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Hi, I am bl0ckchain. I value my personal info security so I wont disclose my name here. I just heard about this project while listening to a blockchain presentation and this project catched my interest. Can’t wait to know more about this project and what we can do with it. I hope I will enjoy the stay here, seems like there will be some fun.



Hello All!

My name is J from Atlanta GA. I have always been interested in anonymity and encryption but even more so after the NSA leaks. I am fascinated by this project with what I’ve read so far and look forward to participating in the betas and using the network. I’ve played around with Tor and I2P (and Freenet a while ago) but always thought there has to be a better answer to privacy online. I will be spending a lot of time these coming days reading and learning about MaidSafe. Thank you for all of your dedication and hard work on such an important project!


Hi there…

My name is Danie Greffrath, i’m from South Africa and I work as a specialist field guide for the last decade, for those of you that don’t know what that is, I take tourists from around the globe on Specialized safari trips vehicle based and also operate on foot in a big five environment. I first became aware of the cryptoworld on '17 through a friend that has been doing research on it for quite sometime.

I then became aware off the Safe Network when I invested in the Maidsafecoin and wanted to know more about it, and up until this point I personally think its the coolest technology ever.
I’m very motivated about it and also very exited to what the future has in store for this Autonomous network.

People deserve their privacy. Need I say more? And once the global population becomes aware of this the new era off the internet will dawn on mankind… I believe its a matter of when and not so much the how…

Very honored to be part off this community even I am still a beginner.
Danie Greffrath


I’m Miguel, from Spain. I’m a computer madman since the first computer appeared on Earth. This project seems very interesting to me and I think it anticipates the future of storage and data exchange. I promise to follow closely and apply to help you as much as possible.:ok_hand:


Hello! I am a full stack web developer and crypto investor. I am hoping to be able to produce decentralized web applications and potentially mobile apps? I’m still looking around for something that is working to the point where I could put something up on it.

I also run a burning man camp, I make real work games, snowboard, spin poi, learn japanese, do woodworking, and frequently run out of time.


Hello my name is Lowell, I was scouring the internet for a dlt database solution for security purposes. I read articles mostly saying that the way sql and all dbases run queries that it would be slow and cumbersome to use dlt technologies to do so. Of course I stumbled on SafeNetwork. I thought :“brilliant concept.”

So here I am reading all the comments. Not so much worried about marketing, mass adoption and the token price. That will will come when value is created and realized.

My question is using this platform, would I be able to just get rid of a mysql all together and just use a flat file to store user names, and profile info? My team is working on a social business directory (mainly). Keep in mind I’m not a developer. Just a dreamer who doesn’t like being tracked and spied upon.

Love the project and will spend some time here. Also would like to mention the Safe Network team are busy and may not be able to respond to a lot of the endless mind chatter. I would advise to talk amounst yourselfs and not direct questions for immediate response toward the development team, but post as an idea worth considering. The very reason why I’m keeping my project under raps unit beta.

Thanks for reading, I appreciate you all!!



I’m new here, wanting to start farming… :slight_smile:


Hello there,

My name is Daffy…like Daffy duck…I am a System Admin…a Linux fanatic and also crypto enthusiast. I read whitepapers for fun. I am deeply interested in this project because I get that warm fuzzy feeling after reading all the helpful stuff provided by this community. I’d like to be a part of this.


Hello I am Jon Bartlow and I have recently started learning about crypto currency and block chains. A friend recommended this service and it seems like a great idea!

Can’t wait to become part of Alpha and help make this come to life.

I also design website/web applications and mobile apps for a living.


Hello, I am Bertrand Degoy. I have begun with computers in the early 70’. Being a former naval engeener, I had many opportunities to study computer science and develop systems, most of it related to data management and AI. Now I am retired from the sea world, I manage DnC. I am a very new beginner with blockchain and advanced data management. I hope I will be able to help.


Foreman… Nicholas Foreman. Crypto-enthusiast and supporter of the Maidsafe community.

I’m an artist and lead guitarist for the American rock band Losing September.

I’m excited about the potential of MaidSafe to connect people around the world on an safe and unfiltered platform.



Hi everyone, I’m Brian Link aka RWNB and I am new to cryptocurrency by just over a month now and I believe it’s the future but I also know not every coin and concept will last into the future so I looked for coins with good names and good concepts, and MAID is in my top 5.

I am currently a school bus driver and part time radio guy who would love to own my own station at some point and tech and website hosting development is an interest as well. I hope to farm some of my hard drive space and think it’s a cool idea.

I have been sharing my cryptocoin items on my facebook and personal website. Well I’m just getting started with MaidSafe so again hello from Wichita, Kansas USA!!


Hi all! Been following project since maid release. Very excited about mind breaking tech. Been creeping for long time but finally signed up. Glad to be here.


Just a random stay-at-home spouse type charged with diversifying our risk and investing where & when appropriate. Been looking into safecoin for some time now and am really excited for its future. :slight_smile:


Hey all!

bruh here. I’m a Game Dev enthusiast, hobbyist game-/graphics designer and programmer. It’s neat meeting you all.

I just stumbled upon this and I’m excited to see how far this project will go!


Hello. I’m a crypto and privacy enthusiast by avocation and a deep learning specialist by profession.


Hello all, I´m very interested in returning the net back to the days of information sharing and exploration of the human condition. I am appalled by the growth of the NetLords who dictate the way our information is used and the grasping greed that powers it. SAFE seems to be a logical side-step away from centralized, controlled manner our data is stored. Brilliant idea.
I´m an UX professional with hopes to design ways in which our use of the net is less driven by market-forces and more by information and use. I saw an article on the Guardian about Maidsafe and thought I´d give it a try. It looks very promising. Reminds a bit of the co-operative ways that used to dominate the net. Well done.


Hi all. Im a 40-something IT professional sick to death with having my data sold for profit.
Look at FB profits released today…sickening. Not enough of that goes back to the society it profits from.
The concept of Maidsafe is a perfect scenario in my eyes. Having come from pre-modern-internet days, it is easy to see where we have gone wrong. I don’t see myself giving up the internet, but I will actively support any project to make it free and fair.


Hello people, I’m Andrew. I’m an old school coder, 10 years out of being paid for my endeavours. I last worked for a devil (a credit referencing agency), taking my coin but morally opposed to what my work was used for. Judas by another name perhaps, but I’m sure many of us have been there.

I like distributed processing & networks and see them as the future. I’m excited about where it could lead. I’m not opposed to centralised storage etc per se (though there are clearly security and safety implications), it’s more the purposes that the stored data is put to; data mining etc. It’s the erosion of privacy for corporate (and government for that matter) ends.

I was excited at the birth of the internet (I still love the sound of modems handshaking, and find a retro charm to acoustic couplers!) Whilst we have seen quite astounding progress since, I do feel we’ve lost the real power of the internet (in the popular domain at least) and it has become a tool for business to advertise, market themselves and sell their product. Again, I’m not opposed to that as A function but not a predominant one. And I am very concerned about ‘snooping charters’ etc, and personal privacy on the internet.

I realise I am perhaps sounding like a grumpy old man, and whilst I partly am, the bigger part is just a sadness for what could have been. Hopefully, such initiatives as this can re-steer us.


Hi Everyone,

My name is Philip Garnett, I am an academic and researcher in the UK. I am interested in the future of the internet, and how it can become more decentralised. I am concerned about surveillance, net neutrality, and the power of the large technology companies. I would be interested in talking to people about there views of how the internet has developed vs how they would like it to develop. I look forward to getting more involved in SAFE, I would particularly like to run a web server.