Introduce yourself


Hi there, I’m Mark Hankins. I’m technical director at Blinkio, we specialise web apps with simple UX and CMS.

I’ve been involved with computing hardware and software for over 20 years as well as mechanical, electrical and microelectronic engineering. I’m @markhankins1982 on Twitter.

I love digital strategy, photography, cinematography, surfing, camping and mountain biking.

I’ve been involved in bitcoin/litecoin/dogecoin for a few years now. Both mining and earning, as well as educating and spreading the word.

This all seems intriguing!


Hi there…

I’m David MacGregor from New Zealand. Just discovered MaidSafe a week ago and after reading intensely on the subject purchased a bunch of MaidSafecoins and found my way here.

I’d describe myself as a market-anarchist and first discovered Bitcoin back in 2011. That simply blew my mind. And in the same way, MaidSafe is blowing my mind - because it is one more piece of the freedom puzzle - the building of a new type of society, one free from politicians, force and coercion, one where trust and governance is managed by the type of systems that MaidSafe is developing.

I was also fascinated and impressed that this project was incubated and developed in the land of my father… Scotland.

Glad to be here :smile:


I’m Rob Richert, an adjunct film professor and director / writer. I share Russell’s excitement (above) not just for backups of the huge chunks of footage associated with film projects, but finding workflows to cheaply edit collaboratively with multiple contributors around the globe would be pretty amazing.
I lthere are companies that provide this service now but they are prohibitively expensive for most filmmakers.


Hi Chadrick
I am a clinical hypnotherapist, and am interested in developing an app that people can use for ongoing help/encouragement, as a supplement to hypnosis sessions
Is this something you would be interested in?
If you need more information, then just let me know
susan kirkland

Help/Encouragement App


I am Dias Lonappan from Singapore, I am a developer and a cryptocurrency enthusiast, the idea of MaidSafe and all such projects appeal to me. I have created a community in Singapore MaidSafe Meetup . We are trying to get the discussion going and get the word out here. Also trying to go through the community forum and start setting up the project and explain it to others here. Hope this project gets critical mass one day soon!


I live in the boonies in the USA and I’m planning to start an ISP and start farming. I may also write an app, I don’t know.


Hi, infrasture guy here from Dublin. Used to work with inhouse kit now helping to design IaaS solutions and networks. I might have some input and maybe also starting a project later for pro mining hardware.

Love the project and would like to partisipate.


HIIIIIII im from homeless tribe,

i am very fascinated by maidsafe!!! cant wait to use it !!!


Hello, I’m André, software engineer at Mozilla, living and working in Paris, France. MaidSafe is clearly addressing concerns we’re having about the consequences of today’s over-centralized Internet. Hence our interest in this project.


Hi all,

Tuomas, live in California, but born a Finn. No tech background, unless you count my daily job as airline pilot “technical”. I love all things open-source and community driven, so cryptocurrencies feel like a natural space to me. Got interested in bitcoin about a year-and-a-half ago through mining. Built a GPU rig, then went in with some ASICs, and in the end, none of it mattered as I was always a couple of months behind difficulty jumps.

Recently I’ve been involving myself with Adam B. Levine’s LTBcoin launch. A very interesting concept to me at least, we’ll see where we’ll end up with it.

I heard about Mastercoin & Maidsafe when there was an initial offering, missed it by a few hours. Now that the price/coin fixation has subsided a bit, I’m interested to see where Maidsafe takes us – and yes, I’ll be setting up a farming box, of course!


Hi All,

Abe here from Australia but originally from the Philippines. I would say I’m new to crypto-currency world although I did spent a bit of time reading about this industry. So much to learn. It’s a shame I disregard Bitcoin before.

I have recently finished my degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and working around Intelligent Transport System (ITS) space. Not a full on geek but I know a bit of computer… I have an interest in Data analysis and Project Management… Actually, after learning Bitcoin, my interest expanded to Economics and Python+Django programming.

I learnt what maidsafe want to achieve and I think this is it… I’m in… Preparing my HTPC to farm safecoins later.

Its great to see maidsafe have a successful IPO. The founders can actually ran away now :slight_smile: but I’m optimistic they are not that low life people. Yes, we need money to start-up and be sustainable. So I’m putting my bets in Maiddsafe within reason…

Let’s do this… We have to make this work… Let’s be passionate simplicity to users…




Hi. My name is Rodney. I’ve just entered the Cryptocurrency arena in May 2014. I like to ask questions and love having them answered. Nothing can beat knowledge. I’ve done my research on this and realized I still don’t know very much. I know the basics, I have altcoins, I have my wallets and still trying to figure them out, due to glitches that are common among alot of these wallets. I’ve been attacked on the Blockchain online wallet, with a clever message attatchment, that contained a link (phishing scam) which resulted in my wallet being emptied of $300.00 BTC at that time. Discouraging, but I move on. I’m very interested in the maidsafecoin and would like to get started on it. I love information, so please enlighten me on this coin and the wallet I can download. I love to back up the community that believes in the coin and offer help any way I can. I respect, sympathize and love to get to know people. Peace to all and respect to everyone.


HI Doug - welcome and thanks for introducing yourself. Also, these are great questions. Can you post on another topic as it would be a shame to dilute the introductions with discussion - maybe post it as a FAQ here, or under Testnet1 Ask Me Anything (or poist in in one and then link to a post in the other :-)!)


Hi, I’m Prajna Pranab, an anarchist software engineer (amongst other things) and MaidSafe looks to be full of potential. I’ve been mostly working on web stuff in html, css, javascript and php but have worked in many other fields with a number of languages; most recently I have been involved in development using Node and Python. Looking forward to easy installation from repos rather than a build process and to a Python API, guess I’ll have to get involved to see those things happen.

Nice initiative!


Hi, I’m Gary Handler. I’m a Solution and Enterprise Architect in New Jersey, US. I’ve been working in software for a long time (starting out as an IBM System 370 Internals Programmer) and have consulted for many different industries (Banking, Pharmaceuticals, Wall Street, etc.). I have a serious interest in several things SAFE might deliver like scalability, failure resilience and an entire new approach towards security.
I also find it very interesting that none of the things we take for granted (email, databases, word processing software, management software…) do not exist yet. This is a rare opportunity to create the most fundamental parts of the user and enterprise experiences. I will be following the the SAFE project very carefully and will contribute in any way I can.


Hello everyone,

my name is Marius. I have a rather unusual background for this I imagine: I’m a microbiologist and live in
Denmark. Originally I’m from Germany. Like many of you I got here through being obsessed with Bitcoin.
First time I heard about MaidSafe was somebody posting “someting as big as bitcoin just happened
and nobody noticed” or something along those lines. This was about the time the idea of bitcloud was
floatingaround and the concept of “proof of bandwidth” was coined. When I heard about proof
of bandwidth I thought that this sounds way more useful than any proof of work could ever be.
But I figured the implementation would take another couple of years. So when I read about
MaidSafe, obviously my mind was totally blown.

Here comes this team from some place in Scotland that nobody has ever heard of.
And they have been working on this for 8 years already and are basically done… whaaaat?

Given my biology background, what really got me convinced about their approach is when I heard that the
inspiration was coming from ants. Way to go to look at nature in my opinion. Millions of years of
evolution can’t be wrong. It is the best proof of concept there can be.

I just love the fact that this is not coming out of silicon valley. The more I read the more I’m convinced
that MaidSafe can pull this off, can’t wait to see it in action.

The whole thing makes me wish that I had studies computer science somehow, would love to jump in
here and help out with some actual coding. Not sure what I can contribute here, will definitely start
farming asap and if there’s any need for translations into german, I’m glad to help.



Great to see such highly qualified and diverse range of people join the community. That post you mentioned was a bitcointalk post I made :smiley:


Could you post that link here or somewhere on this forum (perhaps it is already)? I have some BitCoin friends that might love to read it…


I’m Ralph Little, a British software developer currently living and working in BC, Canada dealing mainly in C and C++.
I wholeheartedly believe in a secure decentralised network and I would really love to see this take off.
Personally, I would also like to see this evolution of the Internet encompass the hardware itself into mesh/decentralised networks. It frightens me how vulnerable the Internet is to interference by political and commercial entities right now.

I would be interested in the possibility of secure telecommunications aspects such as VOIP and Email using this backbone in addition to the online storage and chat applications commonly quoted.

I’ll be watching closely to see how this unfolds. Good luck on the launch in autumn.


I guess it’s this one: