Introduce yourself


I’m actually Rob Drake, a hobbyist programmer living in a nursing home due to health problems. My brain and hands work fine, so I program or learn programming subjects to pass the time, beats playing Bingo. I found out about the SAFE network through a discussion on the SOLID Project chat and I like what I see here, as my programming skills advance, I may program a SOLID / SAFE bridge.


I’m from a somewhat non-technical background (public health informatics) with an interest in re-imagining the web and the social space on which it is built. Solid/SAFE are on to a promising start and I hope to see more of this in the future :blush:


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Hi all, My name is Vladimir Panek (Vlad for short). I have been always interested in cyber security and crypto currency.
I like the idea behind MaidSafe and want to participate in the project.


Hi everyone, My name is not john ordinary, I am interested in a range of topics with a bearing on this project. Distributed computing without centralised server farms and freedom of information without data mining and a whole load of other stuff. I’m not very techy, but reasonably competent in a few areas. If I can, I will learn Rust. I am slowly progressing in my understanding of programming languages, but have not committed to learning one yet. Have just set up Rust on Windows. Tried Python, got side-tracked. Dementia is setting in so I guess I’m going to have to work fast. Time for a change.
I’m going to SAFE Network: Brighton (Dec/2018) - Nikita Baksalyar talks about Crust, which will be totally over my head, but it will be interesting to meet with others interested in the SAFE network. More details:

In the meantime, I’ve got some reading to do:

At this point, I should probably transfer this discussion to a different part of the forum. Anyway, I have listened to this podcast and found it very interesting and the website is a useful resource, so here goes:

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Hello, My name is Shahid, new to blockchain stuff, and still trying to learn and figure out all the aspects, I am cloud based web hosting services provider from over a decade and looking forward to see the possibilities to become a provider of the same through blockchain system.


Hi team… i did have another account but who knows what that was… need to work on getting my trust level up so i can play with this alpha2 :smiley:

Anyway im 34 year old male from New Zealand… been into the crypto world since mid 2016… quit my job in DEC 2016 :smiley:

All i do these days is crypto anything and everything on the old desktop :stuck_out_tongue:
Trading cryptos is my JOB/HOBBY/LIFE :D:D