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My name is Matt and I live in St. Paul, MN, US. I’ve been involved in the blockchain industry since 2012, first in buying Bitcoin, then mining for a bit, then Ethereum, then assorted startups such as Ascribe and Colu (as a user and dev, not someone with position). I got into Solidity development 18 months ago, and have been developing in that and Python/Tensors for about 3 years.

My whole life is in this space now. I just started a Podcast called Makers of Chains, which is both educational and satirical take on the industry. A purely educational platform which’ll cover the industry from an architecture, development, and scam aversion framework, and finally, working on my personal DAPP projects. The biggest one is a Blockchain as a Service, with Smart Contract Protocols managing a series of executions. The DAPP is to reverse engineer human resources into a completely open, immutable system where all employees see varying value in their performance with each other, rather than middle-management determining value. Also, by varying metrics of distribution, differing scarcity tokens are issued to employees, which performs a few innovations 1) creates an open market-place for Paid Time Off; Sick Time; Unpaid Time Off; etc where employees can buy, sell, or trade their time resources amongst any other employee as they see fit. 2) creating a holocratic/flat/agile environment where staff openly vote on priorities of projects to reduce needs for meetings. & 3) to create an open, censorship-resistant history which is represented by way of tokens for staff to have the power to purchase their own promotion, to further enable the power of an open, merit-managed/leadership managed system, replacing the opaque, bureaucratic, and often times slow process laid in the hands of human resource divisions, which is innumerably responsible for employee retention cycles.

Maidsafe could indeed be a core utility to help myself, and support others, with their long-term projects in this industry.


Hi, I’m Matthew. I heard of Maidsafe a while ago and joined more recently. I’m interested in peer-to-peer based hosting systems, since that seems like a great benefit to independant media publication, preserving web sites that would otherwise get overwhelmed by traffic, fail from lack of maintinence, or get motetized too aggressively in an attempt to manage the former problems. Safecoin doesn’t seem like a bad idea, but I’m glad it’s more of a side-effect of how the Safe Network is meant to load-balance itself, rather than being the primary function of the network.


Hi, I am Simone. Doing a PhD in distributed data storage. I joined the forum to know more about MaidSAFE, in particular about its underlying model and architecture.



Hey, I’m Tyler from Buffalo City, NY. I’m a pharmacist and affiliate marketing enthusiast. I have a huge passion for food, hate to stay in comfort zone.


Hello all, I have been a long time maid margin trader on polo and have a lot of interest in the safe network. Glad to see such an active community after all these years!



Hi all and cheers from Italy. It’s indeed good to see there is such an active community. I am looking forward knowing more about this project and collaboration.



Hi, Dave here,

I am a PhD student at NSU, Florida and doing research into decentralized storage vs cloud/edge as my first proposal is an automated web cache so they can both exist and decentralized host get paid automatically for improving delivery and bandwidth use. Step one is comparing performance for viable candidates. Hoping to build a new future!

Keep up the great work.


Hi, AMWNN here,

I am a USAF member, residing in Dallas, TX. I’m in the financial world, completing my CFP while working towards my Masters in Counseling. Recently, I’ve started a company merging cryptocurrency and commercial real estate so I’m excited to buy some more properties and making guaranteed income from my crypto portfolio. I stumbled across MaidSafeCoin after figuring out my 40/40/20 strategy and it’s been a great few days. I love this community! SO much positivity, knowledge and a great future. Keep up the great work!


Got interested in MaidSAFE after watching Silicon Valley and did a few quick google searches. Found this project and it’s been on my mind for over a year now. Lurked forums here and there but never joined in a conversation till now.

I see the huge potential in this, and what made Bitcoin valuable from a few pennies to thousands of dollars will most certainly make SAFE coins valuable as well. If this works and MaidSAFE releases a robust browser initially, this will change everything. Power to the individual and anarchy in the best way possible.

Edit: I’d also like to learn a lot more about what’s happening in the MaidSAFE Network. Has this idea been possible for awhile and if not what changed in terms of technical concepts or mathematics. How did this project get started, are there any interviews on the founders?

White Devil



I’m CEO at FincaMínimo, a startup aiming at private property management. We’ve developed our own platform in order to manage private property communities. We are really interested on privacy of data, and of course on cryptograghy. I would be glad if I could test SAFE Network, in order to try to beeing part of it, making our platform available on it if possible.


Hello Everyone.
I am here to introduce myself.
I am from India.I love exploring about new things,gaining knowleges,shizuka I am the explorer of Knowlege.
Waiting for someone to welcome me.



Hey all! This is my first post on here. I am coming from a project called Intercoin (, which my friends and I started about a year ago. It lets communities issue and manage their own currencies for their members. Before that, I ran a startup called Qbix ( which built a platform for communities to launch their own social apps to connect their members.

We find that social networks form a very good base for adding a payment layer on top. Money derives its value from a sort of network effect, same as social networks. You can see this with WeChat, Facebook Payments, Google Payments, and now Kik and Telegram ICOs. However, all those networks are global and monolithic. We want a federated DLT that gets partitioned by community, however large or small it is.

When I looked at the SAFE project, I really thought you guys had just the right architecture for file storage. It is the closest in spirit to the kind of technology we aim to build. It is actually decentralized and secure in the most effective way. When I was designing Intercoin’s payment system, I came across very similar ideas. Kademlia trees, DAGs for histories permissions and rules, and local rather than global consensus. We also added some new concepts, such as the Permissionless Timestamping Network, which you guys might like.

I have some criticism / questions about how you are implementing crypto-currency on top of SAFE (MaidSAFE?) but I will write that in another topic.



Hey guys - I have been getting more interested in bitcoin and altcoins lately, and upon doing research I found this project. I am not an engineer, I am actually a community manager that is one of the original community managers (about 13 years doing it professionally) haha. But I was excited to see this project as it is much needed and I think I would feel better about putting some money in a cause I really care about. I get the jist of what is going on here but will dig deeper before I ask any questions prematurely. :slight_smile:


pantsme here, just checking out this project more as I’ve heard a lot about it and its something I am interested in in the crypto space. Work in IT security so I am always looking to up security either at my company or personal use.


Dear Sir, Madam, and Maidsaferianers:

My name is Bank from Thailand. Actually, pretty boring name, but my story isn’t quite like that. It is totally differ from what I did, I am a Customer Service Support Specialist for a company: the best one. You may listen to my voice and chat with me somehow, who’s know! You might wonder how the hll this kind of person would sit in this community (the word "hll" contains fun and not purposelessly for rude if you understand my willing that other people will surprisingly look me just like why duck can be float in the water weirdly but good) That’s me. No coding skills, but try to learn all, we all seek in different kind of activities in live. But, most of all A B C Z or 1000 of those things, I don’t quiet like one. I am addicted to blockchain technology news. It is not because it was just great. It improve and superior my quality of live especially extra income which is more than salary!!! what a great to know more!!!(Quite frankly pretty funny too)

Main reason to be here is the simple simply thing which is to make the “internet good”. You know right. Basically, normally, eventually, developing country, my intention is quit not normally describe bad thing. I would find way to fix them. However, sometime we can’t. I was struggled by rules and regulations of internet accessing which even can’t have voice to use it. We forced to live what we are which actually mean unable to connect what ever we want even improving A B C things in our daily life, work and things. But, I am not accept those. We have the right to have our own way of life.

Apart from helping the world, I always seeking something new, I would be happy to try and having knowledge from Maidsafe community and maidsaferianers’s friends for better life. Above all if you like, send me your MaidSafeCoin (MAID) easily or you’ll robbed by other browser. I am just kidding. (I mean, you’re all in the safe place):grin:

I am loving you all.

Sincerely Yours,


A Maidsaferianer


I know I have been absent from the program. I still want to get basic level. But wow I have been
marketing and still want to put my 18 year old website up on this platform. I apolagize for my earlier comments. Iam so impressed with the site and all the hard work thay
has been done, I just wanted to say I have several large investors
that will keep the vibe of this amazing platform to its core philosphy because owns 70.000 buinesses around the world
I have been pitching in the states as in if your in irst class you have to pay for this line for strictly thier own clients and family with no adds! If you want free internet you have ad;s and other network. So I been out of the loop
so Iam a waking marketer and might 18 yera old site drfortune dot com! So I don’t want to intenfear but hat is catach
\name so Iam will be back in the community and wow I held out all these years to launch an app and website
Congrats everyone! Tell David abd Nick I have already been narketing for last 2 years. T sure would like to be involved and it will be a koby to shaq to slam dunk and have it finished!! Sorry for all the niss spellings its 4 in the morning! Iam not a computer guy!! cheers KalelemasaloWhich means trust with gratitude in polynesian lived in hawaii for 8 year s Mark



My name is David. I live in central Scotland and work as a tree surgeon and forester, and teach gardening to people with learning disabilities. In my spare time I make music and write stories.

I heard about the Safe Network in the punk rock Guardian article a month or two ago. I guess my ears were open to hearing about it from a couple of very brief encounters with alternative currency and blockchain in the past.

After the Scottish independence referendum I was really interested in local and alternative (not necessarily crypto) currencies as a way of empowering smaller communities and undermining centralised control. However, the task of setting something up seemed too daunting, and one that I was not well suited for.

As a musician I was then briefly interested in blockchain a year or so ago as an interesting way of releasing music and creating other participatory art and social projects. However, even to a non-technical person, it immediately seemed apparent that, despite their ingenuity, blockchain and bitcoin solutions were an inelegant and difficult to scale solution to the challenge. In addition, everybody involved only seemed interested in making huge amounts of money, and there is a nagging suspicion that the nature of the blockchain could make it a tool for totalitarianism.

I mention these things because they perhaps give an idea where my interest in the project comes from, and why reading about the Safenet was so exciting to me.

I am particularly interested in the interface between humanity and technology, and trying to make sure that technology remains healthy and beneficial to us not just on a practical level, but also psychologically, socially and environmentally. A network that trusts no-one and is trusted by no-one seems an ironic place to begin, but I think the culture that grows up around the Safenet will be really important.

Eventually I think it would be nice to see the technology behind the Safenet give rise to a series of smaller, interlocking communities and currencies, a sort of radical democracy that would give people much more power to choose which society they belong to, and to relatively easily leave their society for a different one if it starts to function contrary to their interests, beliefs and principals.

This may be an impossible dream, but I guess that’s why we’re all here!

Looking forward to some philosophical chat if anyone’s up for it…



Hello all,

My name is David Geddes (previous/personal handle was: @dwg74) and I’m thrilled to say that I have joined the amazing team here at MaidSafe and I’m looking forward to settling in; learning more about the SafeNetwork; starting to get to know you all and hopefully assist you (once I’m up to speed) where I can.

My background is in the building services software industry both developing and supporting modelling/simulation applications which was very challenging to say the least.

Feel free to contact me here on the forum and I’ll respond as soon as I can but please be gentle… it’s my first day!

Warmest regards,


Hi there, Max here. Lurking for a while, but looking to get more familiar and potentially involved. Nice to meet everyone!


My name is Greg Schofield I am 61 years old and live in Perth Australia.

In the days of bulletin boards I was interested in, and posted literature, for the purposes of eduction. I became the first desktop publisher in my country, because I saw it as a way of delivering typeset literature into the hands of people, and in its early days attended conferences and watched GSML transform and dreamt how far it might go…

But I have watched and waited, and waited and have been disappointed that the power of the medium having grown exponentially, along with features and applications, wallow in bells whistles, cautiously treading within the spiderwebs of corporate interests and mired by each strand until they hardly moved at all.

Small groups innovate large corporations confine, haggle and conspire for edges, to protect feeding grounds, and deny advantages to the world that they cannot control.

Mu goal is electronic education that is now befouled with good intentions with limited realization, and whizbangery without substance or good intent. It seems simple, but education requires a library, it requires quality lectures, it requires flexible environments for meeting, talking and presenting work. In all this the library comes first and everything is an extension of it, but this problematic because the publishing framework is inadequate, yet fixing that requires having a library to produce and house its products and that needs to be safe from predation.

The biggest problem is publishers who stand in the way of authors being paid by their readers, and copyright laws that allow them to keep authors out of the public domain and allow exorbitant priceing and limited print runs.

If you are external to a university, to get an article written in 1913 by an author who died in 1955, I am expected to pay $35 for 40 pages in a pdf to an American publisher who brought up the rights to an British journal two decades ago? Being in a university I get it for free (aside from excessive fees), and the Library pays publishers large yearly subscriptions to maintain access, the authors get nothing, not a cent, not the living nor the dead. The groups that supply the fee loans, also supplied the corporate buy out of scholarly journals, locking out the general public while ransacking authors, students and libraries. It has to go.

In the 21st Century we still have a mediaeval system of books chained to university libraries — it needs to be ended finally and for good. The authors should be p[aid and world should have access to their works for a modest cost — that is what digital networking promised; but it has not, in all these decades, delivered.

I also want to listen to lectures from great minds and I want, in small amounts, to directly pay the author so that they will work and provide even more. I would like to see the quality of scholarly work improve, because the best works are rewarded, and because they last will provide a comfortable retirement. And I want people who have talent, but no position, to research, write and publish and make a living from their work. It is fair, but will not be done until the means of communication become independent of special interests.

So there is my introduction, a sad and cranky one, but one waiting for the foundations to be laid for something really new, something capable of shaking this rotten system, by just doing what is fair and right for public eduction, for creative minds having income streams, the release of historical scholarly works that should already be available in in the public domain.