Introduce yourself


Hi I’m Benjiex, I’m a Web Designer and a Marketing in an Online Company that offers cat supplies such as beds, toys, litter pan and many mor. I’m here to learn more about safe networking. Please welcome me! :slight_smile:


Hey guys, new here. I’ve been playing around with privacy tools and opsec for a few years now. I’m self taught mostly and am always looking to learn more. I am really interested in checking out the Safe browser. I cant wait to get my invite. Nice to meet all of you!


Hi Team, my name is Stanley, and I got started with Maidsafe as an “altcoin” because it looked very promising as a crypto investment tool. Needless to say at that time I looked at the crypto scene as a way of producing extra revenue, which is not a bad thing. As time went on I began to look into what some of these digital currencies are trying to do and not just checking prices and comparing forecasts. This “closer look” lead to an overwhelming desire to take an active part in (what I have come to call) “the SafeNet initiative”. Yet it seems as if I dont have even close to enough of the necessary IT know-how to actively participate in whats going on here…but that wont keep me from taking part. Well team, thats it for now, I have to get moving and get my level 1 trust thing going so I can install the software…Later People :slight_smile:


been looking into the maidsafe for a while now. glad to see its maturing before our eyes. i been mining since 2013 and always wondered when can we earn crypto for doing something thats actually useful. hope thats hosting data as a node in london can be helpful to the network so i thought its time to start moving in this direction - internet needs to decentralise & i sure hope to part take in the process.


hi all am new am Paul From Scotland i love trying out new Internet technology trying to install the web browser onto my lap top but not working for some reason is there something am doing wrong


My name is Vince, I am a person from the US. Honestly don’t know much of what to say except I believe in what you Maidsafe is about & I hope to be part of it one day. Currently learning Python & still only beginning but one step at a time!


My name is Nditah Samweld from Nigeria and I am enchanted by the promises of SAFE Network.
I program in Rust, Go, C++, Java, Elixir and Js. My 2019 hobby would involve developing DApps
and contributing to the community.


My name is Ryan, and like MaidSafe HQ I am also in Scotland. I’m a developer at one of our top universities and looking to learn what I can about decentralised networks, Safe Network and it’s goals and whether or not it’s something I have an interest in. Initial thoughts are, yes, I’m very interested. Though I’m still a little thrown by a lot of focus put on the safecoin aspect of the entire idea, I’m beginning to at least appreciaite why it might be needed to sustain the network by rewarding for a number of different activities/resources.



My name is Mick, and I have always been interested in tech, computers especially. A friend of mine recommended checking out the safenetwork, as he thinks it is the future of the internet. Im keen to start exploring what SAFE is all about, and how it works. If anyone has any good pointers on where to being exploring, please let me know!

Im also thinking of aquiring some safe coins and maybe project decorum, as i strongly believe in cryptocurrencies, and what blockchain can offer on a wider basis.

Furthermore, my personal interest are gaming, food, and lots of travelling.

Excited to be on the forum!



Hi everyone!
I am Francesco and I am the creator of, decentralized private machine learning platform. My background is computer engineering and applied math. Have been involved in several projects dealing with advanced machine learning for healthcare and financial domains. Have a PhD in software security (the TL;DR; of my dissertation is "I designed and built a hypervisor that could hotfix running virtual machines even under brutal kernel attacks).
I am very interested in the SAFE network and into exploring ways to integrate it with the fitchain proof of concept and current implementation.
Looking forward to speaking to you!



Chris from Germany here.

Watching this since Maidsafe since a couple of years (?) now and trying to get a bit more involved now.
Let’s see how it goes and looking forward to it.


Declan from Ireland here. I have been working in bars for the past 20 odd years, but have always had an interest in technology. About 4 years ago i got the chance to change my work schedule to work part time and go to college. I am in my third year of studying information systems in D.I.T. and really enjoying it. i have been following the maid safe project for about 5 or 6 years now and am delighted to be able to contribute to there ideal in any way i can.


Hello everyone, my name’s Jasper and I live in Sydney.

I’ve been obsessed with bitcoin since the age of 14, although I didn’t fully understand its significance or mechanisms until a few years later. After hearing about Maidsafe from someone much brighter than myself I instantly saw it as a solution to many flaws of the internet.

I can’t wait to learn more about this amazing project !

P.S. What’s the most credible degree to work in this field ? I’m about to finish high school and want the fast route into this industry lol


Hello everyone,

My name is Jean-Philippe and I just started as a rust developer in the routing team at MaidSafe.

I’ve been following MaidSafe and the SAFE network for a while and now I’m really excited to be able to contribute and become more active in this great community.
I have been developing large C++ applications for the last 12 years, and I always enjoy learning about new technologies.

I wrote an introduction post at


Hi Friends,

I’m Jonny Jaech a.k.a Jonny Stryder, minor author and tinkerer. I am interested in learning more about Maidsafe, the browser and designing distributed applications. I would like to find or help develop an application enabling people to use ideas in the book “Blockchain Faith”. The book explains how people can use social promises and immutable public ledgers for trust building and conflict resolution. The time is ripe for better interpersonal governance systems. Hopefully with good design and persistence new forms of social order using ledgers like Maidsafe will gain traction in the coming decades. The opportunity for positive change is huge.

I live in Los Angeles and will respond to all sincere inquiries regarding Blockchain Faith and opportunities for growing it.



Hi Everyone,

I’m Richard, an employee of the Maidsafe Foundation. I get to share an office with the guys at the cutting edge of the SAFE network and it’s a pleasure to do so. I’ve never seen such a diverse workplace but they’re all nice people and fun to work with.

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with technology, hardware and the internet. For my whole life I’ve loved gadgets, robots and autonomous systems. I find them fascinating. I have always had a desire to understand how things work and what makes them tick. I didn’t have a computer until I was 17 and at uni. (An emachine with a 667MHz Celeron processor, 128Mb RAM and windows Millenium Edition!) It didn’t take me long to begin to tinker with it and upgrade it, then I learned about P2P file sharing and started investigating patching and cracking commercial software packages. (Naughty boy!)

I am first and foremost a teacher. I have a bachelor’s degree in primary education from the University of Edinburgh and taught from 2005 to 2016. During that time I was promoted to principal teacher. I was so frustrated by the Scottish Education system, the workload, the politics, the bureaucracy and, in my opinion, the failure of the current curriculum to prepare children for the future, that I left teaching altogether.

I started my own business repairing electronics - mobile phones, tablets, laptops, TVs, games consoles etc. I did this at a much more in depth level than your local repair shop who might be able to install a new screen or new battery. I invested time and money into teaching myself microsoldering, understanding schematics diagrams, diagnostic testing and so on so that I could actually repair phones down to component level. Nothing will try your patience more than soldering a 01005 smd component or repairing torn up tracks on a multi layer pcb because someone who didnt know what they were doing watched a YouTube video and thought “I can do that!”

I am now working with the Maidsafe Foundation to create a pack that can be distributed to schools to help teachers deliver a structured and quality STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) so that we can once again produce young people who can compete in a modern work environment and who can pick up skills and knowledge that dont even exist yet so they can do jobs that nobody has yet thought of.

I have lots of questions about the SAFE network, how it works and more so I’d better start reading!


Greetings from a sentient being with family roots in the Savo tribe. I studied in University the roots of the conquering European culture, Classical Greek, and have done translations, poetry, music and various philosophically oriented thinking. Philosophical and related influences perhaps worth mention are Väinämöinen, Heraclitus, Pyrrho, David Bohm, Jiddu & UG Krishnamurti, Buckminster Fuller and of course many many others.

Internet is new way of writing and foundation of social models of mass cooperation based on the art of writing. Radical decentralization offers new possibility of combining the quantitative benefits of mass cooperation of global society without violating the qualitatively fundamentally p2p socio-psychological make up of human beings, as we evolved in our shamanistic hunter gatherer bands and pre-litterary horticultural ways of life.

I had seen the Maidsafe interview at Max Keiser show and been aware of this for some time, but today was guided to to look deeper into SAFE network and found deep confidence in the technical and ethical competence and significance of this project. After spending this day studying SAFE network I realize much better the necessity and promise of this project both in process and essence of building better global society for all of us.

Thank you.


Hi, I am Vadim Sherman and I have been part of the Software development world for last 18 years.
I am following decentralizing internet discussion for quite a few years and I am happy to see that with SAFE network and SOLID projects it comes to the point, when it becomes a reality. I am very interested to see how it will change the internet and I am interested in building applications, that will solve real life problems and will help people and businesses to widely adopt the SAFE Network.
Looking forward to experience SAFE both as a user and as a developer.


HI i’m a web developer and graphic designer from Algeria, i’m interested on the world of open source since 15 years ago and now here we are trying this new experience with safe network
i hope this network will be a game changer .


I’m Graeme. I have a long background in computers starting with the Zilog Z80 at Dundee University in 1978. After that, I did a lot of non-computer related jobs, including teaching Maths and Physics for a very long time. I’m 57 years old, live in Plymouth but I’m from Ayr. And I’m back every year at New Year. Oh, yes!
Currently I’m working in a factory as a Manufacturing engineer, because it’s better than teaching teenagers. I have always played around with computers, teaching myself various programming languages, and even worked as a VB6 programmer for a while. Oh yes, I’ve seen it all.
I found out about this through John Harris’s Guardian piece a few years back and now I have a new laptop I’ve decided to get involved as a farmer, a tester and generally helping out where I can. Also, it’s time I learned Javascript.