need for a transparent and decentralized system across the board. I know this isnt a blockchain, but it excites me nonetheless. I don’t have a whole lot of computer technical knowledge, yet, however im currently teaching my self (with the help of various books of course) how to code, so i wont be able to add much technical insight but, being a consumer and privacy advocate of sorts, i can certainly make myself useful somewhere in here i’m sure.


Hello all,

I’m Jimmy, I run a YouTube channel where I hack on various things, many of them P2P related. I was an open source contributor to Solid, and for the last couple months I’ve been hacking on Elastos related projects. Back in the day I worked on the Gnutella project, specifically GnucDNA, which was a lot of fun at the height of the “peer to peer is bad” craze. It is really refreshing to see it in a new light with how it can liberate people, and not just those who use it for nefarious purposes, but all people.

Really excited to see what SafeNet provides, and I look forward to diving into the code a bit and doing a video or two. I’d love to run through some quick tutorials on the Dev Hub and see what I can come up with!

– Jimmy


Hello everyone!

I thought I would finally get around to checking out this community. I’ve been aware of this project for some time now and am filled with excitement about the possibility of a truly decentralized internet!

I have been a fan of this type of technology ever since I dialed into my first BBS many years ago and have since advocated for a more free and private internet.

Most recently compelled as a financial adviser attempting to fund disruptive technology startups before the ICO boom of 2017, I found myself in the company of like-minded thinkers who’s technology was being marginalized.

In 2017 I co-founded a company which attempted to build a p2p social network for non-profits and in 2018 joined the Holochain / Holo marketing team before leaving to start my own project.


Hello everyone. I am a professor of journalism innovation and have worked in a few digital media companies, as well as newspapers, before that. I am researching / thinking about how blockchain technologies can be used in journalism and media specifically. The idea of decentralized, encrypted storage and immutable information is very relevant to the work that journalists do, and I think there are many applications for blockchain just around that. From a totally selfish perspective I also like the idea of family photo albums that can never be lost after grandma’s hard drive bites the dust, or someone’s iCloud storage gets deleted after they die. Looking forward to learning more about SAFE and other Dapps like it.


I’m a retired software/electrical engineer who no longer wants to build software … but rather I want to encourage younger people to build what I want. And right now, I want all the promise that MaidSafe seems to engender :wink:

Specifically, I want to be able host websites advocating freedom without the possibility that some authority can censure or remove those websites. And I want to be able to communicate with anyone and everybody with the freedom of knowing that my conversations are mine alone.

The promise of this technology is so exciting. Make my day young ones. And I’ll gladly help in as many ways as I can.


Hello everyone!

I’m a student Business Engineering at Ghent University and I started following crypto when I was 17. A few years ago I stumbled upon the Safe Network and was amazed about all the potential features this Network has. The day the Safe Network launches, will be a day I’ll never forget. I hope it brings people the freedom they deserve, and give the community members the freedom to do what makes them happy.



Hi everyone, new to Safe but amazed by the state of technology. Mostly on this community to learn more and satisfy my curiosity. We live in interesting times.


Hi. My name is “Ed”. I stumbled on a post by Dave for a SAFE-WRT alternative firmware here: SAFE-WRT Open Source Router, and am in agreement about easily available tools to increase privacy and security. In fact, I hope to find a solution for private communication that can be used by people who need to do work in hostile countries. My dilemma is not so much technical as it is to encourage certain types of behavior and discourage others. How can one have a secure system that doesn’t encourage the worst kinds of behavior unless one finds ways to be selective about who can use these systems? The restricted entry here seems to be one way of doing so, but I’m sure there are other ways.


Hi Everyone, My name is Seg, I’ve been watching SAFE network for nearly a couple of years now. I am excited by the mobile development kit announcements. I think there is a true likelihood that this will generate many great innovations harnessing the amazing potential here. It’s all very cool indeed.



interested in the technology itself. I wish to investigate the usability, design, app etc.
The project seems really great, I checked the source code on GitHub. Amazing. Great work, truly.

Let’s see!


Hello, all, I’m a new fish in this growing pond – I found this ‘pond’ through Mozilla’s podcast (‘pondcast?’), and feel as though I’m being welcomed to the first day of the rest of my internet.

…Thank you. :slight_smile:


Hi (again),

I sort of jumped the gun and introduced myself over in the Beginners Start Here topic, so I’ll use this post to say that the Safenet forum is the second group I’ve discovered in the past month that is using the forum software! It has a nice, clean user interface and all of the features you could want. Love it!

I will be interested to see what sort of forum technology is available within Safenet itself.


David Baril
Almonte CA-ON


hello I’m a interested in the SAFEnetwork.

New Members: Start Here!

Hello all!
I am also interested in the SAFEnetwork! I have been lurking in this forum for several years and thought it was about time to join the conversation. This project and its fundamentals have inspired me to pursuit a degree in computer science. I hope to one day run a vault and develop apps for the network. I couldn’t be more excited to be apart of this amazing community! Cheers