Introduce yourself


Hi all,
my name is Vedran and i’m from Croatia (yep, the world cup winners in our hearts :slight_smile:). I love programming and i’m currently working with web technologies. Heard about MAID quite a while ago, invested into it as i think as technology has great potential and purpose is really refreshing. I want to contribute with many new ideas, projects, apps and really hopping to find some good people here, as i’m sure there is :slight_smile:
Love Silicon Valley and hoping that new season will show more Maidsafe logic so many people here join and contribute.
Have a nice day all and chat to you soon!



Hey I’m Yaya from France. I’m a digital explorer
Best :slight_smile:


Hi @ all, i am from Germany, and i am interested in decentralised data cloud systems :slight_smile:



Heya, from Switzerland and fascinated by distributed systems


Hello. I go by iBandCrypto for user name. I am exploring possibilities in crypto projects. The idea of decentralisation is appealing. I have a feeling that of all the hype in cryptos, this is the most noble and it stands to change the world systems. That is why am on SAFE Network Forum to learn and to share my thoughts. I am from Nairobi, Kenya.


my name is Ivo Titscher, but as the pronounciation might be difficult for english spreaking people just call me Dexter.
I am senior in the IT industry and currently running a mid sized DC infrastructure supplier in Munich.
Besides that I am engaging in activities the try to fix the broken balance in the world.
If we all make this project a success, it would be a major step. I am in.



Hi, this Is @kristianpaul,

I’m from Colombia, been floss user and supporter for a while now, I guess I ended here because of the need of autonomy around tech and I see those values on this project.


Hi my name is Kris Davison, 33, from Newcastle in the UK. I’m a software engineer generally working with java, scala, terrafom and docker etc. Found this project a couple of years ago and have been lurking and monitoring progress ever since. I’ve been trying to get access to the current alpha but apparently lurking isn’t enough to allow me access.

Hopefully this will help.

Looking forward to trying out writing some real decentralised apps with the safe network.

Cheers Kris



My name is Marijus Briedis, living in Vilnius, Lithuania now. I’m a Linux Sys Admin in daylight and Open Source and security enthusiast for the rest. I found out about MaidSafe from my ex college and got really interested in Crust and other projects that are going on here. I see a bright future for it!

Best regards from Vilnius!


Hi all, I’m Gina. I’m a programmer turned sysadmin. I work for an NGO and am currently researching options to secure our data in our own ecosystems. I recently came across Safenet and I’m super excited to think of all the possibilities this has for NGO’s - just the thought of not having to protect our servers anymore is like music to my ears. I’m looking forward to hearing more from this project. Have a nice day!


My name is Patrick Wang, I am currently a High School senior in California and have been interested in EECS since the beginning of middle school. I am relatively young compared to many of the posts I have read in this discussion so I don’t have nearly as much of a history to talk about. In the past few years I have been attending hackathons and taking part in engineering related projects, most of which were purely software.

Two years ago, I was introduced to the world of cryptocurrency after only hearing about bitcoin years before. Ever since, I have been interested in blockchain technologies, including the safe network, and have done subject related, unimpressive projects including some negligible mining and building a primitive blockchain in a “Program design and data structures class”. I do plan to do some more elaborate projects in the future.

I have done other unrelated projects that I may add in the future, but am to lazy to write them in this post right now.

Thanks for taking time to read this.


Hi folks, I’m a Rust dev from Sweden working in the routing team at MaidSafe. My background is C and C++ and in a previous life I did numerical algorithms (Scientific Computing). It’s great being part of such an enthusiastic community!

Other than Rust and distributed networks, I like mechanical keyboards and FOSS :slight_smile:

I wrote a quick introduction at


I’m Alessandro Gagliardi. You can find me on Github and Twitter @MadDataScience. As my name implies, I used to be a data scientist. To be honest, I’m a little bit ashamed of this fact (though not enough to change my handle). While I feel reasonably confident that none of the work that I ever did was exploitative or oppressive, I am well aware of the problems inherent in the commodification of human beings as data assets to be traded. Which brings me to today. I am back to building software, something I decided to pursue a career in Neuroscience (which didn’t end up working out). For my day job, I am a programmer at Pandora Music (not to be confused with the jewelry company). But between hearing Arthur Brock interviewed on Team Human and Tim Berners-Lee interviewed on Note to Self, I’ve become more and more interested in re-decentralizing the Internet. I’m still pretty new to this space and to be honest, still have only a vague idea about Solid, SAFE, MaidSafe, and so on. But I am here to learn.


Hi. my name is Alex. I don’t write code but I do work in tech industry. I will be able to help on the QA/testing side. I was looking to the safest place for sensitive data storage and ended up here. I think that encrypted decentralized storage would gain a lot of attention in the coming years. I would love to get access to the beta safe browser to try it out and help with the tests!


Laur - developer and many others

interested mostly in reaching trust level 1 so that I can have fun with the Safe Browser


My name is Simeon,
I work as web developer in a small new company, and yesterday at the entrance to my block I saw a leaflet with a caption “developer wanted” and a link to “https: //”.

I opened the link and I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw. I can’t wait to see how this will turn up in time. :slight_smile:

Boots on the Ground

I’m Kyung-Nam Park
I work as reacher in a compnay. I want to testnet.
plz send to me about testnet information


Hi, I’m Okina.
I plan to make an imageboard with this technology.
I looked at the merits of doing it with SAFE vs IPFS, and so far I like this a bit better, I hope it goes as well in development.
Plus, it seems it’s built with Rust, which is a huge plus.
Nice to meet all of you.


Hello folks,

Probably the most unenlightened noob here in this forum.

I am an editor at, free driver updating software that helps people keep drivers on their PC up to date. Also I’m a part of a team focusing on the development of various hosting-related apps.

Anyway, I will be a humble learner and develop myself with abundant resources here.



Hi, my name is David and I am not a Dev guy, an expert coder or a network engineer. I am a marketeer (I hate that word, I apologise). I am focused on customer engagement with experience in Email Marketing, SMS and Push Notifications. I first heard of MaidSafe when talking to the company data scientist who follows everything Maidsafe do closely as he is convinced it is the future, he managed to get me on board as well! Being from Ayr, it is strange to have such a big technology company so close to home.

With everything regarding data security and data breaches being in the news in the past few years, projects like this can only lead to good things for the future and I would love to be part of that in any way I can. Even if it is just giving up some of my bandwidth and the occasional post in this forum.

I am interested in how this could be marketed to the general public as once you can convince Joe Bloggs that they need to be part of it, you are on to a winner. People hear words and phrases like decentralised data network and just go “ahh that’s not for me” but if you can market it correctly it and find a way to explain it so my grandparents understand it the sky really is the limit.

Looking forward to being able to say “yeah, I was part of that” :slight_smile: