Introduce yourself


Hello my name is Tom. I have been working with computers for 15 years and am currently an IT Analyst. Just found out about MaidSafe and have to say I am quite interested in it.


Hello, I’m Stijn.

I’m an electrical engineering graduate student working in Controls / Signal Processing. I have been following the crypto scene for some time and I’ve been following your own project for the last year. Trying to test the browser has led me here, and it’s nice to see an active community. Looking forward to spending time reading the forums!


Hello everyone, my name’s Alex and I live in San Francisco, CA. I’m a long time follower of the forums and a day one investor of Maidsafe. I work as a Finance Manager for a Honda Dealership in Dublin, CA. I found out about maidsafe after selling a car to someone that worked at Maidsafe. I forgot there name but maybe someone working at Maidsafe remembers buying a car at Dublin Honda. When I’m not working at Honda, I’m building and racing some of the fastest race drones in the world. Now you might ask why am I finally signing up for the forums and posting. The answer is I really want one of those sweet Tshirts and I have to burn an hour on here before I can send a PM. Can’t wait for the Safe network to launch, not just because of my investment but I really think it’s the future and the reason why I have never moved my Maidsafe coins.


I am yves living in quebec. I interested in crypto world end my first cumputer was an vic20. I see a big futur for a decentralised web . i want learn create decentralized applications .


I’m Nik from Prague. Very interested in this - it’s similar to something I wanted to develop so maybe I’ll need to get over my jealousy that you got there first - or maybe not :slight_smile:

I am a UX strategy consultant - been in UX related work for over 25 years and big fan of Design Thinking these days. There is a lot of potential for my work in the crypto world.

Cheers all… :slight_smile:


Hi All, I’ve actually been lurking here for quite some time. I was designing a similar platform some years back (not in any serious capacity though), and stumbled across MaidSafe while learning Rust.

I’m a software architect/engineer and am currently on the road full-time working on the VERY early stages of Boltline, a platform for rock climbers.

I’m passionate about freedom generally, particularly the freedom of information, but also the freedom of individuals/organizations to defy the status quo and innovate. The debate over government enforcement of net neutrality here in the US has reignited my desire to create a web that’s opaque to ISPs. While the incumbent rules do have nice effects, I would rather enforce their principles through mathematical constraints than easy-to-change (or ignore) regulations.


Hello, I am new to MaidSafe, but have been interested in blockchain technology for a while now. A friend of mine also in the space introduced me to MaidSafe while we were discussing mining and such.

I am a web developer by day working mostly with JS and Node and am eager to see what I can help develop in the Safe Network. I am also looking forward to trying out farming with a server that I have running already.


JayBird here: I’m a bike courier with a bad knee, teaching some piano in France while recuperating before my next foray into the traffic jungles.

I am looking forward to maidsafe immensely, because I have regular nonconformist and peculiar thoughts which I patiently compile, waiting for the day to unleash them privately.

Freedom for all! :slight_smile:


Hi! My name is Maia. I’ve recently been called to invest in cryptocurrency, and am choosing to invest in the cryptocurrency that I feel is going to do the greatest things for mankind in the future. Given the current political climate and the way our system is currently run, I think there is a need for what Safe Net is starting, and I’m happy to support it from its beginning.


Hi my name is Marko, from Serbia, and i started actively buying and reading extensively about cryptocurrencies 6 months ago. I look in a bright future for the internet with it being crowd sourced threw platforms like maidsafe. The idea of recycling the tokens and thus never being in the claws of big stake holders is fantastic and unique i todays world. I really like the concept of maidsafe and its the first cryptocurrency i entered a forum for. I can’t wait for it to pass threw beta and going live. Next to expecting a good profit i am a true believer of the concept. Will do my best to support and i am looking forward to exchanging opinions and discuss the same.
Cheers to all and good job to all who are actively involved in this project.



I’m Daniel Winterstein. I’m working on a company trying to change online advertising for the better. It’s called Good-Loop ( I also run an AI/data-science consultancy ( I’m interested in MaidSafe as a possible infrastructure layer for Good-Loop. We want to have user profiles that the user can control (instead of the current surveillance web that powers advertising) – which I think fits well with MaidSafe. I’m keen to explore the potential, and potentially help out.

All the best,

  • Daniel

PS - I’m based in Edinburgh.


Hi! My name is Alec, and I want to save the world! Well, I at least want to help, anyway. I know I sound batshit crazy, but nobody ever did anything big without believing they could, so I do. That’s me in a nutshell…

So far, I’ve been working on what I call “Step 1”, which entails leaving the rat race behind; I am currently working on a few futures trading algorithms designed to safely increase gains at an exponential rate, and I hope to have enough capital to start forcing good ideas into reality within a year or so.

I saw an article on MaidSafe last night, and I realized that this is the future. Always aim high. I can’t wait to see how far this rabbit hole goes! Are you as excited as I am?


Hi! My name is Yvo Brevoort - I’m the lead developer for SimplyEdit, website editing software designed for the decentralized web. I’ve just downloaded the Safe Browser but had to spend an hour on this forum before I can actually try anything out, so here I am hoping that this is an hour well spent :slight_smile:


Hello all,
My name is Heston and I got into the crypto world about 6 months ago and have been amazed since. The technology on the Blockchain is the future of our world and will change almost everything we know today. I’ve always been passionate about net neutrality and I think MaidSafe has a real chance to make a difference and keep large corporations off our information. I think it is a genius idea and am on board.


Hello everyone
My name is Uday. I am a network administrator by profession and a technology enthusiast. Came across Maidsafe when I was doing my research on cryptocurrencies. After going through the ideas of creating the Safenet by Maidsafe, I feel exited to be a part of the group which I can call it as an “Internetworking revolution”.



Hi! I’m Steve Wylie from Cary, NC. I love new technology and new ideas. I like to write fiction and speculate on where society is headed. I landed here today after the FCC decided to end net neutrality. I am big on decentralizing everything: power, production, industries. I’ve considered it before, but what I casually started looking today for is a way to decentralize the internet. I think the old internet just became something like cable TV in the 80s today, and now we’ll have to find the next thing. I am not sure this is it, but SAFE is certainly interesting and I am excited to learn more.


I mostly have a background in Mechanical Engineering / Continuum Mechanics with some Scientific Computing (Python, C/C++, Fortran, MPI, CAD/CAM/CNC, …). However, I do consider myself to be a generalist; and like pondering better ways to improve designs and optimize across disciplines from machines to computers to materials to biology to economics and society. I never really liked the idea of BitCoin due to its waste of resources, nor do I like the idea of using blockchain as a form of digital currency in general. I recently started thinking about how to productively accomplish the same store of value and transactions without one. AltCoins working with BOINC or FileCoin/IPFS are interesting from a productivity perspective, but a short literature review has led me to all the great effort and many years of work that MAIDSafe has done to make SafeCoin a reality. Congratulations to all of the developers! I’m looking forward to learning more about the code and working with the platform/network.


Hello all,

I am Michael from San Francisco, CA. I have been riding this recent crypto wave and making some decent money in the hopes of helping my family support my sister’s college tuition (t-minus 2 years…) and saving up for my future (the Bay Area is not cheap…). I first learned about MaidSafe from an article I read by Alex Fortin. I must say my initial interest in this project stemmed from financial gain, but after examining the goals, the technology, and the team I believe this project could change how we use the internet in the future. Right now database storage is monopolized and I believe I’m betting on the right horse. I wish all of you the best regardless of your interest in this project. Here’s to the SAFE team, we all believe in you!


My name is Jabari Hunt. I’m a software engineer based in the Chicagoland area. I’m a believe in the idea of MaidSafe (and Ethereum), and wish to build applications on the network. I’m hear to learn as much as I can about MadSafe development as well as contribute general software development interests to the forum.


Hi, my name is Huibin Ng and I’m in Hangzhou, China.

I am an iOS developer for 8 years.

I am very fascinated by maidsafe!