Introduce yourself


Hi My name is Michael and I am looking into MaidSafe as a way to utilise my surplus storage. Looks like a fantastic idea and I love the ideal of a decentralised internet storage system. Keep up the good work devs!


Hey everyone!

I’m just checking in with the community to get ideas on how people are using this tech. I’ve been into crypto for a while and I really like to use some of the cool things people are building. I’ve also heard a lot of good things about maidsafe over the past year.

Cant wait to learn, and meet other maidsafe users…


My name is Taylor Parizo and I’m a Computer Science major who just finished his Junior year. I am currently an intern at a very large corporation where I do basic web development and eventually information security analysis. Web developing is a hobby of mine and although I’m not great at it (mainly building apps in Angular 5) I find it to be something to help further my knowledge in my free time. I’ve been watching Silicon Valley since it started and didn’t realize until now that the technology they’re describing IS based on Maidsafe. So I just joined this forum a few minutes ago and am very excited to start learning more.
Since I just finished finals and will need something to do over the Summer outside of work, I figured why not learn everything I can about this technology. I’ve been in crypto since my Freshman year so I’m always eager to learn more about the ever growing technology it offers.


Hi everyone! I’m a newby in here, simply got curious about the ambitions of this project. I’m not a specialist of data and digital matters, but im getting interested in it, so, here I come!
If anyone has got some advices about what topics I should start to read first, you are more than welcome :slight_smile:
See ya!


Hi All,

I am very interested in anything that’s going to change this centralized, controlled, abused, exploited, unfair, cruel, inhumane, corrupt, basically messed up world we live in.

Of course, I’d like to be wealthy and privileged like the next guy…Nothing wrong with that…

But…I believe there should be a minimum level of wealth, health, opportunity and entitlement for every living person together with a global strategy on sustainability as a member species of an occupied planet.

In a nutshell…I feel that if we continue to live as a conflicting set of deliberately forced competing governed disconnected brainwashed lemmings then we and the many innocent life forms we we share Earth with are screwed.

Maybe some humans (allegedly the smartest life form), and the descendants of, will have a nice existence at the cost of the rest of humanity and the planet…but as it’s going…it won’t be for many more generations.

Gee…I’m rambling…

I’m up for decentralization. Collectively smart and equally fair.


Hello EveryOne, here i am new and so much excited to participate here at
My Name is Linda and work in a book store and and i love to watch Movies and playing games…


Hi, my name is Simon Lucy. Having not quite discovered this at the end of a set of twisty passages I am interested in a lot of the concepts behind Maidsafe/Safenet still more interested that it is ^blockchain and that the data is held in the network itself.

That provokes a lot of questions but this isn’t the place for them and I need to do some more reading first.


Hi, I’m Peter Barnes, a retired IT professional. I started in IT in the early '70s (that’s 1970s…) and have watched with endless fascination as Moore’s Law and people’s ingenuity have taken us from punch-cards and paper-tape to where we are today. My professional background is a bit like the industry - varied. It ranges from real-time, experimental, custom hardware, equipment control through modelling, data analysis, to application development, operating systems (V7 on PDP-11, and up from there), experimental distributed systems, telco software, startups, intranets, and testing. I was an early user of Usenet and the early email systems, and was tremendously excited by the introduction of Mosaic and HTML. I’m disturbed at the current abuse of information and identity that’s happening online, as some of the web’s greatest possibilities are abused for commercial gain, and I hope that Maidsafe and other initiatives will keep it safe and useful. I don’t know whether I have any skills to offer, but I would be interested to contribute.


Hi I’m Jason. I have completed my Computer Science degree and am now doing an Honours course in Computer Science. In this honours course I am doing distributed computing and computer and network security. These 2 combined got me interesting in looking into decentralised internet (along with watching Silicon Valley :stuck_out_tongue: ). I really like the concept of MaidSafe and the safe network and I believe this is definitely the future of the internet and would love to contribute to development if I can.


Hi ScottieWabbit here, I’m nobody special compared to a lot of skilled individuals in this topic. I first heard about MaidSafe a few years back through a reddit link. I was quite astonished about this ambitious project being developed by a small team in Scotland and hoped it would do well in the future.

Now up to speed in 2018, I am very proud of this team and what you have accomplished so far and wanted to share my congrats and wish good luck on this projects future. I’m quite interested to learn a little more web development to get me closer into the technical industry and contribute something of value to MaidSafe community and the project although not too certain where to start.
(if you do, please send me a message!)


Trust received thus trust given

My name is John Daniel and I have recently gained the first trust level with this forum, so I believe it works both ways, and here’s how I have ended up at this place. I learned about Bitcoin back in 2012, really as a form of payment, plus the bitcoin badge on a website made it look hip. This then led me down the bitcoin path onto the blockchain, then crypto currencies, content creation (Steemit), decentralisation and now SAFE. I found out about Maidsafe just by researching and keeping my ear to the ground about this new emerging world, and then began my belief in the SAFE team’s vision. The concept is ground breaking and has opened my mind, so much so I wrote an article on my Steemit account about the network being the next big thing, and purchased a bundle of MAID tokens. Having been on this personal journey and understanding that this is the beginning of a new era for the whole world, the future is SAFE.

Link to my Steemit account plus recent MAIDSAFE post

The best things come to those who wait and patience is a virtue.

Or so I’ve heard. It’s been 10 years in the making and I’m a full backer of this project, well as much as I can. My programming skills are outdated (90’s pascal) making me redundant on the technical side, but I have found a new lease of life with my hunger to learn, so I’m bringing myself up to speed in the hope of contributing to this in the future. So for now, I’ll continue to keep my ear to the ground and let the everyday person that I meet know that they are MAID for SAFE.

Go SAFE team! :star_struck:


Hello, my name is Luis. I have been looking for a space where I can learn more about decentralization. In 2015 I learned about crypto currencies. I went from investing to learning about cryptology and encryption. I was amazed when I found out that there is more to this than the price.


Hello, This is Dinesh. I am a Mechanical Engineer who is keen to learn more on the topic of decentralized internet. After watching the latest season of silicon valley, I have developed a keen interest in understanding the possibility of decentralized internet and also believe wholeheartedly that this is definitely the future. And so, here I am to learn more and help in anyway I can to make this a reality.


My name is Jeremy i believe in decentralized internet and wait for it. I before this year didn’t know that cryptocurrencies can help in that. Well i’m Monero miner.
OK will not use more the Bold.


Hello there, i am a programmer, website builder, designer, creative director, and i really want to know more of safenet. i really think this is great and can be usefull to do some great stuff.
thanks to creators and hopping that i can do something good for all of us.


Hello. I am not a technical person and don’t understand computer coding at all. My interest in the SAFE project is based on a desire to see more fairness in the world. I hope that the idealism and big dreams of the early Bitcoin community can be realized within my lifetime. I would definitely like to see a paradigm shift that turns the world on its head. The power and influence over our lives exercised by large corporations and a few wealthy elites is very frustrating. I want to be a part of anything that has the potential to move humanity away from the kind of centralized control that most of us seem to accept as the norm.


Hi everyone. I’m a material engineer from Italy and I’ve been in the crypto space for almost a year and a half. Maidsafe was one of the first projects I learned of but I’ve only now decided to register after reading something about PARSEC.
I hope to learn many new things in this forum.


Hi everyone,

I’m Pierre Chevalier.

I’ve been lurking here since 2014, but never actually introduced myself. I work for Maidsafe since March 2018, as a rust programmer in the routing team.
If you’re interested in a bit more background, the blogpost I wrote when I started is still pretty relevant.

So far, I’ve really enjoyed being a part of the MaidSafe team. Working with such brilliant and nice programmers, it just feels like everything is possible :smiley:


Hi, I am Hugues from Belgium. I know safenet and Maidsafe quite a long time but never took the effort to go further in depth because other crypto related interesses and tasks. So I forgot almost. Today I decided to resume. So here I am. I would like to participate in the safe network. Hope I will find some help and support here.


Really excited what the Maidsafe Team created so far. To be honest, the SAFE network was completly under my radar, but I recently came across the PARSEC implementation. The long fundamental story, as well as the idea behind the project immediately caught my attention. It is a pleasure to be on board now and I am looking forward how I can support the project. I will now start to spread the word about this exciting Project. I keep my fingers crossed the vision will come true…