Introduce yourself


Hi, my name is David.
started to dig into maidsafecoin and ended reading and watching videos about safe network. this is really good project. waiting for beta release
have a nice day everyone



I’m nothsa. I had heard of MaidSafe/SAFE Network in the past but only recently began looking into it more deeply, and I’m pretty excited by the project. I have some technical background but now work in communications at a blockchain-related start-up in Central Europe. Hopefully I’ll be able to use this background to contribute to the SAFE Network documentation.


Hi, I am new to Safe network … got to know it from a friend and interested to join …
my beackground is a life in community with the central topic of decentralisation … real community structures are meant to be decentralised in the basic human needs of water, energy and food(at least) … to heal the world from the capitalistic, neo liberal structures we need to act local and think global … creating independent sustainable structures which are not ruled governed and guided by big companies and banks etc …


I’m Rob. And I just really dig blockchain. Maidsafe sounded interesting, so I’m exploring it =) Cheers!


My username is O_b_O and I am looking to decentralized technology based on blockchain. Like:

  • SIA
  • EOS
  • BigChainDB
  • IPFS
  • Hyperledger
  • Ethereum

I tried to understand differences between them and get an overview to select which one I would investigate more deeply.


Hi all,
I’m Marc Oggier, but I go also with megavolts. Living in Fairbanks, Alaska

I’ve always been interested in new technology and privacy. I’ve been up and down with my choice recently, and I just stumble across Maidsafe network and wanted to give a try. I am pretty excited about this use of block-chain and how it can make the networking safer.

Since I moved to Alaska, I’ve been much less involve with geeking, networking, gaming and online-related stuff as I spend lots of time in the great outdoor. Though, the recent US politics make me think a lot.

The main motivation to move to Alaska was to start a Phd. I focus my research about interaction between crude oil and sea ice in case of an under ice oil spill in the Arctic Ocean.


Hello. I’m Xeno, long time privacy rights advocate, futurist and advanced dabbler in all things technical. I run a few web sites that keep an eye on uses and misuses of technology and I find the idea of a self-securing and self-maintained network both intriguing and possibily distopian. I’d like to put up a web site in this space and do some browsing to see how it all may work. Great concept. I do believe that without privacy we have no other rights.

Will we end up run by overlord machines? Perhaps that happened long ago. We may be only sims now and this is a history lesson. We may come to realize that the SAFE Network was where it all began, the evolution of the AI children of humanity who left the earth long ago… in the future.


Greetings, and thanks for the opportunity to be a part of this very cool new evolution! Based in Western Mass, USA, and very enthusiastic to contribute to the building of the network. I’m a journalist, writer, podcaster, and farmer. Sometimes, all at once. I welcome questions.


Hi. I’m Charles, a software engineer from the Philippines. I’ve always been fascinated about the idea of a decentralized internet, as well as other kinds of decentralized technology. I’ve been reading about Bitcoin since 2012 and a lot of prodding here and there led me here and honestly, I’m amazed at the vision this project has for our future. I hope I can help you guys succeed.


Hi everyone,

You may call me Rampelflik. I’m not ready to divulge more information at this time and I hope that is okay. I’m very interested in maidsafe and similar projects. I would love to try and build a basic website on it if and when possible.


I’ve been in IT for 35 years. Before the Internet there were Bulletin Boards accessed over phone lines. Hackers mostly made little tone boxes they used to cheat Ma Bell out of long distance charges. Networking was between divisions of big companies that could afford the telecom bills. Remote access was via dial up modems with weak security and so began the battle between white hats and black hats. Then the internet exploded interconnecting everything and we soon discovered security was an afterthought. Millions of stolen credit card numbers are available on the Dark Net. Even the Government repository for security clearance information has be breached. Privacy has been destroyed. Google knows everything about everybody, not to mention the NSA. So my interest is in a more secure experience in cyberspace. I hope maidsafe is a new beginning.


Based in Norway, working as a web manager. I think decentralisation is the only way to go, both in cyberspace and in real life. Right now it seems that we are moving fast into more centralisation, so I applaud the SAFE Network initiative and look forward to learn more about it.


Hi guys
I am not nearly as experienced in IT as most of you, I am a builder/carpenter in Melbourne Australia.
For about a year I have been interested in blockchain technology and crypocurrencies in general and have been following the safe network for the last 6 months. Only buying my maidsafe last night, with the help from the people in this forum I was able to set up and hold them in my omniwallet.
It feels like a great community and thankyou for your help.
I can’t wait to see the safe network progress into the future
Thanks team
Joel :grin:


I invested in the ICO a long way back but never got around to joining the community. Now a few years later things are starting to happen so I wanted to check out the new alpha and see what my investment got me :).
I been working the last 12 year as a software developer in the financial industry. Doing software for OMS most of that time (Order Management Systems).
Good luck building great products!


Hi. I’ve heard the term Maidsafe for a couple years, but never knew what it was until I was posting about decentralized data storage on G+ and one of my followers mentioned Maidsafe as an option. After looking into it the last several days, I see that it’s so much more. Now I’m highly intrigued as it appears to be almost the full Web 3.0 stack (minus a decentralized database)?

I’ve been developing since '82 in multiple languages and technologies. Today, I’m deep into .Net (have been since it came out) and starting to get entrenched into blockchain technology. I’ve been heavily involved in BitCoin since 2014 and am an active trader and miner (I mine Ethereum). I’m also the first moderator on the BitCoin community on G+. We’ve got over 55k members.

I just jumped into the deep end with SIA, running a full node and offering 8TB of storage on that network and will be using the network to start backing up my data (that discussion is what got me pointed here, BTW).

It appears I’m going to be ALL IN with Maidsafe. As soon as I get to level 1 to get an invitation token, I’m going to immerse myself into developing for this. I’m a firm believer that the future is decentralized everything and the recent censorship of opinions on the big networks is driving me to find censorship resistant technology.

I’m on
My blog:


Harrison here. I’m a server engineer for a marketing research and analytics software company in Silicon Slopes, or just Utah as I prefer to call it. Studied IT in college, mostly work with MySQL and Python in a sortakindawannabe DevOps position now. I’m intrigued by blockchain-esque technologies, cyber security, data analysis, and technical philosophies, but I read so much it’s difficult to summarize what I love about technology most today. I plan to take part in building the future of online communication, community, and commerce where privacy, security, and accessibility are paramount. I have a little bit of ETH, LTC, and BCH but these technologies are mere precursors to far more revolutionary changes we will make in our lifetimes. MaidSAFE wholly captured my interest and I am excited to learn more and to contribute what I can.


Hi, I’m Kenny. I live in Brooklyn and i study political science. I want lo learn how tools like a decentralized internet and block-chain could be used to improve civil discourse, journalism and democracy. I’m excited to be part of the safe network.

Thank you for having me.


Hi everyone, my nickname is Firael. I’m reading about blockchain and getting to here. Learning of what Safenet is; interesting if it can serve the purpose to bring us a better internet privacy (as major companies are using every bit of our personal data for trading).
I’m a part-time programmer, investors and freedom fighter.


Hello All
My daily job is a delphi/radstudio developer / ICT specialist. Since 1 year invested in crypto trying to achieve financial independence.
A true believer that decentralized solutions are the future.


Hi there:

Harvey Hyman over here. My peers call me H2.

I’m a professor at USF and at Saint Leo. Both located in Tampa, Florida.

I have developed an interest in open systems that use a decentralized governance scheme.

i am mainly a hobbyist in this area, but we spend some time on this in my class on MIS for MBA students.