Introduce yourself


I’m recently retired (early fifties) and finally have the time to return to my first love which was/is designing games. I used to program them back in the BBC Micro to Amiga 500 days. Then I stopped in order to do other things. I’m a self taught Java programmer and have recently finished getting to grips with LWJGL. I’m very interested in the creative potential that distributed gaming offers and I’m researching SAFE and PARSEC as being a viable technology for my interests. I also believe strongly that the internet needs to become decentralised in order for it to fully realise its potential for intellectual, political and economic liberty. I may be barking up the wrong tree but it is at least an interesting tree to bark up.


My name is Philip and i am not really an IT person nor i have any experience related to IT and programming, however i have dreams about game designing, website coding, programming, as well as becoming professional linux user, i wanna use arch linux

i am 23 years old and was born in poland but i live in england at the moment and have lots of free time i spend for using my laptop.
professionally i am a drummer and play music, but not being active at the moment.

it’s nice to see how many professionalists are here and i discovered safenet by accident just went into hexchat on my linux fedora and noticed safenet channel so i was like oh safenet something for me and then somebody told me about this thing and this is how i registered and it’s really interesting topic to me

hope you all having a nice day


Hi everyone,

my name is Pavel Chmelar, from Czech & Australia. I developed my first website at the age of 15, then created a custom B2C e-commerce in PHP/MySQL, later wrote a bachelor thesis on WCMS topic with new interface proposal and after a move to Australia where I was leading the IT evolution of the second largest distributor of organic products. Currently, I support local business while seeking / creating my next opportunity.

I got introduced to cryptoworld at the end of 2015, developed custom arbitrage app and lately I have been educating myself and researching on new related technologies. Listening to a book “The age of Cryptocurrencies” brought me to SAFE and being a developer, designer and environmental carer, I would love to see how far the limits can be pushed for this project.

I am happy to connect with other people and contribute to a better future for us all.


Hi everyone, happy to be here. I hope my english wont hurt your eyes lol. My name is Zak.
Im not a dev, prog or someone who has a lot of knowledge on tech/internet stuff, im a social worker.
I will quote what @Steven_Klausmeier said because he said words that i’ve on mind and because my english isn’t fluent lol.

Anyway, i want to be part of something big or project that can at least put seeds on people’s head and start making them questionning about unfairness there’s. Even if cant help you by programming stuff, i want to move forward for the freedom of humanity and help you, Unfortunatly, i would love to say more but i will all the the moment. btw i can speak/understand EN/FR/PT
Thanks for reading, Zak. :ship::globe_with_meridians:


Hey folks,
I’m Brie - a man of few words, certainly on here, where I’m checking in regularly because the project looks great, and I’m here to learn and absorb what I can.
I’ve been lurking for long enough now, so thought it time to say howdy.
Keep up the good work guys!


my name is Chad. I’m from Chicago Illinois where I work in technology. I’m generally interested in learning more about emerging tech trends and I was inspired to learn more about SAFE after I received an invite to join a local MeetUp group focused on this technology.


Im in my mid twenties, been tinkering around with computers and technology ever since I was a young teen(about 10 - 11 years ago). I’ve also been messing around with web development and programming on a hobbyist level for about 7 years now. I’d like to think I’m pretty knowledgeable in web development(front and back end) using languages such as JS/PHP/SQL and various JS libraries at this point. I also enjoy tinkering around outside of a web browser sometimes but stick to managed languages such as C#, Python and LUA, as lower level languages are still a bit too much for me to wrap my head around.

I’ve been stumbling around the cryptoverse since 2014. I started with garbage hardware so I mined Bytecoin at first, then fell in love with the Cryptonote protocol after reading more and soon moved on to mining Monero. My friend who originally encouraged me into the scene eventually sold me a 290X at cost and convinced me to join him in mining Ethereum during frontier, shortly after that is when I stumbled upon Maidsafe and bought some on Polo but never got around to coming here and taking the time to get Trust Level 1.

Sorry for the long rant. It’s been a wild ride since 2014 though, and I’m really excited about this project since it combines two passions of mine(cryptocurrency and web-application-development). I’ve learned from ETH however that the best learning experiences are had from getting in at the ground level and really getting your hands dirty, so here I am. Just hope I haven’t missed the boat and/or party by time I get there and that I can provide valueable feedback in the future!


My name is Ash.

I have been interested in cryptocurrency since the early 00’s. I mostly just watched Bitcoin develop, though, and only have been active working with cryptocurrency for about five years now. I started with basic coin trading and now am curious about the emerging new applications of cryptocurrency, blockchain, and distributed networks. Maidsafe’s very flexible system is fascinating to me and I am looking forward to learning more about how the coin works from the inside. I might even tinker with applications on Maidsafe someday!


Hi there I’m Will.

Been lurking for a while. Want to play around with alpha.


Hi, Australian software architect living in NYC and looking to get more involved in dapps. Curious to learn more and play with the Alpha. Cheers.


Hey guys,

My name’s Luke and I’m a Computer Science student by day, but I spend most of my time on software and electronic projects.

Currently I’m pretty concerned about the state of the internet (presumably like most others here). Right now I’m checking out all the different “New Internets” (IPFS, GnuNet, ect.) before I start building dApps. I think it’s important that we get this next internet right, less we end up with Faceboogle 2.0.


Han Solo won the Kessle Run in less than 12 PARSEC Algorithms!

Hello all,

I am Dave and among other things, I run PSEC (not to be confused with PARSEC lol) which stands for Paradigm Shift an Educational Comedy. I started out as a Sysop of a local Chicago BBS in 1994 so, I’m not exactly new to computers. With that said: this whole SafeNet concept makes my mouth water as if someone put a plate of steak and lobster in front of my face!

I run Ubuntu-based Linux systems and am really looking forward to test-driving SafeNet!

I’m not a programmer but I do understand software enough to come up with ideas, and they have been flowing through my head faster than my brain can sort them! The SafeNet / PARSEC platform has OBSCENE POTENTIAL!

I’m a kid in a candy store. :slight_smile:



Hey, I’m new to the safe network. I’m really excited about it though. It seems like a very needed and important project for the world of privacy and decentralization. I’m all about reclaiming privacy and have a strong anti authoritarian streak which I’m sure contributes to my interest in these topics. I’m excited to learn more and become more involved. I’m not a developer but am interested in all the concepts and would like learn more about creating these solutions.


Hi, my name is Dave. The idea of a croud sourced or
decentralized internet is very interesting to me. That’s
why I’m here. I want to learn how this works. I have
already watched some of the videos posted in the forum,
but I can’t wait to jump in and start using the system
as I learn more!


Hi, My name is Dan, i heard about safe coin in other forums. I am a miner and a trader. I am currently working as a sw developer for a automotive company. I am based in Jpn for more than 10 years now, and i can speak 3 languages mainly english and japanese. So if you need some help regarding japan or japanese stuffs please let me know. Hope to contribute in this community. Cheers


Hi everyone I’m new here learning about the coin and browser,so how do I sign up for the browser and use it ? Interested in this new browser


hi i am onelove very new to internet find all the reading kinda hard …but do believe in humanity as all is love …just we have been pushed away from our very sourse that is our love of goodness equality helpfulness general living as one life we treat our family closely loved bit not ubderstand its ok love all …


Hi everyone. I’m from France and I’m studying networks and telecommunications. I heard about the safe network when I really started to search about decentralized apps.

I’m using new technologies for a long time, and have always been interested in how things works. In the past, I was studying and using technology without asking myself any questions. But as soon as I wanted to go deeper into operating systems and software, I noticed that only free and open source software ( and hardware ) allows everybody to learn and contribute to technology. Then, I started to notice all problems there is in our usage of technology today.

For about two years, I’m worrying about the state of internet, and how powerful and influential some companies became. I quickly concluded that power and influence should be decentralized. I first thought that everybody should have it’s own micro-server and host his applications. Therefore, I started to learn and search about self-hosted free and open source applications.

Then, I started my studies in networks and telecommunications, and the more I learned about internet, the more I though that the actual state of internet and the main tech companies is perverse and bad for freedom and the more I though that the higher layers of internet, from DNS to applications, should be completely decentralized in order to be healthier and use less power ressources.

Consequently, I recently started to really search about decentralized solutions which can really be used by everybody, without knowledge or extra hardware like home servers, and that would be resilient. And I’ve learned about SAFE network existence a few day earlier.

I’m also reading about other projects and I was happy and surprised to find such an old and advanced project.
I’m only reading SAFE documentation for a few days but I really want to learn more about it and try to participate.

I’m started to learn rust before knowing about SAFE and have happily seen that it’s used in this project. I’m still a newbie in programming but I want to learn and participate to the creation of decentralized applications.

I’m also worried about the limitations in the adoption by the general public of such technologies and I’m therefore interested in communications about the technology to a general public ( popularization, creation of diagrams ).

To summarize : I’m interested in safe network because I think that today’s internet is broken, dangerous for users, for their personal data and consequently their freedom, and that decentralization of the power is the only way to solve it.

I’m also interested in open knowledge, free and open source software and hardware

It’s an amazing project and I will try to participate to the creation of decentralized applications for the safe network, or to the network itself if I can, but I’m still a newbie in programming.

I hope to learn a lot, and maybe to participate a bit to the creation of a technology that everyone can use and that is ethical by design :smiley:


Hello community,
my name is chappertron. I am 34 years old and by profession molecular biologist (ph.d) from Germany. About 6 years ago, I first heard about bitcoin and co. However, I could not figure it out at that time. In the meanwhile, however, I have read a lot on the subject and am really overwhelmed by the possibilities associated with this technology. I would, therefore, like to learn more about the application of blockchain technology and how to use it in the field of molecular diagnostics, therapy, research and beyond. Since I have little idea of programming, I’m still not completely clear on some aspects of technology. However, I am open to any suggestions from you and I hope that we can exchange fruitfully in the future. Thank you so much for your great work Sincerely


Hi, my name is Pedro and I am web developer.