Introduce yourself


My name is Arthur Rommes from Amsterdam ( The Netherlands )

Organizer of the Amsterdam / Netherlands’ MaidSafe:

And Co-Founder ( since December 2014 ) of the Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam:

An Association of not only Bitcoin enthusiasts but above all (aspiring) Blockchain Professionals ( so various Blockchain and Crypro-currency projects including Maidsafe / SafeNet meetings ).

We frequently receive foreign visitors and facilitate speakers and organize events.

Also checkout our website: BitcoinEmbassy (point) NL for more information.

We are located very near the Amsterdam Central Station and refer to this location as the Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam.

Should you be visiting Amsterdam do not hesitate to send us a message ( so we can meet you ) or alternatively feel free to join our Bitcoin Embassy if you like to stay connected !

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Arthur Rommes


Hello everyone. My name is Brandon. I live in Ontario, Canada. I was directed here by Coincentral. I believe out of all of the crypto news sites they have the most filtered. Its so nice to see that there is a current and active community working on improving data storage where the competition is lacking.

To be honest, up until today I gave up on the whole idea of decentralized data storage because some of the “others” just don’t seem to be heading in the right direction. I have some hope again and I look forward to supporting this community however I can.

I am not a developer and I have no way to contribute to the technical end, however I would like to promote as much as I can.


Stay at home dad from the Chicago (USA) suburbs! In December, I happened to come across a year old “Top 5 cryptos for 2017” article that led me here and I’ve never left. I’ve been inspired to learn coding, but if I could only decide which one :man_shrugging:t2:


Just joined the forum. I’m new to the subject but this project seems really interesting to me! I like the idea.


Hello I’m John - I’m not a highly technical person myself, but I teach English to a lot of undergrad software and hardware students. I’m more interested in the points where art and philosophy mix with tech…for example projects like the p2p foundation Institute of Network Cultures and Fair Coop.


I’m Dave. I am far from a tech-savvy person, but I am interested in cryptocurrency and the idea of decentralization. My interest in cryptocurrency is what led me here and the more I looked into the idea behind the SAFE network, the more impressed with it I have become.

I believe that there are many great things about the internet, but I have become increasingly concerned with the amount of control that is being exerted on it by corporations and governments. The idea that a corporation can and will limit my access to certain things becasue they are not owned by that corporation is greatly off-putting.

I hope that the SAFE network becomes a firm reality and I hope to be apart of it.


Hello there,
i’m Riccardo Giuntoli writing now from Barcelona, Spain.
Just focused in this community while i was just surfing the web.

In the PAST i was the owner of a nice WISP, with 3500 customers.
Now i’ve returned to my real passion, security and privacy.

I’m a unix lover from the age of 12, i’ve got 37.

If i can help in some aspect or i can do something for you, just write me.

Nice regards,


Just saying im a new user.really like this service and cant wait to start using it. really looking forward to people getting to next alpha


Hi there, my name is Nat and I’m a writer/game developer (website here). I guess I became interested in SAFE because as far as I can tell, it’s the real-life version of the Pied Piper network in Silicon Valley. Am I wrong? :stuck_out_tongue:

Mostly self-taught as a programmer, I tried studying Computer Science in college for a year but found it unfulfilling because the community wasn’t diverse at all. With my academics veering more towards the humanities, I want to make sure I stay technically up to date by exploring new technologies like SAFENet.


I’m happy to learn of this crypto. Hope to add something to the ongoing development. Just saying hi, too. Need to get to the next level here! LOL


I’m James.

I am just researcher and small investor. I am just looking at things how they works and how they are engineered. I am curious to know about this MaidSafe and SAFE network in detail.

#Maidsafe #safecoin #maidsafe


I’m here to give a try with this project.
My 1st goal is simply trying to run a test node in order to get an idea about the thing.
Practically, I want to do that with a VPS. Hopefully it’s possible ?!
I’m currently browsing the forum to learn myself.


Hello Maid Safe! I am late to the crypto-currency forums and markets. Is it 2018 already? Still a slow adopter, however your project caught my eye as one that has great potential value to users and developers. I am eager to explore the many facets of this particular crypto-project and hope to see it developed further and of course adopted by many more. :sun_with_face:
Is it truly possible to keep everyone’s data safe and under user control? We shall see…


I’m Kovel. This technology seems to promise a lot of liberatory potential, especially in keeping corporations out of our info-sharing systems. At this day and age, technological revolution seems to be a great propeller of world history. I’m interested in learning more.


Hi I’m Jaydubberu, here to learn, MaidSafe appealed because of its egalitarian and Safe network. Looking forward to more reading and a greater Understanding.


My name is gabyansyah, im college student from Indonesian. Im interesting with the concept of Maid Safe who wants to make The Internet become independent zone.

Also im privacy enthusiast. Just it, thank you and sorry for my english.



My name is Jeremie, I am a 25 years old french technician in telecomunication very interested in blockchain technology, decentralized/distributed network. I’m not a programmer but i have some basic about a few language ( HTML, CSS, PHP, JAVA … ).

I’m very excited by the safe network and will follow and probably be a farmer if i can one day.


Hi, new here love learning about distributed technologies using spare resource so nothing is wasted. It is the way of the future and I am keen to learn more about it now before it passes by.


Hello, i’ve been lurking around here for a few months now and really excited to see the progress of the project. It’s crazy how far the team has come. Really happy to be part of such a great project and community.


I am Pushparajan from India. Went through some video presentations and loved the way true internet must be. I used to be fan of technology behind BitTorrent and now the whole internet pictured this way amazed me. I am an excellent C++ developer who is very much interested on distrivuted systems. Eveb my master porject is around it. Love to see true Web 2.0 ontology application on the safe network so that the search on this network gives really useful results. The idea of mining your private data is no more with big corporations made me even more interested. Waiting for my token to test the SafeBrowser.