Introduce yourself



My name is Stephen,

I was first introduced to MaidSafe by a friend Paul almost 2 years ago. I’m a full time software developer and find the idea of the SAFE network very interesting. At this point I’m just starting to ask more questions myself as I don’t yet fully know everything about the SAFE network.

I truly believe this is the way the internet has to go. The “cloud” has become such a common term used by everyone but not everyone understands that its just someone else’s computer that has all their data. A lot of these people either don’t know or care that their data can also be accessed by someone else!

I would love to get involved more and contribute in some way, perhaps I will look into developing an app :slight_smile:


Hi All!

My Name is Yeramin, I am Software Developer based in New York. I found out about MaidSafe a few years back when it was in Pre Lease for Alpha 1. I am super excited about the amazing work and community that is being built through MaidSafe. Our world’s internet communication needs a change for a decentralized, free/community based and secure medium where we can freely communicate and build a healthy non-monopolized network. MaidSafe is making this change a reality!!!

I am looking forward to help and contribute to the project in the best of my abilities.

Let’s build a better world!!!:world_map:


Hi, I’m Alex ! I am a student in IT security in France. I’m interested in new technology and how it’s possible to protect the privacy with them. I am a partisan of free software and encryption technology and I believe in the project of Maidsafe !

I think togherther we can change the world !


Hi guys, i’m Jack!
I’m passionate about tecnology and the blockchain revolution. I started learning Safe and i think it is revolutionary for future and for people’s lives, so i believe a lot in it. I hope to learn much from you and to support this great community!
Let’s go Safe!


Hi, I’m Davide and i’m a computer science student. I’m working on my degree thesis about a comparison between IPFS and MaidSafe. I’m interested about the performance and the features of both.



My name is Reinaldo Mendes.

I’m a brazillian software developer (javascript, PHP and ruby).

I’m interest for cryptocurrencies in 2013 (Bitcoin at first moment).

I read about madeSafe a few months ago, and I interested in the idea of decentralized safe network.


Hi!, The name I go by the name of Craigrostan. I’m retired but still try to keep up with things computing.
I’m a Scottish independence supporter and so am an activist. After watching what happened in Catalonia, I am getting more and more convinced for the need for security for the individual and for cause, so when I came acrossthis site it piqued my interest.
I’ve been a buff computer since the 80’s, mostly windows, but got fed up with the how pernicious MS is, so have switched over to Arch Linux.
Hope to learn a lot more here.


Jon from Canada. I’m an IT professional for the federal government. I love everything techie. I had an interest in bitcoin years ago but unfortunately ignored it long enough so that it’s not a practical investment for me at the current prices. I have a few friends that dabbled with it early and now have some coins that are worth a lot of money.

A few weeks ago I started reading about other blockchain technologies and came across safecoin. I love the idea behind this and plan on being involved right from the start. Looking forward to playing with the software once I get my trust level 1.


Hi, Pelagus here.
I am a retired IT professional from the Netherlands, currently living in SE-Asia.

In 2011 I got intrigued by bitcoin and invested a small amount of money in it. After the 2013 price boom and subsequent Mt.Gox trouble I decided it would be wise to diversify. Since then I have been holding several different crypto currencies and am always on the look-out for new developments in the crypto space.

Apart from buying and holding (and occasionally selling) currencies I’d be interested to get a little more actively involved and/or contributing in different ways to the developments - without it becoming a day task; after all, I am happily retired.

When I read about MaidSafe in Paul Vigna’s & Michael J Casey’s book “cryptocurrency” I came here to have a look. I’ll be following the developments with interest and where possible looking to participate, probably by contributing computer resources, as well as perhaps, some alpha/beta testing.


Hi, I’m Alex. I work as a software engineer and I love to code. I find it frightening how easily people are spied on and hacked nowadays and I am staunchly in favor of any effort to fight back.


I have been lurking for years and decided to get on the testing of the alphas. I want to farm space someday and hope to become useful in that down the road.



Former Data Systems Specialist. I have been following MaidSafe for a while now and just want to check up to see what the current state is. Here to learn!


I’m a software engineer, primarily front-end, and have been working professionally for about 3 years. I graduated with a CS degree about 15 years ago, but I wasn’t interested in coding. I wanted to be a music artist, so I worked a bunch of different customer service jobs for years until I couldn’t do it anymore.

At that point I had moved to LA, and while there I sailed a few times and fell in love with it. I also attempted to create an alternative currency as a Facebook app written in PHP. It’s nothing that deserves interest, but it is the origin of my interest in alternative currency.

After LA, I moved to South Korea and taught English, determined to save up enough for a boat that was blue water capable. I ended up living there for 4 years. One year in, I got into web development as a hobby and haven’t looked back. I still enjoy most minutes of it. I met my wife in Korea, and now we live in the suburbs of Atlanta, GA, U.S. with our daughter.

An interest in crypto currency and IPFS led me to the SAFE Network. I hope to learn more about it. So far I’m very impressed with the scope and direction of the project.


Good day! My name is Christopher Gault and I have been using Bitcoin as a payment method since 2015. After having many scares with Bitcoin in the past I regrettably sold out when 11 BTC was only $1200 a coin. Nevertheless, I decided recently that I should get back into cryptocurrencies.

The main coins I have now are XEM, MaidSafe, Vertcoin, and ETH. I hope to discover the possibilities of the SAFE network being particularly wiery of the US Net Neutrality coming up.


I came here on recommendation from a discussion of Net Neutrality on Facebook. I’ve been doing Internet and Web work since GHW Bush released the Web into wild… and wild it has been. As a 10-year veteran of an online payment processing gateway, I’m tired and frustrated with the never-ending security issues. I’m also tired and frustrated by the leveraging of the Web by corporations for profit. So, I’m looking for an alternative.

Of course, my work, marketing, and promotion being heavily dependent on the Web, I’m not sure there is a good, viable way to keep my business going without engaging on the Web. So, there you go. That’s who I am and why I’m here.


My name is Eduard, I am 25 years old and I live in Belgium!
I came hear because I think MaidSafe is a cool thing and might open a lot of doors in the future. I heard about it a couple of years ago but I guess I was too busy to read more about it. Now I regret I didn’t got in at that time.
It’s never too late to start so here I am! :sunglasses:


My name is Davide and I’m here for my thesis. I’m very attracted to this project and i want to study its performance and its features.


I’m Mo Ghazvini and I’m a University student in Vancouver. I’m keeping a close eye on the the Safe Browser. Think this can actually replace the internet. It makes sense that it could unless a competitor does it faster. Because this is basically a new category and something that hasn’t been done before, growth is highly dependant on trail and error or experimentation. This means that the fist person to do it has a higher chance of succeeding because they have more time to make mistakes and fix them. That’s why I believe in Maidsafe. A fantastic team of technically minded people ready to throw themselves at all of the problems to change the internet forever.
To the success of Maidsafe.



My name is Sohaib, I’m a student. I’m looking into ways to learn more about cryptocurrency and what we can achieve with it. If anyone can give me a guide in order to start developing cryptocurrency related programs I would be extremely greatful. I’ll probably help out the cause as well.



My name is Adam, I am a network/system administrator that maintains thousands of nodes within a rural k12 district in TN. My career in technology began as a simple technician pulling cable for a company that installed hospital networks. From there I began installing network hardware for these same hospital networks. I traveled the country installing and later configuring these networks from the ground up. I learned to design, install, configure, and maintain systems that carried data bound by various privacy laws.

During the recession in early 2008 I was laid off. Hospitals began holding on to capital during the uncertainty of the new healthcare law. Looking at it now I am glad because in the end it made me better. I moved on to a small computer repair shop locally where I developed an entirely new set of skills. Specifically, I learned to repair anything that came in off the street. I stayed at this job until an opening came up for a local technician at the public school district I live in. Now, I work using all of the skills I have developed over the years.

I must admit, installing data solutions for hospitals paid much better, but I would never give up being able to sleep in my own bed every night ever again. Traveling the country to me was a young man’s job.

Lately, I have been concerned with censorship. It is something I have set my will against by finding new ways to preserve human speech/information. I have used tor, i2p, freenet, mediagoblin, ipfs, steemit, and akasha seeking ways to preserve information from those that would have it erased or worse. Modified. All of these solutions are unique in how they attempt to deal with this issue. What interests me about the safe network is that it is designed from the ground up to eliminate censorship. I am impressed with the idea to reward contributors for building this network with coin. That small detail is what I believe will ensure a new vibrant internet.