Introduce yourself



I’m Karel from Belgium, Europe. I’m working at a municipality where I’m dealing with traffic and mobility issues. I’m always eager to learn/discover new things.

I recently found out about Maidsafe and the Safe network, and wanted to check it out, to see what the possibilities are. The description I read sounded interesting, but was quite limited, so I hope to find out here what the SAFE network really is and how it works. Since I have no real background in ICT, I might sound (and be) a real noob on here. But I’m confident that I’ll find my way around here after a while.


I’m Rick from Texas. I’m working on a chatbot right now and am interested in learning more about Maidsafe and how it all will relate to other apps, IOT, and such.


I am Walid Mujahid وليد مجاهد and I like building things with Python and coding in general. I am quite fascinated by the concept Decentralised Autonomous Corporations and any technology that could power them.

My research and study interests -plus hobbies- include the sciences / fields of study of Islam, the 12 areas of the Arabic Language, mathematics, Machine / deep learning -and more broadly, Artificial Intelligence in general-, data analysis, and many more things.


I’m Keyur,

I am a product manager with experience in developing/managing highend consumer financial products for companies like Paytm (India).Recently moved to Jakarta to start my career with an Indonesian fintech company. I am quite passionate about researching and implementing solutions in the financial and internet universe. I’m quite impressed on the relentless R&D MaidSafe has done in an attempt to change the way we think about internet.

Looking forward to watching this project fly :slight_smile:



I’m Juanjo from Barcelona, Spain.
System administration and Linux enthusiast.
Currently living in the UK and working as an IT tech.

I’m not really into cryptocurrencies but I heard about MaidSafe and I’m really interested to learn more about how the SAFE network works and its progress.


Hello everyone

My name is Carlos Alexandre and I use computer since i remember, i started in my old CoCo 64 (Color Computer 64) when i was a kid, but serious works only 1997, when i start my college in system engineering at Rio de Janeiro State University (UERJ), and in 2004 I completed it. During my college years i wrote some articles about Open Source Software, and how to use it as an engineering learning tool, most of then was related with Linux. Since 1999 i have involved in many web developed projects, and after 2004 most of then was associated to Online Learning platforms, developing, manage and integrate with some others open source learning platform (moodle most often). I have very good skills in programming, but i work more often with JAVA and PHP, and i did (and still doing) many courses which i have to know (or learn) others languages like python, ruby (rails), R, javascript (Angular, node.js).I think i’m a quick learner, and i like to study new things.
Now i want to improve my knowledge in this technology, focus on how to develop to it, and i think SAFE network perfect to start


Howdy, I go by Dylan and pleased to be here. I really like the concept of a decentralized network and I am super excited to try it out and see where it goes. I bought a few hundred MAID coins on Bittrex. Now I just need to figure out what to do with them. Cheers


Hi everyone,

My name is Kalle, and as most here i’m an IT “Nerd” from Finland and interested in all the ways crypto currencies can be used in (as most here seem also :joy: ).

well not sure why you (the one reading this) actually read this, but i wish you happy new year.


Hi there, I am O’Connell, one software engineer, very interested in Blockchain technology.
you can visit my blog at


Hi everyone,
My name is howard and I am a student.
I am curious about how Maidsafe will change the internet world.


I’m Tsaiwilly
I’m hope Maidsafe will change the internet world.


I’m a C# programmer who is learning Python and Rust to varies degrees. I’ve been with computers and the web since I was a child

I invest in Monero. I got into Cryptocurrency due to the fact I wanted to own my wallet and not have it frozen or tampered with like Paypal did with my original account after they changed the TOS. As well as other reasons not worth explaining here. But I also want to use to donate back and support others.

I look forward to MaidSafe because the current problems the internet is facing that it has already listed. While also allowing anyone, such as myself, to create their own websites without the overhead, fees, potential outages from hosts or myself in the form of self-hosting.


I’m known as frju365, a community helper, and student. I’m involved in many communities : Yunohost, Garradin, OS.js, Nodebb or Cryptpad. I do most of time Apps integration for the Yunohost software, Translations and Websites. I live in France.
I’m in my free time Web developer, AdminSys, linux developper/tester. I learn C/C++.
Then I study French literature and German language.
I just found SAFE by searching a channel on Matrix Server. Then I went to this forum and to the main website and I find SAFE Network a very interesting project.
Thanks !


I’m a security engineer from Brazil. I like the idea to protect Internet browsing and email behind a SAFE network, if I understand correctly this can be a game changer in the industry. I just joined this group and I don’t understand how the technology works. Please send me some links, I need to improve my trust level, so I can start using the browser and email to see how they work.
Thanks Dan


I’m a software engineer from Hungary/Europe. Last 8 years of my professional life was about mobile framework development. I’m actively participating in server development projects as full stack developer. I’m a container builder bot - if something is not containerized I will try to do it no matter what.
I recently entered cryptocurrency market. Currently mining altcoins and burst. Actively looking for the next big thing and I might have just found it.


My name is Merijn Visser, I have been a open source lover for about 10 years now. Over the past 6 years I got a lot of experience in the security as I work in a high secure environment in the Netherlands. Over the last 4 years I was completely convinced of the privacy problem of the internet. Until now I was always looking for ways to convince people and organisations to use open source alternatives instead of the big closed source ones. I love the site

I realized that even all the open sources alternatives (Great projects!) are still missing the deepest point, they are all part of a solution, but its too hard and complicated to avoid all surveillance.

So since I read about Maidsafe I got very enthousiastic. I love to find out more about all kinds of details. I am a person who can be enthousiastic and take people along with me. So I hope to be an ambassador for the SAFE network in the future, unless I will be convinced that it won’t work.

If somebody in the Netherlands want to talk about maidsafe I’d be happy to meet you!


My name is Luis Mario, and mi nickname is Grillonic. I’m 33 and mexican.

Ever since I “discovered” the Internet back in the late 90’s, I became amazed on how I could get information on my favorite topics just by looking for them online (mostly nintendo related content at that time lol). You’ll see, back in my hometown, there weren’t a lot of resources to stay informed on a lot of topics.

I started bookmarking websites, using my first “apps” (email of course), then I dug deeper, found that there were other OS’s besides Windows and that blew my mind, man I was so ignorant, no one was teaching or speaking about this kind of stuff in my hometown when I was a teenager. I was a lot into games back then, so finding ways to download doom, heretic was thrilling as well as exiting. I remember downloading BLOOD (the game) and storing it in nearly 24 floppy disks hahahah, great times from a geeky point of view.

I never caught up on learning how to code, I always thought is was way too complicated for me, now I understand that I underestimated myself, but I wish I learned back then, man my life would be so different now. I’m starting to learn C right know though, it’s never to late I think :smiley:

Anyways, even if I don’t know how to code (right now), I’ve been an active advocate of all things on digital technologies, I’ve always been the go-to guy when friends and family need to understand or get introduced to new apps and follow new technological trends.

Right now on the early stages of blockchain technologies (including mesh, holochain, etc.) I don’t want to miss what I think I missed on the early stages of the Internet. My views and interests are far off the ones I has when I was a boy, I want everyone to know this kind of technology, I want everyone to use it, because I think these technologies are the key to build a better world, I think these new tools are what sticks and stones where to our ancestors, massive build blocks that can help us achieve new levels of interacting as a society.

Please feel free to correct my spelling typos and grammar mistakes, that way I can improve my english.

Thanks for reading guys :smiley:


My name is Elsie and I first heard about Maidsafe from a dear friend who I know to be a wise elder! My cousin and brother had been enthusing about cryptocurrencies recently and since I considered computing to be far beyond my comprehension I was beginning to feel ridiculously vintage in the midst of some transition I didnt even slightly understand. I decided to at least attempt to join the conversation so I read a book on cryptocurrency 11 days ago and cognitively speaking; suddenly the bitcoin dropped.
I was so excited to have some basic grasp - the book mentioned IOTA and having been told repeatedly as a child that I didnt have one iota of common sense, I was determined to aquire one now I had the chance. The concept of an internet of things amazed me so much I called my dear friend to tell him all about it. I recollected he was using something called Linux twenty years ago so he might know what I was talking about.
We had a short conversation in which he told me that Maidsafe were the leaders both ideologically and technologically, that David Irvine and his team had created something phenomenal, and that I should go and research Safenet before getting caught up in the tangle or any particular coin. if I was excited by the potential for a paradigmatic shift I would be pleased to see it was already in motion.
My dear friend is always right! I am absolutely amazed and thoroughly humbled by the magnitude of what has already been achieved. Thank you so much for everything you’re doing.
I have spent years feeling deeply uncomfortable about the decreasing privacy on the internet, and the increasingly more invasive applications. Windows 10 was the end for me. It used up my entire data allowance for the month in one night ‘updating’ and trying to make it stop was like trying to turn back the tide. So I retired it and bought another antique for £70 on ebay simply because its only windows 7, and there’s no camera to watch me. I gave my first and last iphone away within one day of it trying to bully me into uploading my soul to a cloud in a basement somewhere and telling everyone in my phone book where I am at all times.
I would like to learn as much as I can about programming. I would like to learn as much as I can about the history of programming. I read an essay tonight about Alan Turing and wept. I had been given the impression through successful propaganda that he was a willing instrument of the state. I had no idea of The circumstances of his death, its untimely nature or the terrible pressure he was under.
The bite in an apple at the scene is a haunting image.
(i have just looked up the company logo issue and hear the word ‘tribute’ to Alan Turing. personally i find it a dreadful insult.)
The essay was by Andrew Hodges and is available to view at the Stanford encyclopedia of philosophy.
Initially I went to the site to find some papers on Isiah Berlin - the issue of positive and negative liberty is even more relevant now than ever and I am thinking about how other historical political philosophers would respond to the increasing lack of anything resembling genuine privacy if they were here now. Benjamin Constant would surely have plenty to say about our present day liberties.*edit- I am delighted to have just discovered that Jurgen Habermas commented about the internet in 2014 - he didnt sound very taken with it at all but I think he would be very glad to hear of Safenet if he hasn’t already. It may really uplift him to know.
I’m digressing, which is typical. As this is an introduction I think I better leave it here!
I have so little understanding of computing it is going to take me some time to reach the level of an ungifted five year old. I am happy to be in a safe space, and want to say thank you all for everything.
Best wishes to all and here’s to paradigms new!



I’m Singh and I’ve always been late to every party. Well not anymore! I know this project is going to be a game changer and I would like to be a part of it.

From what I have read, we have a great community here!


Hi, there, I am Evan, looking forward to using SAFE asap