Introduce yourself


Hi, I’m Earl Brittain. I’ve been interested in Bitcoin since the beginning. I First heard about it with the boom of Silk Road.

I’ve been in and out of the game multiple times. But I’ve made a commitment as of a couple months ago to stop pulling my money out!

Really excited about the MaidSafe project and will be buying some tokens soon!


Hi everyone,

I see the centralized giants gaining too much power and influence. The power belongs to the people. Maidsafe is the answer and I’m looking forward to success.

My name is Moe and I look forward to being apart of.



My name is Ortliep and I’m from the middle of nowhere USA. I’m just here to earn Level 1 trust so that I can run the goddamned browser. Geez, this seems like a lot of work to fool around with experimental tech…


Hi my name is Bernhard, I have been a passive but active reader of this forum for almost two years now. I am an entrepreneur but do not have technological background. So I struggle to understand the technological challenge that the safe network has as well as potential for exploitation. I have a large part of my portfolio in MAID and continues to invest profits from other investments in to MAID. Strong believer in Maid Safe and the Safe Network and Its impact on the future.



I’m not willing to let out my real name, but my username Toivo is good enough. I don’t understand much about computers but I heard about bitcoin a few years ago and thought it was an interesting idea from a “common sense” -point of view. That time the talk was about micropayments etc.

So I have been following the crypto space for a few years now and it just seems to me that SAFEnet is the only project that aims high enough and to the right direction. I have been reading this forum quite actively for a couple of years but only made my account quite recently. I like this forum a lot, I even like reading the more technical stuff that I can’t understand almost at all. It’s not just the content here, but also the matter how things presented and the nice atmosphere.

I’m also in this for the money. In this regard I can say that SAFEnet is the only project that I’m invested in that I can say I’m not in only for the money, which is more or less the case for all the other cryptos I’m invested in. I consider SAFE as an ethical investment as well and my bet is in there to support a good cause as much as it is to bring profit for me.


Hi Everyone,

I’m a UX/UI designer, based in Glasgow, working for Linn. We make networked music systems built upon open and decentralised architecture.

My background is in the music industry, so I’m very interested in how MaidSafe and the SAFE Network can be used to rebuild the industry model and economy, handing power back to the creators and the end listener, and taking it away from middlemen and corporate interests with monopolistic tendencies.

I’ve been following MaidSafe for a while, and I’m very excited about it’s possibilities, particularly in the face of how cryptography to being employed in an attempt to control the whole music supply chain, which I’ve been attempting to raise the flag on for a while. And this is just one example in one industry… so consider me very much onboard with how transformative the project can be for society as a whole.

I look forward to being of help if I can.

Exciting times!



Меня зовут Павел Калинин. Я фотограф.
Как говорят американцы - чтобы вам не говорили речь идет о деньгах. И я поддерживаю сие высказывание .))
С этой платформой думаю тоже самое, что и с биткоином - начинают альтруисты, а прибыль получают акулы бизнеса.

My name is Pavel Kalinin. I’m a photographer. As the Americans say, so that you do not talk about money. And I support this statement.)) With this platform I think the same as with bitcoin - begin altruists, and profits are earned by business sharks.


Hi all, my name is Martijn. I live in Antwerp, a small city in Belgium, where I work on digital strategy for the local cultural policy. I have no IT-background, but I am fascinated by how the digital transformation is changing our human culture. I am a big believer in decentralized peer-to-peer models and Commons.

I find myself more and more interested in the crypto world. It began when a few of my colleagues started Swarm.City, a decentralized commerce platform. The MaidSafe project is something I also will be following.


I’m from china.
I am waiting safenet to release


Hi, I am Ryan and I work for the Semiconductor Company for wireless circuits design. I am interested in the project, which I want to fully understand…


My First Post

I heard about the Maid Safe Project through the bitcoin / altcoin community. I like the premise of this project and hope it takes off as the world certainly needs a different type of internet. We need an internet that is by the people for the people, not one that is controlled and ran by corporations, and one that collects information about us, sells that information, and looses that information.


Hi Everyone,

You guys can call me Crater for now, as the development grows I may be more willing to give my name, but lets see where this goes first!

I’m excited to see where MaidSafe and the network can go, the world desperately needs a decent decentralised, secure internet system free from control of big business! I’m excited to see where this project goes and if any competitors enter the space with better product.

I believe in the MaidSafe team as they show their history is in it for the people and I have faith in what i’ve read in the whitepaper.

At the moment, I am just you average Millennial locked out of housing and moving forward, spending most of my income on getting by week to week. This system is inspiring me to learn how to program and start in a new career pathway as the potential for the technology is unbelievable and surely companies, individuals and almost anyone has the potential to benefit in time by having their services on this network.

It’s safe to say I’m excited to see where this goes and will be watching the progress keenly in the future.

Ps. Any recommendations on Programming Languages, Schools, or places to learn would be keenly appreciated!




I’m not shy to admit that I view altcoins largely speculatively, however on occasion I come across something that truly is trailblazing in terms of technology and foresight. For me, Maid certainly has checked those boxes upon initial appearances. There appears to be a solid team and a product that will be a necessity. I’m excited to gain access to the browser, and really begin tinkering around and learning more about the technology.



Hey all,
Just getting into maidsafe very recently. I’ve been involved with bitcoin/crypto for ~5 years now, ever since the 10 dollars spike way back when for bitcoin. I love memes and i’m proud. Im very much interested to get as many peoples critical opinion on the maidsafe technology and why it is more scalable than either ethereum or cardana.



Hello, my name is Jan. I’ve been following the maidsafe project for a while now. I hope to be able to try out the safe browser in the near future.


Hello to the community!
Glad to be a party of this group. Just yesterday I jumped into the SAFE community by buying Maidsafe coin and downloading the SAFE browser. I’m excited by this project and the possible implications.

I’ve been aware of bitcoin and crypto for some time but only recently had the funds available to jump in. This is the beginnings of a potential revolution for computers, and internet. I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds.
Also welcome to all the other new members!


Hola! :sunny:

My name is Majo Balko and I am creative generalist, technologist, multidisciplinary designer with passion for creating experiments, prototypes, products, brands, interactions or experiences in the intersection of art, design, technology & sustainability. As freelancer I try to help startups that generate bigger value than just money and have positive impact. Most recently I am involved in development of a urban organic waste recycler - If you are interested to know more, feel free to subscribe and be notified about the upcoming crowdfunding campaign.

And OC I love new technologies and the Internet (that literally changed my life) and I am always curious to see how it could evolve and transform the society we live in. + I am always looking forward to meet talented people that love building stuff. Useful stuff.




I’ve only just heard about you guys and thought it sounds exciting. I’ve been waiting for someone to change the way we store and access data.

Hope to be using SafeNet soon…


Well hello.
i’m Tobias, 31 years old independent API & Backend Developer and interested in new technologies.
Not much more to say at the moment. I’m just found out about safe network and now i’m going to read about it in this forum :wink:

see you later.


Hello Everyone!

You can all call me GirlBoss. I am an advocate of the free web and the open source community. Not much of a developer, but I could comprehend the basics. I love blockchain tech, the idea of a decentralized web and universe, and definitely anonymity. In the centralized web, I am a regular conformist like the others. I am looking forward to the evolution of the New Web Order aka The Decentralized Web aka Web 3.0. However you guys wanna call it. ^^

Cheers! Let’s make 2018 the year!