Introduce yourself


Hi, everyone :smile:
I’m Inkwon from Korea!
I’ll shorten introducing cause I can’t speak english well…
I’m currently working in a computer (PCs, Laptops and so on) related company, and I am very interested in the blockchain.
I always interested in learning new-tech and this certainly is intriguing to me!


I’m not too familiar with a lot of this, but I’m looking forward to learning more. I am passionate about the free web and open source. I’m a grad student just getting familiar with the lack of freedom on the internet. Thanks for your patience with me!
looking forward to talking with you all,

:sunny: charlotte


I like to be known by my nickname Luigy and i’m an avid follower of Crypto Currencies and Crypto Puzzles :smiley:.
Today i learnt about MAID and this looks like something i could easily feel deeply in love to.

I hope that i can test this soon.


Hi I’m Ben (Ben Bongiorno), I’m from Melbourne Australia and I work as a financial adviser.
Thanks to everybody for contributing their knowledge, I absolutely love what you’re doing and look forward to farming and using this brilliant idea!


Hello! I’m Jiri Keronen. I work in Finnish Bitcoin and cryptocurrency service provider Prasos Oy. I am also a publisher and a writer. I am interested in MaidSafe because of its potential to offer a new way for creators to monetize their content.

In the future, if the Great Cthulhu is willing, I would like to try MaidSafe’s possibilities to publish a completely independent local news platform supported by microtransactions, donations and other alternative ways instead of advertisements. Advertisements always chain journalism, so for journalism to aspire for truth and purity, it should also aspire to be free of commercials.


Hi everyone,

I’m a 71-year-old expat (live in Norway), of mixed heritage (father was from Edinburgh, mother from London), and born in Cardiff. I’ve lived in Norway since 1967, and have been working for the past 20 years or so as a translator / publisher’s dog’s body (i.e. copy editor) in the social sciences and, occasionally, art. I have a university education as a mature student in the late eighties and early nineties in history of ideas, sociology and social anthropology.

I’m trying to get my head round the concept of blockchains and networks, and have invested a small amount in cryptocurrencies.

Unfortunately, I’ll probably have less than zero to contribute on the technical side, so you can kick me out if I don’t seem promising :slight_smile:

Looking forward to researching the MaidSafe concept, which I shall do forthwith.

Chris Saunders


Hello all, just a quick hello from me, I am a 59 year old retired IT Project manager interested in the future! and in particular in how IT can make the world a better place. Although I have been playing with Cryptocurrencies for some time I have to admit I had not heard of Maidsafe until this morning R4 broadcast.

I have only spent a few minutes here so far but I can already see its an interesting and active place so i am looking forward to becoming a member of this community.


Welcome wyto0
I´m 63 and very interested in this tech (in my case an artist with no tech abilities and in the same position as you are)


Hi everyone, I’m a chaotic engineering and computer sciences student from Belgium, who has much spare time yet wastes it on philosophizing about saving the world and other daily activities :wink: . I found out about MaidSafe only a few hours ago, and decided to give it a try. I know a little about decentralised networks, learned about it during my education, and i love what the developers and this community are trying to accomplish with this concept.
I like to get involded more into programming projects that require a bit more challenging algorithmics, but i’m that guy that doesn’t know where to start on what project. So i genuinely believe i’ve found something here that’s worth investing some time in, with what i think to be an engaging community with a great source of ideas and opportunities to work on. So thank you for the motivation you’ve piqued within me!

Hey, i even wrote this post, that’s a start already i guess :smile:


Late to the cryptocurrency game here. I recently started an “ethical” mining rig which GPU mines just enough altcoin on Nicehash to pay the power bill, and the rest of the FP64 GPU + CPU power goes to BOINC/gridcoin.

I’m interested in learning more about SAFE, so I’m diving into the forum here. Wish me luck!


Hey Guys

Following SAFE for along time. Exciting to see the project as it develops. Keep up the great work! :smiley:


Time to start getting my head around some of this and this looks like a good place to start. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Hi all, I’m from the Netherlands and joined this forum today. In crypto since 2012 and swapped some btc for MAID during this year. The idea of splitting data in encrypted pieces accross the network, receiving coins for sharing HD space was always in my head, and then I found you guys actually realizing it. Amazing!

I’m an IT consultant for almost 20 years now. Mostly building enterpise solutions for big companies, like banks, government, energy companies. I really want to try building some applications by making use of the safe network.


Hello I am pc user for over 20 years, I started with homesickness D.O.S, then windons 3.11 and the current 10 windons. I already ventured into Linux and came back to windons.
I was a computer technician for 10 years. The cryptomoeda and the last frontier of humanity, will change dramatically in terms of business opportunities, entertainment, community will all change.
I bought 1 bitcon when it was low value canhei 10 times that investments, with money buy a lot of computers for my family, has more computer than people in my house. Lol I Bytecoin mine in Eobot.


Jan. I threw my computer out of window in early 08 and decided to live without it. I missed out on the Myspace decline, Facebook and Twitter and Instagram explosion and – unfortunately – early days of Bitcoin.

I bought another computer in the fall of 2013 and began reading about crypto. I got my first coins in 2014. Learning about Maid in 2016, I loved it instantly because I used to have the same idea myself.

Like many people here, I’m holding onto my Maid simply because I like the idea. I only hope it comes through and the team doesn’t grow tired of it.

I also wonder: Are any Czechs on here? Hey you, CzechMaids, get in touch!


Hello all you lovely people!

I’ve been watching Maidsafe since 2014, lurking, and pondering the possibilities, testing some releases here a good while back.

I’d like to be part of gradually building the services we need to run a stable civilisation on a decentralised platform to avoid concentration of power, and to increase the percentage of human interactions which are voluntary. For that reason I am very interested in Maidsafe’s continued development as a platform for decentralised applications.

I graduated from University of Glasgow in Audio and Video Electronics Engineering, and ran a video production company for four years before selling it to move into the cryptocurrency space. I have been a webdev on the side casually for a decade, helping with startups mainly. I’ve been working my way through a self-lead education on everything from blockchain specific courses, to talks at conferences, to books and online schools for programming in java, python, javascript, git; and have been building apps with international teams for experience, the long term goal to be capable of contributing to projects such as Maidsafe at an application innovation level.

I hope that I can contribute value to this community. I have over a decade of experience producing marketing and promotional content, as well as a reasonably technical background and familiarity with the concept being discussed. I have been convincing the team at the agency I work for to dip their toes into the cypherpunk world, so I they are all reasonably familiar with the ideas here. This all puts me in a good position to learn about new developments at Maidsafe relatively quickly, and be able to work constructively with the management team here to gauge how best to market that to an audience of financiers, farmers, influential advocates, end users, or whomever else.

I’ll be based in London from April 2018 on, and would love to hang out with fellow Maidsafers in the city, I’m sure there’ll be meetups to join! Until then I’ll lurk here.

Take care,

  • Darren

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Really excited about all this but more reading for me first


My name is Glenn and I am a hardware Junky (imagines people saying “Hello Glenn”).
I have been a PC builder and hobbyist since I was 10, have a degree in stuff in tech, generally a hardware gearhead junky. A few years back I was reading on reddit or digg or some such about a guy who had GPU mining rigs and was mining bitcoin in his warehouse that he had for his main business. This struck a chord with my hardware wanderlust as it is and about 2 years ago i began building cheap little rigs with used GPUs to do some crypto coin mining. My youngest son was born with a rare disease, so I now stay at home full time, and to fill the gaps, I read allot about cryptocurrency, build my vinyl collection (used records) and generally look into different aspects of home use mining. This is where maidsafe/safecoin comes in. I find trustless immutable systems fascinating. Mix in the ability to host to be paid to “farm” and you can guess my general fascination with maidsafe.

I am currently pursuing general topics that keep my brain busy and enjoy community and quiet hobbies that let my kids sleep, so I will be lurking, browsing, testing where possible as a general user here if you will all permit me to join what seems like an intellectual bunch of beings, which I could use as I spend my day with a toddler and an infant.




Jonah from Ohio here. Just found out about the SAFE Network and am excited to learn more. lots of reading to do. thinking of getting an ODROID-HC1 to set up for this.