Introduce yourself


Hello, my name is Malcolm and I am a website developer working in Maidenhead, United Kingdom. I first became aware of decentralised networks after reading articles in New Scientist magazine. I am particularly interested in exploring how decentralised networks, such as the SAFE Network, can be used to store data generated by Internet of Things devices. In the future, when the system is ready, I would like to be part of the hosting network.


I am a hacker/nerd/techie interested in the potential for decentralized networks to increase the resiliency of our network infrastructure and increase the privacy protections we have against mass surveillance. I am also keenly interested in floss and free hardware and the many benefits they provide to end users.


hello i am liviu from romania i kind a like computers when they do things like u are doing good luck


Greetings, I am Mario and I am new to SAFE Network Forum. I am looking forward to contribute to SAFE.


Halo! James. Born in the UK. Live in P.R.China. Read and study linguistics and Chinese. Make music and media using cameras, 2D/3D design software with creativity for visual design. Interested in the future of the internet being decentralised. Hoping to make friends and learn.


Hello World. I am from Brazil. Rio de Janeiro. I’m in love with SafeMaid. I truly think this technology is disruptive. That’s why i enjoined this group. I’d like to know more about it and to help - in the certain way - to develop as well. I’m formed in Geography but nowadays I work in all kind of disruptive tech, IoT and EoT - economy of things.
Hoping to make tech’s evangelist friends.


Hello all,

From Adelaide Australia… 30yr old network engineer who got on the bitcoin train early, but also left early however was still fortunate enough! Moving to Greece early next year which i look forward to!!

Stumbled on Maidsafe in bittrex by chance, researched after purchasing and decided to hold. Essentially the project overall was exciting and look forward to getting to play with the browser & hosting services available! Good fortune and health to you all :slight_smile:


Myself is a Metallurgical Engr. from India, But always inclined to Finance. I have Maidsafe on hold since some years and very much positive on it’s outlook. Every innovative idea takes time to be implemented to reality and it’s never an issue for me. Happy to know Safe Network team is setting up their development office in India. Obviously a great news as they understand the potential of world’s fastest growing major economy.
Lots to come for sure !! :medal_military: @scrypto


Hi - my name is Rayne Gardner. I learned about MaidSafe just recently from a link in the Firefox browser and a bolt of lightning struck my brain! My background is in mathematics - while earning a degree in statistics I was required to take some basic computer programming classes - I fell in love and went on to earn a degree in computer science. I hop around between developer and analyst jobs and I’m excited to have learned about this amazing project and hope to contribute in some small way.


I have just realized that I have not Introduced myself yet.

I am an HPC Systems Engineer living in New Zealand and I love Storage and Filesystems in General.
Among my responsibilities I also do a lot of exploring in storage type of technologies for research purposes.



'Morning everybody! (or whatever time of day it is in your respective time zone.)
I’m from Texas, and have a background in finance and investing. I’ve recently been introduced to the world of altcoins, cryptos, decentralization, blockchain, and data storage-- My research has led me to Maidcoin then to this fascinating forum. Thanks to everybody for contributing their knowledge, as I’ve enjoyed reading through many of the discussion threads already! Looking forward to interacting more in the future.



Hello together,

i am coming from the web application security sector and i stumbled over the SAFE Network Project while searching for a possibility to create a decentralised loginserver for an old, outdated game whose loginservers have been shut down long time ago. The game isnot multiplayercapable anymore due to the lack of a login server. My goal was to create a decentralised loginserver. I would like to try out and learn more about the ideas of SAFE Network.
Maybe it can help me in pursuing my projects :slight_smile:

Best regards and many greetings,


Hi everyone! My background is 20 years of IT, currently in Scientific Computing at a research center. Ever since experiencing the start of wide spread internet usage, and watching it slowly devolve into centralised silos, I’ve been dreaming of a technology like the Blockchain and accompanying innovations to level the playing field once again. Without biased gatekeepers and OSS, not the biggest, but the hardest working will excel. True competition once again.

When I have a better understanding of MaidSafe, I will be putting time into developing/spreading the technology/ideas further.

Hope to speak with you soon.


Hey folks! My name is Sidney, I’m a product and ui designer slash developer from Antwerp, Belgium. :wave:

Like most of you I was introduced to bitcoin around 2011, but had no clue of its potential impact or what the underlying technology and paradigms could mean. Not until a couple of years later in my life when I discovered the amazing ability to create for the web, and started learning whatever I could about it ever since.

Today I’m posting here (roughly 2,5 years later) because I recently stumbled upon MaidSafe and I’m absolutely mind-blown. I came across a lot of seemingly similar projects before such as ipfs, ethereum, golem, storj, etc, … but quickly came to realize that MaidSafe is a whole new beast of its own. I’m slowly trying to grasp its entirety and hope I can be a contributing member of this community one day.

This project genuinely gets me super excited about the internet again.

All the best!


Hello everyone my Alan Young here from the UK, love this idea absolutely brilliant I have loads of ideas need to fell around this place see how this all works.


Hello Everyone

I am Helio Hamarana and I have invested a bit in cryptocurrency… Maidsafe caught my attention at the ICO…so I have been telling everyone who seeks hellp understanding a bit about bitcoin, about it, and they like the project too…

I am from the amazon region in Brazil and I am very excited about a decentralized internet… ! Maidsafe is a dream coming true!


Hi everyone! I’m Winnie K. Mandela.

MaidSafe appeals to me because of their objective of providing safe access to everyone. Seeing what has happened to Etherium in July of this year and a few days ago, we really could use this. I even wonder if this affected the prices to an extent?

Being a Marketing professional myself, MaidSafe is especially intriguing to me because of their low profile approach of doing things - staying heads down and getting the job done, knowing that once they have a good thing going, the marketing will come naturally and that will be the ideal time too for them to get the word out.

I was happy to get in a few weeks ago while prices were low and am extremely excited to see what the prices will be 5 or so years from now!

Go MaidSafe, Go!


Hi All,

My name is Chris, I have been fiddling with IT and computers from a young age, you could say that I have turned my hobby into my daytime job.
After a stretch working as a sysadmin for various companies finally to settle as a in the public sector I was getting this tingle of restlessness that I needed to do more than I was doing.
Always felling an urge to learn new stuff and being ever curious I decided to 180 and deep dived into a totally new field for me Security.
A colleague mentioned safe network to me and the more I heard the more enthusiastic I got.

Now I am here and the rest is history :slight_smile:



Hello all. I regularly re-tweet for safe, am heavy in various cryptocurrencies (none more than MAID of course) and thought I may as well finally introduce myself. Long time lurker and all. From South Yorkshire, England.


Hello everyone, I’m Dre Parhusip, currently living in Coventry, UK and originally from Indonesia. Loving the idea how MaidSafe, through SAFE network, aims to make the internet decentralised. And I see this as a positive technological disruption, particularly for those concerned with internet privacy and data storage. Interested and looking forward to see how MaidSafe will change the internet hence computing landscape.