Introduce yourself


My id is We of Spain Barcelona, ​​free thinker, no job or benefit if not himself, entusista everything I think makes possible the human being closer to freedom and think and find something your authentic and genuine foundation it is precisely this freedom, hopefully be able to contribute ideas to it all. LIVING MAIDSAFE.


Hi! I’m excited to finally move from lurker to participant. Seeing the rate things are moving I’m more and more certain the Safe Network is exactly the foundation to build new worlds upon. Looking forward to many great things and projects(including mine [insert shameless plug] = “” )


I’m Lee, and I’ve had a growing interest in alternative currencies and user privacy platforms. I saw this project and was immediately shocked that its claims might actually be possible (MaidSafe has many bold, bold claims).

I think I will be able to help out this community A LOT. I’m proficient in C++, have a good solid computer networking background, and did some computer security related work (networking, a little crypto, a little practical human aspects) as a graduate student. I will start posting some thoughts on the design of the system / network and see what the community thinks …


I’m Tom. I’ve been a software developer for 15 years or so and am looking forward to contributing applications to the cause. Always interested in learning new things and this certainly is intriguing to me. Definitely wanna get one of those T-shirts!


Hello everyone,

I’m a nobody. I don’t work in any tech industry, I’ve almost no coding experience and I’ve not even considered farming. As such I don’t expect to be taken all that seriously here even if I have a good idea. For now my main reason for being here is just to learn (and probably lurk.)

For one reason or another I’ve found the internet to be constantly frustrating for the close to twenty years I’ve used it; a step forward then a step back. More recently I’ve found using the internet more frustrating than it ever has been. I no longer trust many companies who I once advocated, and I’m losing faith in many others. It’s not nice being so negative so it’s great that work is being done that will lead to an alternative internet that I genuinely feel positive about.

Good luck everyone with your endeavours.


Well I hope that doesn’t stop you from speaking up if you do have a good idea :slight_smile:

This is a well moderated forum. Most people on here are very respectful and give everyone’s opinions decent consideration. If you have a good idea, discussing it on here will only improve it… or show it to actually be a bad idea! Don’t worry about that either. I have several bad ideas a week :slight_smile:


HI all,

I’m back, but this time as a biased MaidSafe employee ;-). I thought it best to use a new login, so same guy, new life in Scotland !



I’m nobody special. Just a guy excited about the future. I probably won’t have a whole lot to add, since I have very limited technical skills, but I’ve been reading as much as I can about MaidSafe ever since I heard about it earlier this year, so maybe I’ll have a decent idea every once in a while. :smile:


Just heard about MaidSafe from a friend I’m working with. We are working on developing infrastructure for a film production company. But with a focus on open communities and software (such as We believe the film industry is about to undergo some serious disruptions, and we intend to be in the forefront of that effort. So we are always on the lookout for tech platforms that are fairly easy to use (without a heavy background in coding for instance). But not necessarily entry level. At the very least, we would like to participate in the farming process for safecoin, as well as making some of our CPU/HDD space available to MaidSafe. I have yet to go through the FAQ in detail, but any tips & pointers on how to get started in the process would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:



I think I will just be a farmer and basic user of the technologies, once I have figured out how to get it up and running on Fedora, which I’ve recently moved to (and I’m still getting the hang of).

Looking forward to watching this project fly.

Thanks to all for your efforts to date on this.

best wishes

beautiful world



My name is Erwin, and I’m a storage addict.

I became interested in bitcoin during the nov2013 boom, lost a lot of money, got scammed out of some money, still loving it :smile:

I’m particularly interested in maidsafe because I see it’s potential in killing amazon S3 and similar cloud services. Not that I hate amazon in any way, but I can see the potential for ultracheap storage. After all a business is a business and needs to make money, and if a business can cut it’s storage cost, more profit for the business.

Also, did I mention I’m a storage addict ? I see great potential in farming becoming the new bitcoin mining as there’s actual value to it. Also I have the skills to setup racks and racks of storage systems with cheap refurbished enterprise stuff off ebay. I live in the Netherlands, where colocation and bandwidth is cheap enough to give it a try (I tried the litecoin mining thingy too, lost some money there too).


Hi, I’m Anders. I learned about Bitcoin in 2011 and recently started to learn about MaidSafe. It looks like it could have huge potential.


Hi I’m Will

Young white dude in my very early 20’s, grew up in Nairobi Kenya, Hawaii and the ATL.

Now I’m living out of my little car to avoid rent, so my paychecks can be dumped straight into safecoin.

Lived among the crazy effects of corruption for many years, and want that $#!+ to be stopped ASAP.

MaidSafe is like the superhero coming and saving the day.

Living in Africa for 7 years showed me first hand that there are people out there starving to death daily daily daily and dying from curable diseases daily daily daily and a network allowing the free flow of information with a frictionless currency will do wonders in getting knowledge and money into the hands of those who need it most.

Let’s help create a society that finally makes sense.



Hello all,
I’ve been invovled with bitcoin and other crypto currencies since mid 2012. I’m an activist in both Missoula, MT and Eugene, OR USA. I like the ideas behind anonymous and decentralized and unfortunately I also like local. i am a quasi programmer and am working on a decentralized local crypto currency.


Just invested in Maidsafe. I like to sleep at night, so it was a pretty easy choice. Very excited to see where this project is going.


tired of facebook, google and more ‘controlled’ stuff I saw Maidsafe in the MaxKeiser report. I got really exited and can hardly wait.
I am a designer (also web & UI) and like to be involved.

Beautiful plan! An internet for generations to come :slight_smile:


Hi guys! I’ve been following maidsafe for a little while now, but thought I’d finally introduce myself. I’m Zack - live in San Francisco doing startup stuff here. Have a tech background so looking to drive around in C# and seed the network from the start. I’m hungry, foolish, and excited about riding all the possibilities in…


Hi there. I love private trackers (just a user), and maidsafe seems to be analogous.
I am interested too in cryptocurrencies and would like to learn more about them.

So, I am willing to start farming, although it seems it is not possible by now. Or not easy :stuck_out_tongue:
Best regards :smile:


I am bringing fast, free, decentralized internet access to every home on Earth. With projects like MaidSafe, our #ePlug can be truly secure, totally decentralized and even pay the Farmers some crypto at the same time. Meshnet and distributed computing finally meet the IoT. I listed the Concept on StartJoin friday, not asking for money, just votes:

MaidSafe kicks the NSA right in the shfing shfing. I think it’s funny how Presidents, “Authorities”, Lawyers and Thieves are being replaced by Coders :slight_smile:


Hello there,

I’m Vincent Herbst, I’m french but live in the UK and a Network Engineer by trade. I have been following Maidsafe for a few months, since I heard about it through the Keiser Report. I have some experience with C++ and Java, but software developement is not my primary trade, so trust me when I say you don’t want me to touch your Core code. :smile:

I must say, this sound like a very exciting technology. I joined in order to keep informed with the latest news and looking forward to building some demo website once the SAFE network is live and participate to farming as well.